How To Not Be Lazy (My 4 Mindset Transformations)

SUBJECT: How Not To Be Lazy (The 4 Critical Mindset Shifts That Transformed My Life).

When I was younger, I was a completely different person.

I was nothing like the Dylan Madden you know now.

If you’d met me when I was 18, you wouldn’t even recognize me, physically, socially, or in spirit.

I was dead inside.

My body was alive, but on the inside: I hadn’t been born yet. For the first 18 years of my life, I merely existed physically. I had no heart, no soul, no drive, no and no ambition, purpose, or direction.

I had to “create'” myself.

I had to decide who I wanted to be.

After I finally decided, I had to figure out how to manifest this vision I had in my head, into the real world.

This person I wanted to become, this man I saw myself as one day, wasn’t just going to materialize out of thin air.

Even back then, I was smart enough to know that it was up to me to take the necessary steps to bring my vision into physical reality.

There are so many men out there, whether they realize yet or not, that mirror this same path I went through. Men that turn their lives around. Men that create the person they want to become.

All of these men (and women) do this first in their minds.

They see themselves as they want to be.

Not only that, they picture their whole lives as they want it to be. They imagine where they would live, how they would earn money, how they would look, how they would act, what they would drive, etc.

You name it, we pictured it. Vividly.

Dylan Madden living the life he dreamed of in Bogota, Colombia with his family.

Yes, I was one of these men. I was one of many because there are people who do this every day. People who are somewhere along this transformation.

The first step is picturing who you want to become.

If you don’t like who you are, if you’re unhappy with who you are in life, then I invite you to Calm and Collected. It’s the spark that will ignite the fire inside from a thin flame into a raging fire.

Your next step is reading The Sinister Trap. It is a free book I put together for Calm and Collected readers only.

Your life will change when you commit to a decision. Nothing else will magically fix you. You see…there’s a difference between motivation and commitment.

The one you want is commitment. When you’re committed, it doesn’t matter if you have the motivation or not. Sure it’s nice to have, but it’s negligible.

Meaning you could take it or leave it.

Lacking commitment can stop you when you’re motivated, but lacking motivation cannot stop you when you’re committed.

Commitment is what counts.

So once you’ve made the decision that you’re ready to become who you were always meant to be, out of this decision commitment is born. Commitment usually happens as a by-product of you deciding on something.

Deciding and committing, are interchangeable in many cases. Chances are if you’re reading this, then you already know you want to change.

Even if your situation isn’t as extreme as where I was, you may still be ready to advance to the next level in life.

You may not be living up to your potential (which is very common, unfortunately).

Wherever you are on the spectrum, whether you’re an extreme case like I was, or you just want to level up, wherever you are…just keep reading.

This article pertains to all of you.

These ideas may be new to you.

Since becoming this new person, the one you all now know to be Dylan ”Moneybag” Madden, there are a few very important mindset realizations I’ve had.

Here’s the first one…


1) Having a money mindset will change your life (and the lives of those you love/care about) for the better.

Mountain top of the Monserrate Sanctuary, Colombia.

One of the reasons I was so lost and unmotivated, was because I didn’t have the money to do the things I wanted to do.

In turn: I didn’t have the money to do the things I wanted to do because I was unmotivated.

I was caught in a vicious cycle that fed back into itself. At the time, this was the 1st thing I was super aware of. As a result, this was the 1st area I focused on.

Once I did, it didn’t take me long to realize I hated working a 9 to 5 “job” 40 hours a week.

This realization was the next “light bulb” moment I had. It illuminated my next step: making my own money instead of having to work a job.

I knew that to make the kind of money I wanted to make, a job wasn’t going to cut it.

The reason is that, with a job, there is a hard limit on your income. Someone else gets to decide, for you, what your ceiling is.

I hated the idea of someone else deciding for me how much money I could earn.

When you make your own money, YOU get to decide what your ceiling is.

I grew up in a family without much money. Growing up, it was always painfully clear to me how important money really was.

So I learned the importance of money at a young age, and I also knew I was going to have it one day.

I didn’t know how, or exactly when I would have it, I just knew I would. I was not going to struggle through my life the way my parents did.

This belief was always buried inside me, even when I was depressed, lazy, and apathetic. In fact, this feeling buried within me for so long was one of the main reasons I was able to WAKE UP and turn my life around…

It was the main belief I tapped into and brought up to the surface of my awareness, once I decided I needed to change.

Since I’ve become financially independent from a job, I cannot begin to explain to you how much better my life has gotten. There isn’t one part of my life, not one, that isn’t MUCH better since money has come into it.

I can contribute to causes I care about…I can travel and see the world…I can provide a better life for my loved ones…all of this (and more) I can now do.

Not to mention a life without financial stress or worry outside of wanting more. Not having money can really get in the way of your creative energy. It occupies so much of your thoughts and focus.

Take it from me, if you’re a man chasing your purpose: it helps to not have to fret over where the rent money is going to come from next month…

2) Have The Right Influences Surrounding You.

The 2nd thing I’ve realized since becoming this new man is that listening to, following, and surrounding myself with the right people has made all the difference.

For me, this started with the influencers I followed. Content creators, bloggers, and podcasters.

Men like Mike Cernovich, Victor Pride, John Doe Bodybuilding, Chris Deoudes, Ed Latimore, and the Tate Brothers.

These were men who in my mind had already achieved many of the things I saw myself doing. They inspired me, they motivated me, they moved me. They made me realize the errors of my ways and my lapses in judgment.

They helped me see things I couldn’t see myself, for one reason or another.

From here, I realized that my friends in real life were having an effect on me as well.

They were having an influence on my mindset, my energy, my focus, and my attitude. I started to look at them differently.

Even the ones who were good influences, I was finally seeing with clarity.

I’d been taking them for granted and had not realized it. I formed a newfound appreciation for the people in my life that mattered, that had truly helped and supported me along the way.

Of course, this worked the other way as well, and the people who were bad for me started to become painfully obvious. I realized very quickly I had some tough decisions to make, about who I would allow stay in my life, and who I had to cut ties with.

This was not easy to do but it was necessary.

8 out of 10 people in life (and I mean those in your everyday, every week life), are either going to help you or hurt you.

They will bring you closer to where you want to be, or they’ll drive your further away from it.

If this is something you’ve never considered, I really encourage you to take stock of your own inner circle. Very often it’s the people you’re surrounding yourself with that are contributing the most to your bad situation (or even your good situation!)

This is a bigger piece of the puzzle for some than it is for others.

Some of you simply need to change your surroundings, change your circle of influence, and change your priorities. This is also true of the things you listen to, the things you read, the things you watch.

Are you someone who just listens to music all the time instead of podcasts or books on tape?

What kind of things do you watch, read, listen to? ALL of these are having an effect on you, whether you realize it or not. Even if you don’t want them to, or think you’re above being influenced, doesn’t matter, they still they are.

No one is above these kinds of influences.

3) Have The Right Attitude.

The 3rd realization I had was that most of my younger life, I had carried around a bad attitude.

This bad attitude, in turn, made it easier for me to stay stuck where I was.

With my bad attitude, things never got any better. My bad attitude either kept things the same, or made them worse.

This is another one of those things that can be hard to change. Without fixing it, you will be stuck in a vicious cycle.

For example: it’s hard to have a great attitude when your circumstances and life are shit, but it’s hard to have better circumstances and a better life with a bad attitude.

Now I can’t tell you exactly how you personally will overcome this hurdle, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. The best advice I can give here is to focus on the things you DO have.

Be grateful for them, because I guarantee you no matter how bad you think you’ve got it: someone else out there would kill to trade places with you.

There is always someone who’s in a worse situation than you. As you climb the ladder of success, it will get easier and easier to attain and maintain a positive attitude…

4) Have The Right Girl At Your Side & Have True Brothers.

This final point is the most recent change that’s impacted my mindset for the better. When you work online, you enter a brand new reality. One where you have full control over your environment.

Instead of isolating yourself as most people do. Use this new freedom to upgrade your circle. You do this by surrounding yourself with ambitious brothers and having a good girl by your side.

It is no conscience that my income has more than doubled.

You see, when you are surrounded by men who want more out of life. Who are on a similar path and who expect the best out of themselves. This kind of energy will rub off on you and give you an unlimited well to draw from.

The second thing is to do is find the right girl for you. Not just any girl can fit this role. It will take trial and error. However, once you’ve found a girl who has plenty to work with and you can mold her into the ideal partner.

Let me be clear once again: This can’t just be any girl.

You can’t turn trash into gold. Even if you put your best effort in, it simply isn’t worth the time. You must begin with a girl who already has great qualities. From there, as you develop so will she.

You will have another source of energy to tap into.

While you focus on your business, she will focus on the behind the scenes aspects. Keeping your place clean, cook good food, and help with tasks that must be done for the business.

When you’re around possible business partners or invite important people out to your city, she will be there to further enhance you. As you can judge a man by the friends he has and especially by his woman.

There are many benefits.

But let’s keep it focused on not being lazy…

As you can imagine, living abroad can as well, and when you combine working online all day with traveling, it can sometimes have a compounding effect.

It’s one of those things where….you don’t realize what you are missing until you have it (much like you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone).

I realize a great relationship and my brothers are of the highest level. It’s not like you can snap your fingers and have this. What you can do though, is put yourself out there, and become valuable.

Value is what this world runs on for better or worse. I don’t care how nice you are. What can you do for me or offer me? You must get clear on what you bring to the table and then have genuine intention.

The reason I’ve got a great girl by my side and brothers around the world. Is because I am clear on who I am and what I bring to the table.


The point of this article is for you to realize that if you’re not happy with your life, or your situation, your finances, your job, etc. Then it is your duty to do something about it.

Your situation won’t fix itself. YOU have to take action to change your life.

You have to create the vision in your mind, of who you see yourself becoming.

You want it to be as detailed as possible.

In my new program REBIRTH, I show you how to create your ”Story”. Creating a Story for yourself is essentially what I did when I decided I wanted to change my life.

When you craft your Story, you create this image of who you see yourself becoming.

It’s essentially impossible to craft your Story without also visualizing this better, new/improved you.

How to not be lazy anymore:

You can grab your copy of REBIRTH right here

I want to hear about your successes.

Godspeed to you…and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Always the best,

Dylan ”Moneybag” Madden.

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