Originally I was going to keep this secret to myself. My friend said I should tell you about it.

Here is my top secret two step process for insane focus.

At first, you will probably laugh at the simplicity of my top “secret” process for focusing.

After using it, you will see how effective this process is.

To be honest, after you start using what I simply call “The One”, you will find this to work better than popping pills.

You can use it with or without mind enhancers. That is what is so great about The One. Give your mind a rest from caffeine and Adderall.

The One is so great that it will stir up controversy. Some will even go as far as to hate on its simplicity.

They’ll mock The One because it isn’t flashy. It doesn’t offer a hyped up feeling with a guaranteed fall.

It’s natural and can be acted on ASAP. You don’t even have to wait two weeks for your package to arrive.

My Top Secret Two Step Process For Insane Focus

Prepare yourself by taking a deep breath. Breath in for five seconds…okay now breath out for five seconds.


Grab something to write with and a notecard.

You are ready for step two. Step two is the hardest part and requires skill.


I’m certain that you have this skill. Take out your notecard and write down the words exactly how you see them below.


Now place your notecard wherever you can see it. This is the hidden third step. I kept it at two steps so that it wouldn’t scare people away.

By putting your notecard where you can see it, you’ll stay on track. Every time you need to focus take a look at those words.

Like magic, you will be brought back to the task at hand.

I keep my note card next to my laptop. Whenever I find myself wanting to multi-task I just look at the card and get back to work.

To go a step further I tested this method. I took a month off from drinking coffee and still kept my focus.

The reason:

Because looking at a note-card doesn’t require any drugs or discipline. So, in other words, anybody can do it.

Go ahead and implement this article. Common sense says that by you implementing what you read, results will come.

We will talk again soon.

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Your friend,

dylan madden

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  1. This definitely works. I have a sign up at my desk that says “Don’t think; just dial” Every time I look at it I pick up the phone and make my next sales call.

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