Why does coffee make you feel tired? Why does coffee cause brain fog? Those were the questions that I asked myself for months.

I ended up staying away from coffee for close to a month. My productivity took a slight dip but I didn’t feel tired all of the time.

For a while I thought that I had adrenal fatigue but it turns out I didn’t.

To prove to myself that I didn’t have adrenal fatigue I started drinking 3 cups of coffee a day for two months straight.

Surprise surprise I didn’t get tired and my brain fog never came back.

The only difference was that I had switched brands of coffee. I had been using instant coffee before for the convenience.

For two months I switched back to Red Coffee. I like Red coffee because it is smooth and gives me slight euphoric effects.

My productivity went back up during that time and I made more money than I had during the months leading up to my coffee switch.

To further test this idea I tried another coffee. This time I went with Vallhalla Java Coffee by Death Wish.

I continued drinking this coffee for 2 weeks and increased my coffee intake to 4 cups per day.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my caffeine dosage for the last two weeks…

Each cup that I drink contains around 270 mg of caffeine. Sometimes more sometimes less.

If you multiply 270 by 4 then you get 1,080 mg of caffeine per day.

Keep in mind that the Mayo Clinic recommends 400 mg of caffeine per day for the “average” person.

So if you want to be average then stick to that.

I’m healthy, have a solid diet, and workout so my body is fine with more caffeine than the average man.

My results for 1,080 mg of caffeine per day for two weeks:

After the two weeks my productivity was still high and I felt above average.

My mind was clear and I was always on point.

But my curiosity was still in search of why I was able to drink more caffeine without suffering brain fog, being sleepy, and having to use the bathroom 8 times in a day.

I started digging around Google and lo and behold I found the answer.

The answer was so obvious!

The instant coffee I had been drinking was mass produced. This allowed for poor quality and increased the chances of Mycotoxins.

I was literally poisoning my body for the low price of convenience.

That’s something that most don’t consider when buying cheap coffee.

It’s like saving $5 by going to McDonald’s instead of paying $10 for a grass fed burger.

The solution to curing my brain fog…

I found that Red Coffee and the Valhalla Java Coffee that I had been drinking was 100% organic.

In other words it was from a family owned farm.

The quality was there so I was able to drink my coffee and feel great.

Where can you get family owned organic coffee?

I recommend that if you are a coffee loving Young Hustler like myself that you stick with organic coffee.

You can go to Amazon or your local grocery store and find you some organic coffee.

Beware though because some coffee’s are organic frauds.

They will claim they are organic but yet it’s just an illusion.

One company that is guilty of this is Starbucks.

Starbucks makes big claims but doesn’t fully honor it.

Don’t get me wrong I love sipping on my coffee while busting out some work at the cafe but don’t drink them regularly.

Switch your coffee to 100% organic and you’ll feel better than you ever have.

I’m not a doctor so do your own research. If you like being productive and drinking coffee then I have two recommendations for organic coffee.

Red Coffee for its slight euphoric effects and smooth taste or Death Wish for their all around great coffee and good prices.

The rest is up to you brother. Go and test what I said for yourself.

Select your coffee and then report back:

Red Coffee-

Effects: Euphoria, High Energy, Intense Focus

Valhalla Java Coffee-

Effects: High Energy, Intense Focus

Tune in next time for some more…

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  1. I’ve had the same issues with mass-produced garbage coffee. Switching exclusively to Red Coffee (also Black Coffee and Gold Coffee to mix it up) has been a godsend. I literally cannot go back. Also love what you said about “average” caffeine consumption. Reminds me that moderation is for average people, and to accomplish something great, you need to go a little extreme!

    • Red Coffee is my favorite and then Black Coffee after that. Great idea to switch them up. Thanks for the comment Sonny, keep crushing it.

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