Recently I sent out a quick tweet. The response was interesting and showed a similar belief. Most won’t come out about this but I will.

In today’s world you can let the world know of how great you are with a simple Instagram or Twitter post.

You can post pictures of what you are experiencing. You can inspire others with the actions that you are taking.

You can even connect with like-minded men with the click of a button.

But the dark side of this is that it allows for fakeness to spread.

If you go online you can see lives that seem so much greater than yours. This makes you feel useless and like you aren’t making any progress.

What you don’t see however is that these “real men” aren’t much better off than you are. Some are even worse off than you.

It’s easy to get on Twitter and rehash something from one of the greats. You see this with people regurgitating the 48 Laws everyday.

They post something related to the quote and then the favorites pour in.

I’d say that 7 out of 10 of the people on my Twitter are the real deal. People such as Ed Latimore, Cam Awesome, and the Tate brothers are just some of the real ones.

I’m leaving out dozens more but look at them and you will find real men.

Outside of that you have people who argue over petty things all day everyday. I don’t know if they think they are changing the world but more than likely it is just an ego trip for them.

One of the funniest things I see online is people arguing about personality types and beta males. Spend 5 minutes on Twitter and you’ve been entertained more than you will need to be for a week.

This article isn’t to bash these people. Most of them I consider friends hence why I’m not calling anyone out.

The purpose of this article is to tell you the reader not to get caught up in online ego tripping. Instead, focus on yourself.

As you will learn in Think and Go Hustle you are not broken. You aren’t stuck and you sure as hell aren’t going to get anywhere spending all day telling people how much of a man you are on Twitter.

Everything you want is only going to happen if you turn off your phone and get dirty.

I’ve spent the past month working on a farm because I got tired of spending all day behind a laptop.

Does this sound like a Young Hustler type of thing to say? Yes, it does because I will do whatever I have to do to push the envelope.

I picked up trash last year and if I had to do it again for money I would do it all over again.


Because I value myself and my time more than to get stuck at some soul-sucking 9-5 that I hate.

I don’t claim to know it all and I don’t claim to be some alpha male.

I am simply myself.

The only difference is that I take action on my ideas and live how I want.

You can have all of that as well.

Heck, working a 9-5 might be your thing.

That’s okay as long as you want it.

I’ve got a friend that makes close to $100k a year and he’s only 27. He goes to work Monday through Friday and loves it.

For me, I prefer the hustle and the rise. I like not being able to afford a gallon of water only to push harder and make more money than I ever have before.

That’s just what I want.

Young Hustler is a lifestyle and anyone can be one.

Don’t get hung up on all of this online stuff that you end up being a Twitter man. Get out there and live your life.

It won’t be easy all of the time but it will be worth it.

You are your own man and that’s it.

If you want to look up to me like some do then that’s fine. Just don’t forget to be your own person. I can only do so much for you.

My place in your life is really to be an inspiration and to give you the information you need so that you can go out and dominate.

Don’t get lost in the hype of these other bloggers. At the end of the day only the real ones will last.

I’ve been here for almost 3 years and am really just beginning to try at this blogging gig.

As they say you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

You are a part of this momentum just as much as I am. You reading my content and sharing it helps more than you know.

So give yourself some breathing room and realize you are doing just fine.

When I first found Dylan Madden I was hooked. I wanted to do what he was doing. Now I am. You can do the same. The key for me was that I saw what I wanted and I went after it. In this book, he will show you how to get started by taking action. But only the right actions done consistently will get you success. Buy this book in order to learn what to do.

-Mike Soca MikeSoca.com

Think and Go Hustle was designed for people such as yourself. The type of person that wants more and is willing to pay the price.

Grab your copy in PDF or You can read it on Kindle.

Have a fantastic day!

Tune in next time for some more…

REAL DEALIN’ With The Real Dylan

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