Adderall is a popular drug people use to get laser focus. But there is a much darker price that you pay for using it. Here is my story and why you shouldn’t take Adderall.

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My Adderall Story

Before we begin, I want you to know that I am not a doctor. I’m not giving you any advice on what you should or shouldn’t do.

I’m simply sharing my personal story with Adderall.

A year before I started high school, I started taking something called Adderall Extended Release (XR).

I didn’t know anything about it.

All I knew is that my doctor said that it would help me in school. People told me that I had ADHD and a learning disability.

To be honest I couldn’t wait to start taking it. In my brain, I would finally have the chance to be a normal kid.

Since it was an extended release, I only had to take one pill a day. I started off at 25 mg and took it every morning around 6 AM.

This continued for 6 years, 7 days a week.

For the first two weeks my mind felt weird. The best way I can describe it is a fuzziness. I asked my pediatrician if this was normal.

His response was….

Dylan just give it a month. If you still feel that way, we’ll switch you to Ritalin. We’ll switch you to something else.

After three weeks, my brain adjusted. This is when things really started changing. I started being able to focus better than I ever had.

I started getting more stuff done.

I literally forgot what it meant to get fatigued. Tiredness was a thing of the past. My social anxiety disappeared and my brain was laser sharp.

I felt great!

Fast forward five years later and I wasn’t the same person that I was five years before that. Of course everyone changes, but this was different.

I was anti-social and didn’t enjoy being around people. To me, everybody was just trying to distract me from whatever I was doing.

I constantly had to be going, going, going. But, I was very productive.

Weekend of Terror

What really scared me was one weekend, I didn’t have my Adderall. I felt terrible. My allergies came back worse than ever.

I just felt like a normal mortal again. 

Once I started taking it again, my social like went down even more. I had this internal rage, all the time.

I became an asshole to the people around me. The most little things would piss me off and leave me full of anger.

I didn’t know how to express my emotions at this point so I held them in. This slowly began tearing me a part.

I talked with my pediatrician about getting off. He said to slowly take myself off and then we could switch to Ritalin.

Quitting Adderall

Instead of doing it his way, I cut myself off cold turkey. Now it’s been three years since I’ve taken Adderall on a regular basis.

When I was in Los Angeles I decided to give it another shot. I stopped by the pharmacy and picked up a fresh bottle of Adderall.

Two days in and that weird mental feeling came back.

I lost my sense of self and didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror. Any memories I had seemed like they took place decades ago.

Luckily this feeling went away after about a week. Needless to say I stopped taking them and threw the bottle away.

Now I know you wanna focus and have lots of energy. You wanna have your performance enhanced through the roof.

Guess what?

Me too and Adderall is not the way to go. It gives you a false sense of actually doing stuff. You may feel great, but it’s all a lie.

What Is Adderall Like?

When you take Adderall, I’d say 15 minutes in, you have this mild euphoria. You feel great and everything clicks.

You become VERY focused, but it’s all an illusion.

Yes, you can use this extra edge to knock out your work. But the side effects and what it really is doing far outweigh what you get.

Adderall Alternatives

Whether you’re on Adderall or just looking for something to give you an edge. I’ve got some recommendations.

First off, go ahead and cut yourself off completely.

If you really need to replace it with something, use coffee or Modafinil. Red Coffee is my personal favorite.

But I recommend that you stop cold turkey. People claim there are withdraw symptoms. Maybe so, but I didn’t experience them.

Remember it’s all in your head.

If you’re interested in Adderall just don’t start. As you’ve seen it’s not worth it. Taking Adderall is like selling your soul to the Devil.

It’s a false sense of actually getting stuff done. You’re gonna be much more successful if you just sit down and create your script.

Also, optimize your health by having a good diet and drinking plenty of water. Dehydration causes a host of issues.

One of those being low energy and terrible concentration.

The biggest thing that’s helped me is meditating five minutes a day. And I’m not coming at you with any of that woo, woo self-help, zen master shit.

I’m not into any of that stuff.

What I’m saying is, for five minutes a day you can transform your focus. You’ll come to learn that you’re not your mind.

You are the awareness.

And as you start understanding that you are the awareness, you naturally start focusing better.

If you’ve got any questions let me know. Because nothing is off limits. Feel free to talk about your story.

In the meantime check out my article on meditation. You’ll quickly notice that you can guide your mind.

From there you’ll finally be able to start getting things done in your life. When you’re ready click the link below.

Read: Hustlers Guide to Meditation.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

dylan madden

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  1. This sounds like child abuse to me. Thank you for sharing your story. I once tried Ritalin many years ago and it made me feel like an actual autist.

    • Welcome to America. You’re welcome, brother. I’ve never tried Ritalin, but a close friend of mine had the same experience as you.

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