Greatness: Start With The Man In The Mirror

Hey my friend today’s post will help you in your path to greatness. As you know I only write about things that I have done and used that have worked for me. I have a few questions for you before we go into the meat of this post:

  • What do you see when you look into the mirror?
  • Do you see someone who is broken or someone who is reaching his potential?
  • How serious are you of becoming great?

Every morning when you wake up and look into the eyes of the person staring back at you in the mirror you should see someone who is fulfilled and growing. Sadly most people in today’s world do not live the life that they want and instead see someone who is broken and greatly unfilled.

It’s a sad sight because it is so easy to start living the life that you want and only takes a few small changes. You start with your mindset which causes you to start behaving differently.

Once you start behaving differently you start getting results. That in itself can take you from being broken to being a Young Hustler, but I know you want more than that. You found this blog either out of desperation for change or because you are doing what you need to, but need that extra push.

Calm and Collected will always be the place you can come to and walk away with something even if you read the same article.

I get emails daily of people saying that my words resonate with them. I live for showing you young men out there how to get what you want. That is what The Lion wants. I am The Lion.

Now back to the post I want you to start taking yourself more seriously. When you see yourself in the mirror instead of seeing a broken mortal I want you to raise that chin up and see a Man.

As long as you are working on yourself and growing then do not worry my friend. I want you to consider yourself King of Your Reality and be sovereign .

You might not be there yet, but you will be there soon enough all it takes is for you to change your mindset.

As they say fake it until you make it. Sometimes you have to do that and that is okay. Hold yourself higher than you really are, but make sure you work your ass off so that you become the best.

The one thing that I do disagree with is when you’re becoming great is to lie and say that you have certain things such as a ton of money or a big house when you really don’t.

That will not only makes you a scum-bag, but it will also mess with your self-confidence.

So what I want you to do is simple and I will lay it out for you:

  • Change your Mindset. Your Mindset is basically your attitude towards life based on the thoughts and beliefs you allow into your mind.
  • Fake it until you make it by holding yourself higher than you currently are, but do not lie about things that you do not have such as houses or money.

With the Mindset taken care of you are now ready to move to the next part of becoming Great.

You my friend are King of Your Reality and can do what you want with your life. Start today and begin seeing yourself for who you really are.

You are special and are not that man who settles with life.

No Dammit you are an Young Hustler so start acting like one. The day that you realize your true greatness will be the day that you finally leave that loser behind and become the true Man in the mirror.

Don’t be a man be THE MAN. Are you man enough to stop being a mortal?

I will be releasing several parts to this series. If you apply what you’ve learned from this one article your life will improve tremendously.

I look forward to releasing the second part of this series where you will learn the next step to becoming Great.

Until next time go out and Dominate Your Life.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. What makes you a credible person? When I see Bold and Determine, I see how ripped the dude is. I see his lifestyle and what he does everyday. I mean, I’m just playing the devil’s advocate. What about your life makes you a credible person?

    • What Victor does took him years to build and he wasn’t always some ripped guy. He’s an example of what happens when you speak about your life and then help people. He worked hard to get to where he is. What makes me a credible person is that I speak about things that are going on in my life or that have helped me. I’m not some rich guy who has the body of a god, but then again I’m working towards that. The purpose of this blog is to speak about my life and hopefully help someone in the process. Good question.

      • Right, Victor isn’t just ripped he’s making good money and living in a beautiful country. He went through all his shit and because of his experiences he started blogging. What types of experiences are you going through that gives you credit for what your saying?? I mean it’s easy to talk the talk. But what’s your walk? What are you doing in life that makes you such a guru to give advice such as Victor Pride or Mike Cernovich.

        • My life is what gives me the experience to talk about what I talk about. If I talk about something it is because it helped me get through what I was doing or helped me get what I was aiming for. For example my post on Fear and having a Solution Mindset are two things that helped me so I posted about it for the people who read my blog to gain value from. I am not some guru and never want to be. Gurus are people who claim they are experts so that they can hype up a product or service to make money from weak minded people. I only want people on my blog that want more in life and want to actually improve their lives by applying what I write about and taking the action themselves. I’m not going to offer some product for $300 that claims to give them everything that they want because 99% of those things are bull-shit. If you are willing to work on yourself and apply what I write about then this is a place for you. If you are a person who seeks someone who is a guru and claims to have a secret who will change your life then go to someone else’s blog. Once again great questions. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone else all I want is to offer value and connect with like-minded people.
          -Sergie Adamas-

  2. Sergie,
    You are absolutely right that in order to achieve greatness you have to make drastical changes in your mindset. Our mindset determines our thoughts and our thoughts craft our actions. Wrong mindset equals wrong actions.

    I am kind of worried for the second bullet point. You say fake it until you make it but don’t lie about things you don’t have like a house or money. Ok but by faking about it aren’t you lying? I think faking something is wrong even if it can make you feel better and push you to the right direction. You continuesly say that you are successful until your mind believes it and acts accordingly so the final outcome is success. But this is still lying, first to others and secondly and more important to yourself.

    In my humble opinion the best approach is to realize what you don’t have,accept it & embrace it.No need to fake something. When you are honest to yourself then you can trust yourself. As a result magical things happen. You know your “problem” and start working it out. However that’s my personal approach.

    Anyway it was a very motivational post and liked it. Good job.

    • Hey there Damian thanks for the comment. As for the fake it until you make it point. I believe that even if you are at the lowest level of life if you believe that you’re great and do the necessary work you can get there. If that requires you to fake it until you make it such as to come from a place of authority while still a peasant that is okay. To achieve the things you want in life you must be willing to do whatever it takes. Obviously that doesn’t mean hurting others unless they keep disrespecting you. I’m interested in continuing this discussion.

  3. Great post my friend. I’m using that approach in my life. Every morning I tell myself that I’m fucking boss. It helps really much. It gives you a momentum and boosts your confidence.

    I like your design. An unique one.

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