Years ago, I read about the 7 Deadly Sins. Now as a much more experienced person, I bring you a new version.

Instead of giving you a list of sins to scare you. This article will give you a list of practical things to empower you.

I’m not promising you a place in Heaven after you die. All I’m promising you is the chance to create Heaven on earth.

7 Deadly Sins of the Young Hustler

1) Information Overload

I’ve always been more of an intellectual person. I can study all day for weeks without ever needing to leave home.

But I reached a point where I had to make a decision.

I had to decide whether I was going to be a player or an NPC. I decided to become a player and start taking action.

As Will Freeman put it:

You’re dumb if you can’t put your knowledge to use.

I realized that having knowledge isn’t the important part. It’s the application of that knowledge.

From 2013 to 2016 all I wanted was to be job free. I spent hundreds of hours reading, planning, and dreaming about quitting my job.

But nothing happened for 3 years.

The only thing that I achieved was getting a new job paying me $10 an hour. I worked for a car dealership and wanted out.

I just couldn’t decide what path to take.

All of them seemed to be good, but I feared making the wrong decision. Which ultimately lead to me not making any decision.

Eventually I became overwhelmed and things started to click.

I saw that everything had the potential to work. The only thing that determined its success was me.

Either I’d win or I would figure out another way to make it happen.

Without much of a plan I put in my two-weeks notice. I started driving for UBER and the rest is history.

It was a daily process filled with lots of questions. But what you’ll learn is that as you take action, things start to click.

Lesson Takeaway:

Getting new information is crucial, but too much will kill you.

You’ll turn from a dream achiever into a dream chaser.

Not only does this apply to business. This also applies to your every day life.

It’s one thing to read about something and another to actually do it.

Start with one area of your life and then start taking action.

If you want to be good with girls, start talking to them. Put down the book and $500 course and just talk to them.

Goldmund’s camera game is a great introduction to girls. It forces you to get out there and start talking to girls.

Instead of asking for their number you ask if they want to be in a picture. I recommend that you buy his 90-page book on Amazon.

Not only will you get better with girls. You will also train yourself to study and then implement what you learned.

You can get Goldmund’s book Camera Game here.

2) Skipping the Process

I wanted to be a professional blogger before ever publishing a book.

I wanted to be able to bench press 210 pounds before doing 170.

I’ve wanted a lot of things before putting in the work. You could say that I fell in love with the outcome.

Focusing on the outcome is what kept me from getting what I wanted.

It’s like wanting a cup of water, but instead of asking for water, I hoped the waitress would offer it.

Guess what?

She never asked if I wanted water.

I got the water once I took the steps to get it.

This is what I did to become a professional blogger. This is what I did to bench press 210 pounds.

And the process is how I’ve gotten everything else.

Lesson Takeaway:

One thing that my mentor taught me was to put in the work.

The work always came before everything else. I didn’t fully understand it at the time, but he was showing me part of the recipe.

Of course there’s more to the recipe, but without putting in the work, you’re just playing yourself.

You see the outcome isn’t all that great. Once you finally get it, you move onto something else.

It all started when you were a kid. You wanted that one toy and then a week after getting it, you wanted something else.

What you really enjoy is the challenge and adventure.

Enjoy the process of becoming more, getting more, and doing more. It is then that the outcomes will come to you.

3) Playing to Lose

It’s one thing to play to win and another to just play. If you just play, there’s a 50/50 chance of you winning or losing.

If you play to win, your odds go up to 98%.

I didn’t always know this however. Go back a few years and I thought that just playing was all that mattered.

I looked around me and nobody else was really trying. They’d go to work, come home, and watch TV.

But then it hit me that they weren’t really playing. They were playing to lose.

I stopped comparing myself to them and instead looked to the greats. The one thing I noticed was that they played to win.

That didn’t mean that they win every time, but they win most of the time.

They don’t make emotional decision when they have no leverage. I myself almost made a terrible decision.

Few people know this, but I almost moved to Bali in 2014 and once again in 2015. I was offered a sweet internship.

My flight was going to be covered (over $2k).

I would be living in a villa much like this….

7 deadly sins

Room and board was covered. Not only that but I was going to be given spending money for personal use.

I almost pulled the trigger, but my gut told me not to.

At the time I thought it was me overthinking what I wanted. But now I know it’s because I would’ve been buried alive.

Imagine a 20 year old living in Bali, no friends, and reliant on someone for money. It’s a recipe for disaster.

That is what playing to lose is all about.

Putting yourself into risky situations with little leverage.

Playing to win however is what I did when I moved to Los Angeles. I went over there with a few grand in the bank.

If everything hit the fan, I’d book a flight back home.

Having money gave me power and let me focus on the internship. This is the mentality that I take into everything that I do.

From starting a new venture to creating new content.

I always play to win.

Lesson Takeaway:

Here is the 3 step process that I use to play to win. It’s not a concept that I created, but it’s a concept that works.

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Prepare for it
  3. Get it

4) Fear of Confrontation

For most of my life I was scared of confrontation. The idea of getting in trouble or hurting someone’s feelings scared the shit out of me.

Like most fears, this came from my upbringing.

I became a nice well mannered guy. At one point I even prided myself in being useful to other people.

It gave me a sense of fulfillment.

But after years of being disappointed and unnecessary stress, I changed.

I started confronting people.

If I didn’t like my food, I’d send it back.

If I didn’t like how someone talked to me, I let them know.

As I did this my fear of confrontation disappeared. I saw that I wasn’t getting in trouble and that people liked me more.

To make a long story short, people liked me because I was being real.

Lesson Takeaway:

If you don’t like confronting people, watch the video below. Because in it I give you a simple way to overcome the fear of confrontation.

5) Comfort

I’m an easy going dude. I like things simple with a challenge. The one thing that has always caused chaos in my life is comfort.

To keep that in check, I keep myself moving.

Go back to February of 2016 and my life was full of comfort. Sure, I woke up at 5 AM, took cold showers, and worked out.

But outside of that I sought comfort. Comfort in the form of guaranteed sex, a paycheck, and easy lifestyle.

Seeking comfort left me with debt and chaos in my otherwise peaceful life.

Like the Devil of the Bible, comfort tricks you into thinking everything is fine. In reality though, your life is falling to pieces in the background.

Maybe it’ll take you 20 years before you notice it. For me, I realized it early.

I had to rethink everything. From my motivation to my daily habits.Β I had to change my entire being.

You could say it was a full on metamorphosis.

To get things started I took a look at my income.

I was making $1,300 a month. At the time my monthly expenses were in the $800-$1,000 range.

I saw that I was spending $200 a month on stupid stuff.

Energy drinks, gas station coffee, and impulse purchases.

I cut them all out.

I then looked over my routine.

I saw that when I got home from work, I’d spend an hour settling in. My free time was given to music and prank video’s.

Even worse I spent over 2 hours a day on social media.

I switched that time to productive activities. Activities such as working out, writing, and taking a walk through the woods.

Anything to keep me from sitting there wasting time.

Lesson Takeaway:

You don’t have to live like a peasant. You can live well and still not give into comfort. The biggest thing is to keep challenging yourself.

If you want a challenge, here’s what I did in 2017.

6) Arrogance

Boy was I an arrogant person back in the day. So much so that it almost killed my chance at any type of success.

My arrogance lead me to believe that I was the exception. Since I was talented, my head got too big.

I didn’t take the process seriously.

But after a while my arrogance put me into a hole. I couldn’t rely on my natural ability anymore.

Life started to get hard and before I knew it, I was miserable.

It was during this time that I was humbled. I became grateful for what I had. My confidence came from within now.

I went from rushing to get things done to taking my time.

This not only lowered my stress level, it opened my eyes to a new world. I realized that this world has so much more to offer.

There is more to it than what’s on the surface.

I started meeting new people and learning new skills. Why? Because I was open to learning and no longer a know it all.

This opened the doors to working with Victor Pride.

Getting the speaker, author, and professional boxer Ed Latimore to write the forward forΒ Think and Go Hustle.

Among many other opportunities.

Lesson Takeaway:

Your takeaway is that it’s okay to be overly confident in yourself. In my experience it’s required to get anything going for yourself.

Just remember that there’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence.

Confidence comes from within and is real.

Arrogance is fake and delusional.

7) Not Having a Script

Not having a script is like walking into a pitch black room. Even though the light switch is right there, you don’t see it.

That’s how it was for me.

I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t see the light switch right next to my hand. When I created my script everything changed.

Under candle light I crafted my script.

I started out by asking myself why I didn’t have different things. From there I wrote out an entire page with the solution to everything that I wanted.

Now I knew what I wanted and better yet, how to get it.

Lesson Takeaway:

Creating your script is one of the simplest ways to change your life. It forces you to get clear and blot out your distractions.

Your script is super easy to create and takes out the guessing work. I dedicated an entire section of my book to it.

Because without a script nothing else matters. You can work 10 hours a day but without your script, it’s a waste.

A waste of your time and potential.

To create your script take this free download. It is my entire Level on Script Creation. You can also get the entire 5 Levels from my book below.

PDF ($8.99)

Paperback ($11.99)

Kindle ($9.99)

Your friend,

dylan madden

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  1. The script is actually the most practical advice on this page. Oh man, I just listed so many issues. Instead of just thinking of them, I finally broke them down and have them on paper.

    • “I finally broke them down and have them on paper.”

      Great work Charlie! You just overcame one of the biggest obstacles in life. Now use that to give you direction. You know exactly what needs to be done now.

  2. I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while. I think it’s one of your best I’ve read. The title is also very creative my friend.

  3. very useful information i like the way your message came across you remind me of my favorite blogger victor pride. keep up the good work.

  4. Information overload really is a killer. I’m the same as you where I can sit in my room and read books for a week straight. However, the more I read, the less I do. I become so swamped with lots of pretty good ideas that the genius ideas are drowned.

    On another note, how long did it take you to go from bench pressing 170lbs to 210? Those are some solid gains.

    • However, the more I read, the less I do.

      Very true brother.

      How long did it take you to go from bench pressing 170 lbs to 210?

      It took me four months. I ate a pound of beef a day on top working out for 1-2 hours 5 days a week.

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