This article is based on my personal experience. If you live in Charleston or any city that has Uber, here’s what it’s like driving for Uber.

Why Do People Drive For Uber?

Some people are looking for something that will allow them to escape their job.

While someone like you, is probably looking for a way to make some extra money on the side.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer.

I have talked with people that literally work 4 days a week with Uber and make close to $1,000/week.

But I have also talked to people who just work on Friday night and pull in $300.

It is completely up to what you want to do.

How Much Does Uber Pay?

It really depends on where you are located when you drive.

In Charleston, SC you can make anywhere from $16 to $30 an hour.

Uber offers something called Surge Pricing that allows drivers to make more money.

If the Surge Price was 1.8, you would make $18 on a trip that usually cost $10.

Also it depends on how far and how many people you can get within each hour.

So to answer your question you will just have to see for yourself and put in some time to figure it out.

How I Made $43 In 1 Hour And 44 Minutes

what is it like driving for uber in charleston

I made $39.53 as my Uber payout and then got a $5 tip from my first customers.

I drove for Uber two days ago around 10 PM and was out for 1 hour and 44 minutes.

In that amount time I made 4 trips.

I turned down at least 2 other Pings since I got stuck behind a Police traffic block and didn’t want that to mess up my Uber rating.

I went Online while in West Ashley and got my first Ping from a customer on James Island.

From there I dropped them off at a Gas Station on Folly Beach.

As I pulled out I got another Ping from someone a few miles away.

When I picked him up, it ended up being someone I went to High School with.

I dropped him off at his house and then got my next customer a neighborhood away from him.

The people I picked up were 3 girls that were your standard party lifestyle girls.

The entire ride was them discussing how they were going to party til 3 AM and see how many drinks they could get for free.

It was a very entertaining ride.

After dropping them off I decided that the next person was going to be my last customer for the night.

As I pulled off I got my next Ping down the street.

It was a guy in his early 20’s.

The entire ride was him asking me about how much I made with Uber and him telling me how he wanted to get started.


Is There A Lot Of Competition?

Once again a question like this depends entirely on your city.

In Charleston I am sure there are a good number of Drivers, but as of now there isn’t a shortage of customers to meet the number of Drivers.

If you work and put in your time with Uber you will make money.

Imagine moving 13 customers in a 2 hour period.

You would bring home a nice chunk of change.

The good thing about Uber is that since you can work when you want most people end up quitting due to lack of making much money.

Most people can’t work for themselves.

In today’s world most of our population needs to have someone above them making their schedule.

Making money with Uber is a simple as turning on the app and driving.

  1. Put In Work = Make Money
  2. Be Lazy = Make Nothing

Simple as that.

What Are Your Customers Like?

You will see a lot of questions from people asking what kind of people will you drive around.

That is a silly question.

The type of people you will drive around will depend on the time that you decide to drive.

You will see drunks.

You will see teens going home.

You will see College kids.

But overall you will just see normal people.

I’m not saying you won’t get a bad customer or two, but overall as long as you show respect other people will as well.

You will meet many interesting people as you Drive.

On one day you might Drive a successful businessman.

The next day you might Drive a Celebrity.

All in all you will meet people who will respect your car.

Most people are so stuck in their heads and day to day life that they will just have their faces buried in their phones the entire ride.

How To Get Good Ratings From Your Customers?

what it is like driving for uber in charleston

When Driving for Uber you have to maintain a certain rating.

If you go below 4.0 you will run the risk of getting your contract with them canceled.

One cool feature is that you also get to rate your customers.

If they were bad customers then give them a 1 star rating and you will never see them again.

If they get a low enough rating then they will be prevented from getting a ride from Uber.

But back to how you can get a good rating.

It is really easy.

Here are some things that will cause you to get good ratings:

  • Open the door for your customers
  • Carry on a nice conversation with them, by showing an interest in their life
  • Build a relationship with your customers
  • Offer water or some type of snack
  • Drive well and get them to their destination without a problem
  • Tell them that they were fun to Drive around so you will give them a good rating and for them to make sure to give you a good rating if they enjoyed the ride

If you follow those 6 things you will have a great rating.

Even if you apply just a few of those points you will have 4.5.

By maintaining a good rating you will gain access to more customers which in turn will make you more money.

How To Get Started With Uber In Charleston Or Globally

what is it like to drive for uber in charleston

Getting started with Uber is very easy.

If you get everything that is required done quickly, you could easily be on the road by the end of the week.

To get started with Uber follow the steps below:

  1. Sign Up 
  2. Authorize Background Check
  3. Add Pictures Of Driver’s License, Registration, And Insurance
  4. Get Your Car Inspected
  5. Link Your Bank Account To Your Uber Account
  6. Get Driving

You can easily take care of all of that within a day.

As soon as you pass the Background Check you are ready to get Driving.

I recommend you familiarize yourself with the app before you get started.

There isn’t much to using the app when out on the road.

I may create a video about Uber if I see a that a need is there.

Is Uber Worth It?

If you are looking for a way to make some money on the side while making your own schedule then I would say yes.

Uber offers a great opportunity for College kids, people wanting to work for themselves, and retired people.

If you are someone who is expecting to put in 2 hours a week and make $500 then I would say to just stick with a job, as you are living a lie.

When you click my link I will get $150 for recommending you.

As an added bonus you will get a bonus for signing up as well.

Your bonus depends on the area you are in.

Some bonuses are as high as $500, but I know for my link you will most likely get $150.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Well I have been driving for Uber one month. In that time I made 1500 in just five weeks working three to four hours a day in the evening hours after I get off my day job. I love it. I get to meet a lot of people. I always make sure my car is spotless I also wear a tie and slacks everytime. . In that shot time I have 218 +5 ratings my rating is 4.90. I will be retiring in a few months and plan to do this five to six days a week.uber is a God sent for me.

  2. Subtract insurance, gas, and maintenance. Then the “net” is much less.

    I drove Uber in NYC where I live.

    Rented a car for almost 400 a week. No parking garage. Although the “rental” paid for maintenance, I lucked out finding a driveway 3 blocks away from my apt.

    Rental places rented broken cars.

    Worked nights. Bottom line: indoor garage in an apt. Building that shovels snow out of the apt. Building garage driveway. And you also need to own your own car.

    Winter? Almost impossible. Parking? Forget it.

    It was a total nightmare in in Queens NY for me.

    Oh yeah. You need a TLC license, TLC school, and TLC test. All told, 1000 bucks. Then Mom got real sick and had to hang up the towel.

    Lost almost 1800 bucks.

    Elsewhere drive for a year 10 hours a day for a year to pay off Car. Then subtract gas maintenance insurance and more

    • Thanks for sharing David. UBER is great in some cities and terrible in others. Personally, I don’t do it anymore. Too many drivers.

  3. Been driving for 2 weeks now and love it! BTW what are your tips for a new driver?

    • Great.

      Monday-Friday here are my recommended times: 5AM-7AM/10AM-3PM/7PM-11PM

      Saturday: 5PM-3AM
      Sunday: 11AM-3AM

      Just choose what times work for you. You make your own schedule.

      Good luck.

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