In today’s world you have witnessed a massive change in how people live their lives and conduct business. Something that has seen a massive shift is Media. Traditional ways of running a Media Company have changed. Do you want to be a part of the “New Media” or depend on others?

Why You Do Not Need Mainstream Media:

How To Create Your Own Media Company

When Is The Last Time You Got A Magazine?

As you will see as we continue with this article, you do not need Mainstream Media.

You can run your own Media Company alone or with a group of people.

With the Internet, you can run a Media Empire in your boxers from home.

We will get into what you need in a second.

Times are changing.

As you have seen with the Rise of Donald Trump, you do not need any outside help.

Donald Trump has used Social Media, Websites, and His Own Money to lead the Polls since he joined the Presidential Race.

Just like Donald Trump, you can rely on your own self to get your message out without needing to sell your soul to Special Interests and Corporations.

If you are someone with a message it is easier now than ever to get yourself front and center.

What Do You Need To Start Your Own Media Company?

A decade ago if you wanted to start your own Media Company, you needed to have a large amount of money to pour into your Media Company.

Not only would you need a lot of money, but you would also need the support of Mainstream Media Companies do get any type of audience.

But not anymore….

Thanks to the Internet as you and I know it, you can run your Media Empire from anywhere you are.

Another good thing is that you do not need to have Thousands of dollars.

Here are the two things that you need to start your own Media Company:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Computer


If you have those two things you will be able to run a full Media Company.

Even if you don’t have Internet, you can go to a local cafe.

I go to a Cafe a few times a week and spend maybe $8 max on coffee.

But you don’t even need to get coffee, you can use their Wifi for Free.

There are no excuses for why you aren’t running your own Media Company.

Ways To Build Your Own Media Company:

There are tons of ways that you can mix and match to build your Media Company the way that you want.

The platforms that I use to run and promote my Media Company are:

Just using a few of the above ways you already have a 99% better chance of success than people did a decade ago.

Another good thing is that you can cheaply run your Media Company and with sometimes free.

Of cours, if you want to reach more people you will need to pay money.

Currently I spend around $300/year to run my Media Company.

As I expand my expenses will go up, but I have complete control over that.

So now that you have all of the basics let me go into more detail with each way you can build your own Media Company.

Your Own Website-

Having your own website is in my opinion crucial for building a Media Company.

To build a great looking site, you do not need to understand programming or hire a Web-Designer.

(If you do it helps, but it is not necessary)

There are Drag and Drop Builders all over the Internet.

Domains and Hosting are super cheap.

By having your own website you are in essence buying a Real-Estate property on the Internet.

Your website is a portal in which the world can get access to your message and you the Content Creator.

If you do not have a central place where people can come to a world you control, you are missing out.


Where do you go to watch Video’s?

Most likely YouTube right….

Well not only can you be Informed and Entertained with YouTube, but you can make money from it as well.

There are hundreds of people on YouTube making great livings from it every single day.

There are some guys making a few thousand a month while other people are making Millions a year!

Of course you can’t just upload random Video’s and make money.

It may appear that all of the Video’s with lots of views are random, but there is a lot of thought that goes into each popular Video.

Check out the behind the scenes footage of Rich Piana:

As you could see making a great Video requires more than just just turning on a Camera and filming.

When shooting a video you will…

  • Come Up With A Theme For The Video
  • Decide On The Scenes To Shoot
  • Mess Up And Start Over
  • Switch Outfits And Backgrounds
  • Edit
  • Then Finally Publish It

If you want your Media Company to make it on YouTube, then you will need to be a pro.

Why would I waste my time watching your Video if you have a crappy Theme and didn’t even take the time to Edit it?


Another popular way to build your Media Company is SoundCloud/iTunes.

Chris and Mike have done very well with these two platforms.

I have created a few Podcasts as well.

When I decide to utilize these two platforms I will gain access to even more readers.

If you have a decent voice you can start publishing Audio on the Internet.

In essence you can run your very own Radio Show.

There are quite a few people that make money from their own Media Companies Podcasts.

You can charge a monthly subscription after you’ve built a good audience or promote products on your Podcast.

Personally that is not the way that I want to go, but this might be a great avenue for you to take.

Social Media-

Not only is Social Media a great way to promote your Media Company, but you can also build Social Media Businesses.

I have a friend in England that brings in $500/week just from posting stuff on Instgram.

I considered doing something similar, but it requires posting 20 pics a day and attracts complete losers.

I care more about the amount of people I am able to impact than making quick money.

(FUN FACT: Money is a score card for the amount of value that you offer people.)

If you want to use Social Media to build your Media Company then here is how.

Create a presence on several platforms and then start promoting your content on these platforms.

My favorite platform is Twitter.

I use Twitter to promote everything that I do, promote things that interest me, and to rant. Here is how you can grow your Twitter account from zero to a thousand.

Final Words On “How To Create Your Own Media Company”

How To Start your own media company

Everything that you and I just went over is all that you need to know about starting your own Media Company.

If I feel there is a need, I will write another article on more specific things.

If you still rely on Mainstream Media for Entertainment/Information then you are behind the times.

As we are finding out more and more, they are lying to you and me and only want money.

Instead of believing their agenda, create your own agenda and make money doing it.

With your own Media Company you can change the world and do great things.

But if you do not believe in yourself you can just keep consuming Mainstream filth.

We will talk again soon.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Actually, I liked the left instagram picture more (before trimming). No homo. More structure to your hair. But that’s just me – goes to show how important image actually is.

    I am curious: has your concept of “free time” changed since you started the blog? Because a couple of years ago, I woke up on a saturday morning all happy that I had a free weekend and thought: “wait a second, that’s bullcrap, if my work feels like jail, I gotta do some adjustments”.

    But I find even now, I need some time to completely switch off – probably normal for an introvert. I think a lot during my “downtime”. However – I haven’t touched Netflix in weeks, I don’t see much of a point in mindless distraction. Even “House of Cards” I can do without.

    Do you still have “empty” time, or is it all filled with purpose?

    • Thanks lol. I feel overall better when I have short hair.

      My concept of “free time” has changed a lot since starting Way Of The Olympian. Before I would spend hours playing video games or chilling with friends. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but if you aren’t where you want to be then I would say it is a waste in my opinion. I used to see “free time” as my time to relax. My opinion on “free time” now is that it is your time to move closer to where you want to be in life.

      The only empty time that I have now is when I spend time with my girl, but even that is filled with purpose. For example if her and I go out she knows to bring her laptop, as I will want to stop at a cafe. I still will play video games here and there, but not for nearly as long as I used to.

      Great question and great comment.

  2. Really enjoyed this Dylan. I think these posts you write on micro business are some of your best and most interesting. I tried starting a media company in 2010. It was unsuccessful. Now knowing what I know from sites like yours I have the tools to make it and my own site work. Keep it up.

    • Yeah a lot of the people that read WOTO seem to like these type of articles the most. I enjoy writing them.

      I am glad that you didn’t give up Neil. Keep going!

      • It’s true. Clear, actionable stuff from someone who has sorted through the nonsense and talked with those who have done it (or done it himself as well) is hard to come by, and really encouraging.

        • Yeah I grew tired of all of the nonsense floating around. WOTO is here to help people get the facts and actually become the person they are in their head. AKA an Olympian.

          Glad to see you commenting.

  3. Good stuff, as always.

    Idea for a future article: how someone (like your English friend) can make that kind of money just by posting to Instagram – even if it does attract losers and take lots of time. I’d read it. More than once. It’s one of those mysteries that intrigues people.

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