I’ve seen both Ed Latimore and Alexander Cortés go from one thousand followers to now thousand’s. We are going to discuss how they did it and how you can too.

Twitter is a powerful tool for both selling products and directly talking to your audience.

Instead of people sending you an email, they can directly engage with you on Twitter. Not only that but you have direct access to thousands of people with a single tweet.

How Ed Latimore and Alexander Cortés Went From ZERO to THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers

If you look above that one tweet alone had 13,265 impressions. That means that it was seen by over 13,000 people.

From all of those people, 3,129 people engaged with the picture. That put my brand in front of thousands of people that I don’t know.

How much did this tweet cost me? Absolutely nothing!

All I did was give people an update on my weight-loss. I then gave them a takeaway at the end that they can use in their own life.

This tweet put me inside of thousands of people’s reality.

That’s powerful! As we speak I’ve got a Twitter following of 1,496 people. I built it without much of a strategy.

**I put my money where my mouth is. Within a week and a half, I grew my following to 1,679 people by applying this article.**

I would like people’s tweets, re-tweet interesting things, and then send out my own tweets. This let me go from zero to 1,496 followers.

What you’re about to learn is how I will grow my Twitter moving forward.

These strategies have been proven true by Mike Cernovich, Alexander Cortés, and Ed Latimore. Use them and your influence will grow.

If you don’t, you’re losing potentially thousands of people who will never know who you are.

How to Grow Your Twitter Following Like Ed Latimore and Alexander Cortés

My two sources are How to Grow Your Twitter Following and How to Use Twitter for Your Blog.

What you will learn is be based on Alexander Cortés and Ed Latimore’s strategies. However, I will also talk about what I’ve done.

Step 1) Dress to Impress

The first step you need to take is to make your Twitter page stand out. Don’t throw some random picture up with a random bio.

Take a great looking picture and then create a nice header. When crafting your bio catch their attention.

How Ed Latimore and Alexander Cortés Went From ZERO to THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers

Take a look at  Ed Latimore’s bio. It’s original and stands out.

Not only is Ed a professional boxer, but he’s a Physics Major, and likes chess.

He shows that he’s an individual. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Talk about what you’ve overcome and accomplished.

Let them see who you are.

In today’s world, people will only follow a real person. Dress up your Twitter page and then tell your story.

Step 2) Stand For Something

What do you stand for? The one thing that holds people back is that they don’t stand for anything. Find out what you stand for so that you have a foundation.

Look at Ed Latimore and Alexander Cortés. They stand for something.

99% of their tweets are intentional and are related to their theme.

Alexander Cortés talks about fitness, mindset, and being your best version. Each tweet he crafts sticks to his theme.

The end result? Cortés built a very loyal Twitter following. He also created one of the top fitness newsletters in the world.

When creating your own theme, it can be anything that you want.

The only rule of advice I have is to be authentic. Don’t be like these Twitter Men that hide behind fake profile pictures and act like they’re “alpha males”.

You will not make it if you don’t stand for anything.

For further help with creating your theme, check out my book Think and Go Hustle.

Step 3) To Follow or Not to Follow

When you’re first starting out you have to build up your network. To do so follow and engage with people that you read.

Most of the authors, YouTubers, and influencers you look at daily are on Twitter. Follow them and add some type of value.

By putting yourself into their reality they will begin engaging with you. Before long their audience will see you and start watching you.

Combine this method with having your own blog or YouTube channel and you will start growing steadily.

The biggest mistake I see thousands of people make is to follow EVERYONE. They’re the people following 4,000 people while only having 250 followers.

Make no mistake your Twitter is a brand. People who follow everyone and offer nothing of value are wasting their time.

Follow people who you want to build a connection with and offer value. If you offer enough value before long you’ll start growing your Twitter audience.

Step 3) Run a Clean Operation

If you look at most Twitter accounts, you’ll see nothing but clutter. They’ve got tons of useless thoughts all over their page.

Don’t be like them. Run a clean operation on your Twitter page. Something that I learned from Ed Latimore was to delete old tweets.

Put all of your best tweets on display for the world to see. If you have a great tweet that isn’t receiving much attention delete it.

Wait a few hours and then tweet it again. I’ve had dozens of times where a tweet only received one favorite. I tweeted it out later and it popped.

Step 4) Stay in Your Lane

When on Twitter you’ll see opinion after opinion. Twitter at it’s most basic level is a huge echo chamber.

If you aren’t careful you will be sucked into a digital world. This digital world doesn’t exist. It is one person’s perception versus another.

Remember Step 2. You stand for something.

If your message is related to politics or social issues, own it. However, if your message isn’t about that then avoid talking about it.

You won’t see me tweeting about the great dinner that I’m eating.

Instead, you’ll find tweets related to breaking the cycle, quitting your job, and getting your mind right.

People will only follow you as long as you stick to your script. Your key message is all that matters to them. Everything else is just noise.

Twitter is a great tool for you to promote yourself and network. On the same coin, it can also drain you of your time and energy.

Stay in your lane or get off of Twitter.

Step 5) Give it Time

You may go months without gaining any traction. That’s a part of the game. Keep offering value and give it time.

It isn’t your job to worry about gaining followers. Followers and engagement come after you’ve offered value.

Results only come when you focus on the process. Whether that be flipping couches or building your Twitter following, give it time.

Getting results is more about the thinking behind it than the actual result itself. Think and Go Hustle is the road-map to getting your mind right.

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