Everyone loves to have maxims to live by. They act as a guide in a world full of no meaning and chaos. Here are the 10 Maxims of the Young Hustler.

Before we begin get out something to take notes with. My personal favorite is a notebook and pen. Whatever you like works.

The important thing is that you take notes. From there you will be able to study and take action on what you’re about to learn.

Once you’re ready begin reading.

(1) Nobody Owes You Anything

From the time you’re born until the day that you die. Always remember that nobody owes you anything.

This is your life and you must decide what you do. From the type of work you do to the person you become, it’s on you.

Once you realize and accept this truth, you will begin living more honestly. You will have more self-awareness and make better decisions.

Your life will become an expression of who you truly are. Most people are nothing but the sum total of what society wants them to be.

As you begin living for yourself this maxim will make more sense. Prepare yourself. It will feel weird and probably wrong in the beginning.

You must keep putting in the work and using your will.

(2) Your Will is Your World

People go through life asking for permission. They pray that something external let its will be done. Their will is replaced with an ideal.

I am all for believing in a higher power. This is the foundation of true confidence.

Find a man that believes in something bigger than himself and you’ll see he is different. He takes pride in his actions.

Someone that believes in something higher has a strong will. This will is what allows them to bend reality.

The intentions that you set and concentrate on make your world. With every action, you take you’re forming the world with your will.

Understand the simplicity and power of your will. Figure out what you want, write it down, and concentrate your will.

This is the real way to get what you want. Most people lack the right tools and play someone else’s game.

It’s on you to get your own tools and create your game. Think and Go Hustle is the blueprint that I personally followed to get out of my job and play my own game.

(3) Speak Directly and Confidently

Look around your campus or city. People beat around the bush and don’t believe in what they’re saying.

As a Young Hustler, you speak directly and confidently. You know that through interacting with the world you’re able to have your way.

From ordering your coffee to asking for the sale, remember to be direct and expect the best.

As you gain more confidence in what you ask for, you will grow happier. You’ll know that you can get anything that you want.

How? By asking for it.

(4) Avoid The Media

Watching the news every day is like pulling your teeth out. You pop each tooth out one by one. You’re eventually left with no teeth and swollen gums.

When you give your attention to the media you get nothing in return. Your mind is filled with what if’s and negative energy.

This negative energy zaps you of your creative power. Your creative power is what allows you to live freely and find fulfillment.

As a Young Hustler, most of your attention needs to be on yourself. Most things outside of your direct environment play little influence over your reality.

I’m not sure who said this but, “Successful people don’t worry about what other people are doing”.

Think about it…

If someone is playing their own game, why would they watch what another player is doing? They wouldn’t and neither should you.

From building your side-hustles to living your own life, there is no time to worry about the actions of another player.

This goes for 99% of the people, places, and things in your life.

The 10 minutes you spent pondering what the real meaning behind X event is 10 minutes you could’ve given to your hustle.

(5) Study and Take Action

Maxim five complements Maxim four. When avoiding the media you must also avoid information overload.

It is great to study and learn new things. But you can very easily reach a point where you have too many ideas.

To combat this get a notebook. When you’re studying write down everything that stands out to you.

When you’re finished studying look over your notes. Find what ideas you can act on. File away the rest.

Immediately take action on the ideas that you can. This prevents you from experiencing information overload.

Ideas are great but taking action is greater.

(6) No Emotions In Business

People like to take action based on how they feel. In business and in life acting on emotion almost always will hurt you.

Remain calm and collected as you go about your day. When making a hard decision, look at it for what it is. Never look at it as you wish it were.

As a Young Hustler, you will likely experience dark times. It is during these times that you must keep your emotions in check.

Train yourself to make decisions based on your long-term vision. This will ensure that you stay in business and more importantly never settle for less than your best.

(7) Onto The Next One

Life is about movement. You’re either building yourself or you’re falling out of the game. Each action you take builds upon the next.

You aren’t just working out. You aren’t just making another sale. You are building your character and playing your own game.

As soon as you finish one project, go onto the next one. Flip one coach and then already have another one ready to sell.

As a Young Hustler, you’re always playing the game. Your momentum is what keeps you growing while other people are dying off.

(8) Money is The ULTIMATE Liberator

Your average worker spends the best years of his life (if not his entire life) working to pay his bills.

His days revolve around when he has to be at work and when he gets off.

If he needs to go to the doctor he has to get permission. If he wants to get off early to go to a concert, guess what? He needs permission.

This is most likely the case for you. You give your time in return for paper money. There is nothing wrong with this. Just remember there are other options.

Options like flipping furniture on Craigslist, Uber, or selling your services. Heck, you can even make money picking up trash! That’s what I did for 5-months.

Still, think a job is the only way?

Take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

10 Maxims of the Young Hustler

Click the image for 4 ways to make money without a job.

This is the average hourly rate. They don’t even touch the fact that most early twenty-year-olds are working for $10-15 per hour.

Save yourself from having to spend the best years of your life paying bills. Instead of working your life away start investing into yourself.

While you hold a day job, work on a side-hustle. When you are off of work give your time to developing your side-hustle.

This income can very easily become your main source of income. The key to liberating yourself is to make a living outside of a 9-5 job.

Once you liberate yourself financially, you will be able to pursue your interests and travel. Financial liberation is step one for all Young Hustlers.

(9) Focused Obsession

You’ve heard a hundred times about the importance of obsession. Obsession is what separates the player from the played.

Most people don’t understand what obsession actually is. They think if they just go all in on something it’ll eventually work out.

In some cases it does. But they are missing one key aspect. This key is what will give you what you want while others never seem to catch their break.

The missing key is focused obsession. Focused obsession is intentional while obsession is all over the place.

Obsession is VERY powerful when you’re intentional. To be intentional you need a script to follow. Not just any script, but your own script.

Once you have your script you will have a clear set of actions to take. You will finally fill that void within you that seeks a higher purpose.

While others are deciding what they will eat for lunch. You will already know where you’ll be in 6 months.

How can you create your own script?

We don’t have time to go into detail right now. Think and Go Hustle has an entire chapter with video’s dedicated to creating your own script.

(10) Be Proactive

Everything in life is your responsibility. Keeping that in mind means that you must actively take charge of your life.

A small shift is all that is needed for you to go from here to where you want to be. That shift is to stop waiting on things.

If your car needs an oil change, take care of it.

If your room is dirty, clean it up.

If your paper is low, start hustling.

Become a master by taking action when you’re comfortable.  Comfort is the bane of a Young Hustler’s existence.

Don’t let yourself get lazy and feel as if you’ve made it. To be honest you’ll never “make it”. What does that even mean?

You don’t understand the power that you have right now. With a simple shift in your thinking, you can have everything that you want.

Take small steps at first. Given enough time those steps will become bigger. Before you know it you will be the great one that you now dream of.

But it all starts with you getting your mind right. You won’t be able to get what you want effortlessly until you understand the thinking behind it.

It can take you years to figure everything out. That’s all a part of the game. It is through your trials and tribulations that you become stronger.

My book Think and Go Hustle has 3 years of my struggles condensed into 63-pages. I figured out what worked and then put it into a book.

Here is what people are saying about it…

Read the intro and first level. I almost cried.. the level of authenticity and the lessons you share in an easy to understand way are incredibly relatable. Can’t wait to get through the rest of the book this week. Continue to walk on water my friend. Really have something with this book. I mean it.


Always the best,

Dylan Madden


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  1. “(4) Avoid The Media”

    Glad you touched on this. It’s important to stay informed of the world around you, but it gets depressing and ruins your mood and attitude being plugged into negativity 24/7. Great post Dylan.

  2. Great post I love this.

    “3) Speak Directly and Confidently

    Look around your campus or city. People beat around the bush and don’t believe in what they’re saying.

    As a Young Hustler, you speak directly and confidently. You know that through interacting with the world you’re able to have your way.

    From ordering your coffee to asking for the sale, remember to be direct and expect the best.

    As you gain more confidence in what you ask for, you will grow happier. You’ll know that you can get anything that you want.

    How? By asking for it.”


  3. Off topic but thanks for ur side hustle book. Making money and I’m still in high school. Grabbing Think and Go Hustle now.

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