3 Lessons From George Soros on Bending Reality to Your Will

George Soros is hated by many and owns all of the rest. Here are 3 lessons that you can use to bend reality to your will.

In this life you are told to follow the rules and live life within a set reality. As you are now seeing, reality is bendable.

You have free will and can do what you want with your time on this planet. Whether you are religious or not does not matter.

What matters however is that you learn the fundamentals of this world and then use them to your advantage.

George Soros is a man that lives in a reality created by himself. He has multiple sides to his character.

One side is the exploiter and the other is the helper. Soros has made his money by exploiting the flaws in the general reality around him. He also warns other players on how to protect themselves against people like him.

In this video you get a glimpse into the character of Soros:

In his world everything is up for grabs and you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. While this may seem like a dark reality it is neither good or bad.

His world does matter to you. You can create your own reality and live in your own world. Take the lessons below and use them…

Life is a game and you are the player

We are all players in the game of life. From your banker to the homeless man on the side of the road.

Most people forfeit their free will in exchange for the “easy life”. They accept the roles that life gives to them.

Instead of following their own script, they take someone else’s. You are a player in this game. It is up to you to create your own position in this world.

By making your own position you run the risk of falling on your face. If you accept roles this system gives out you can live a decent life.

When I say decent I mean steady paycheck, TV dinners, and living it up. On the other hand if you strike out on your own you write your own way to the top or bottom.

You won’t have time for TV, the endless party, and you can say bye to a steady paycheck. The life of the self-made player is one of total self-belief and living what others would call a delusional life.

As an example right now I have friends over. They are in the living room talking about whatever it is that is happening in this world.

I am in a dark room writing an article. After I’m finished I will shift gears and work on my new service Sites Delight.

They all have jobs which is why they can have free time. That is not the case for me. I am living in my own reality playing my own game and you can do the same.

It all starts with realizing this whole world is a game and you are a player with free will. From there you just have to choose what role you want to play.

Perception and reality are flawed

There is your perception and then there is reality. Between that is where you can see what others don’t see and exploit it.

For me I saw web-design services that were ran by drag and drop designers. This has created an online world full of cookie-cutter websites.

I grew tired of nobody doing anything about it and stepped in. Instead of worrying about creating the software that I would need I partnered with someone who had what I needed.

He had what I needed and I had what he needed. In reality a business like Sites Delight would take lots of money to develop but I was able to do it for much less.

I took it a step further and offered an affiliate plan that will put money in people’s pockets. Instead of accepting the reality of $10 commissions now people can make $100 commissions.

In your life you will realize that your perception is often times much different from the reality of this world.

This is where you can transform your life. You can see where others fail and then exploit that flaw.

Realize that there really aren’t any social-consequences in this world. Yes you will get haters for exploiting a flaw but you will help many more people by offering something much better.

This is something that took me some time to accept. You want to be fair and help everyone out. Sadly though that isn’t always the case.

Heads must fall and you should make it your mission to protect your allies and yourself at all cost.

Work Less and make more money

Soros is hardly in his office and spends most of his time enjoying life. He recognized early on that to make a lot of money you shouldn’t work 80 hours a week.

Instead you should build a system and work on what you’re best at. In your life you can work less and make more money by doing this.

Don’t spend all day working on random things. Work on what will make you the most money. Work on what you’re best at and have a system that takes care of the rest.

You have to leave behind the employee mindset of working as much as you can for a bigger paycheck. When you are a true player of this game calling your own shots you have to think differently.

The Basics…

When I interned in California I realized how simple life really is. Once you learn the basics everything else just falls into place.

There is no need to try and live in the reality of the masses when you are wanting to create your own.

I will be releasing more lessons such as these. Leave a comment below and then tune in next time for some more…

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  1. George Soros is a Horror Monster of the Human Being Race Species of Power Greed !
    A Person must be Authentic and Genuine to his Race, his Culture, and His Religion. A Person must follow his Border of His Language. There is no OPEN SOCIETY , The Human Beings Races are Separated by Different Languages, and Different Religions. Different Languages make our Borders. George Soros is not Water, George Soros is not Oxygen Air, and George Soros is not your Life Span Years. George Soros is a Lost Demon Evil Being Identification of Severe and Extreme Greed of Ruthless Wealth Gain for Evil Power ! A person must Enjoy Life with their Acceptance of their Race, their Culture, their Religion. There are Borders for a Reason based on the Reality of Different Languages on Planet Earth. An OPEN Society is the Horror of Planet Earth. George Soros Identification is that He is the Master Warrior of Evil and Destruction of Planet Earth, Never Follow his Ways. His Reality will be your Eternal Doom of Pain, Torment, the Real Horror of Hell that will never End ! Be Happy and Enjoy Life with being Logical and Rational with your Comfortable Life . The Satan Lucifer Hustled in Celestial Heaven and Got Kicked out of Heaven by the Creator Celestial God and is on Earth as a Warrior Hustler in All Things to make the Planet Earth a Graveyard of Earth Human Beings is his Mission on Earth to DESTROY PLANET EARTH !

    • Maybe you can think of it in a different way… Yes, there is evidence that he has done evil things and may even be a really evil person.

      Have you ever wondered what brought his level of success with his evil intentions?

      That is the point.

      Imagine what good you (and others) can do by observing his process and systems. If it worked for him, it may very well work for you!

      Why do you think they call the mafia “organized crime?” Because they are ORGANIZED with systems and plug people into those systems.

      A Hammer is a tool it can be used to kill someone or to build a house.

      Don’t worry about stopping or fighting evil people. Everyone has an agenda. Make your own agenda and EXECUTE it!

  2. Read, Observe, Do the work, Do it daily and reality bends to your will. Then things start to fall in place like dominos. Most people won’t endure long enough to watch the dominos fall.

  3. Damn didn’t think I’d see an article on Soros! He seems legit and you proved a lot of points.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with what he has done but I do respect his hustle. Soros plays at a level few will ever reach.

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