If you’re an introvert then chances are you hate selling. You would rather clean up trash than sell to someone. In this article you will learn how to sell as an introvert and love it.

Let me guess you prefer to keep to yourself instead of mingling with other people. You may feel like something’s wrong with you, but you’re wrong.

Don’t allow yourself to ever think something’s wrong with you again. That thought will hold you back and keep you from what you want in this life.

From this point on you will only focus on what you want. You will have Godlike Confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Like you I am naturally an introvert but by using this “technique” I turned being an introvert into a superpower for myself.

You will use this “technique” to put money in your pocket and enjoy the social life that you’ve been wanting for years. No more playing small in your life. From here on out you are playing big because nobody will give you what you want.

It is up to you to train yourself, get opportunities, and make things happen. It doesn’t matter what books you read. If you don’t do anything then you’re wasting your life and just procrastinating.

The only difference between the two of us is that I choose to make content and make moves. Other than that you and I are the same. Consume my content but then go out there and make shit happen for yourself.

God himself can’t give you what you want without you taking action. You pray to him to answer your prayers yet you keep living the same life.

This is another chance for you to change your life. In this moment you can walk away a different person. You can learn how to sell as an introvert and then live in your own light.

Below is a video and article I created for you. Study both them and then use the concept on your next interaction whether it is with a client or not.

My idea about selling is that if you go in trying to sell someone then you are going to fail. We have too many negative ideas associated with sales.

If you think about selling to someone then your mind will think about techniques and how you can manipulate the conversation in your favor.

That is unnecessary and is the reason you haven’t sold anything. When you worry about all of those techniques you make yourself overthink.

When you overthink you lose. Worrying about all of the extra stuff holds you back in other areas of your life as well.

From here on out you are going to throw all of those techniques out the window. They are keeping you confused, broke, and lonely.

How to Sell As an Introvert:

When you go to sell someone here is what you will do. Look at them as your friend and not as a potential client. Get yourself into the state that you would be in when talking to a friend about an idea of yours.

You wouldn’t get nervous when telling a friend about an idea would you?

Now instead of overthinking everything you have a clear strategy. You are talking to a friend about your product/service and your body language will instantly make them feel great about you.

Imagine all of the people who try to sell to them and fail. They are used to hearing about why XYZ is the best and they are sick of it. If you play the game how everyone else does then they will be sick of you as well.

They want an introvert like you to come in and paint the vision for them. Smile and treat them like a friend and I can guarantee you will start getting sales and clients.

Not only will you start making sales but your life will be better. This concept  is the foundation of building a relationship with anyone you want.

I already see your life finally changing for you. The reason I see your life changing is because you are waking up to the truth. You are realizing everyday that it is you and not someone else that has the power to change everything.

Your president, preacher, or favorite author can’t change anything for you. It is up to you to learn what you need to know and then to take action.

Everything works in this world. It all comes down to how you use it. From this point on you will learn and then execute.

Use what you learned in this article with the next interaction you have. Whether it is a client or not doesn’t matter. This is how you make things happen in life. You simply do it and then repeat.

Tune in next time for some more…

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