My morning routine isn’t the greatest thing out and anyone who makes that claim is a fraud. Use my morning routine as a framework for your own routine.

I switch my routine when I find it isn’t working for me anymore. Try different things and once you find what works use it until it no longer serves you.

My Morning Routine:
  • Wake Up
  • Check For Any Important Emails
  • Prayer/Affirmations
  • Workout/Breakfast/Shower
  • Study
  • Work

Wake Up-

Last year I went on 4 hours of sleep per day. Now I get 5-8 hours of sleep. My rule of thumb is anytime before 10 am.

On a normal day, I wake up between six to nine am. The reason I do this is to take care of my mind and body.

To be honest I am going to be getting back on an exact time soon because it really does help with making my day great. When I wake up at an exact time early in the morning I get more done.

That could just be my bias due to everything I’ve read but I really do feel much better when I get up early.

I hate sleeping 8 hours as I feel like that is too much sleep for me.  My mind feels much better on 4-6 hours of sleep.

Check For Important Emails-

Each morning I check for any important emails from Sites Delight customers and Partners. I don’t check my email account for Calm and Collected in the morning because most emails aren’t pressing issues for the day.


Most mornings I set aside 5-15 minutes for prayer. As for affirmations I get in front of the mirror and stare deeply into my eyes. From there I say a few affirmations that get me into my desired state.

There are mornings when I have a busy workload and skip my praying period. I’ll give up thanks and bless the day ahead of me and then get to work.

Doing prayers and affirmations gets my mind in a great state for the day. I don’t see prayer/affirmations as something crucial for “success” but I do think it aids me in my day to day operations.


At this point my mind is awake and ready for what needs to be accomplished that day. Now it’s time to wake up my body.

For this I do a quick 15-30 minute workout. I started doing this when I interned with Victor in California. Instead of tiring out your body you energize it.

You do quick workouts with a nice walk. Luckily for me I live in the forest so I get to walk through the woods and get fresh air.

After my workout I eat breakfast. Some mornings I will fast until after three o’clock but most days I will drink a protein shake. For me I like to eat 3 eggs and drink a scoop of protein powder in water.

If you want a good protein that tastes great in water then get Red Supplements protein. I’ve tried all of the flavors and my favorite is by far the Red Supplements Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor.

Once I’ve got my breakfast taken care of I get a shower. There’s nothing better than waking up your mind/body and then getting a shower in the morning.

While I’m in the shower I listen to a podcast or crank up some music. The three podcasts that I listen to are:

  1. Bold and Determined
  2. MFCEO
  3. Mike Cernovich Podcast

As for music I usually listen to the same songs during the morning.  I crank it up loud and dance along to get my energy up.

Here are some of the songs that I listen to:


Like with prayer/affirmation I will sometimes skip study if I have large workload. Study and prayer are things that get me into the right state of mind.

Of course I learn things when I study but my main focus is on results. I used to think that studying was taking action and guess what?

It didn’t get me anywhere. All it did was make me feel like I was making moves in my life but that was all just a delusion.

Don’t get me wrong though I do believe that studying is crucial in achieving whatever you want in life. Just remember that studying isn’t taking action and you will be good.

For studying I lock myself away from any form of distraction. I light a candle next to me and read books such as New World Ronin, The Motivation Manifesto, or whatever catches my eyes.

While I’m reading I take notes on what stands out to me. I put the notes in my own words and not in theirs. By doing this I store it in my brain better.

Also doing this allows me to fully understand what I’m reading. If you just read a book you aren’t going to grasp the full concept as you’ll forget most of what you read minutes later.

My study times vary depending on the day. Some days I may study for an hour or other days I may only study for 10 minutes.

But I do not limit myself to just studying other people. Often I learn much more from studying my own self.

We already know much more than we give ourselves credit for. The issue is that we usually don’t become aware of it until we study other people.


By the time I begin working I have woken my body/mind up and am in a great state of mind. Now it is time to give my all to the day ahead of me.

Work for me varies from making videos, writing, to client work. Videos and articles bring more traffic to Calm and Collected and sites I’m associated with.

This of course turns into more influence and money. All in all though neither of these two activities generate a living for me.

So far in my career I haven’t released a product so any income generated is affiliate income or by informing people about the service I co-founded.

Outside of that I make my living from my offline activities. I still do Craigslist from time to time but primarily focus on offering Sites Delight to local businesses.

As I said this isn’t the “only” morning routine to being successful. I am changing certain aspects of my routine such as my sleep schedule as we speak.

You now have a framework of a morning routine to build your own. Your morning routine sets the tone for your day.

Get your morning routine together and then follow it for the next 4 days. You will see how great you feel when you follow your own schedule.

If you are someone who loves challenges like me then give 30 Days of Discipline a try. You can read my article about it here.

Tune in next time for some more…

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  1. Haven’t commented in a little been busy on something I learned. Interesting to see you say that you wake up later. Most act like they wake up early everyday. How are you doing anything new?

    • Learn and then execute. I’m always doing great. As for new things I am working on a new site, growing Sites Delight, and making moves.