How to Realistically Make $200 Per Week

Instead of giving you some elaborate plan I am going to tell you how you can realistically make $200 per week.

The foundation of this article is for you to make $200 per week. From there you can make as much extra as you want. Depending on how much effort and how much you use your mind will determine how much you make.

After you understand the basics of this article you can take it and apply it to other ventures. Before you know it you will have a business or two that gives you enough money to not worry about a job.

I am also writing this article to build my new service Sites Delight.  It will take a team of people to scale SD to where I see it in my head.

I’m not arrogant enough to think that just Alex and I can take SD to the height that I want to without help.

In it’s current form it is a custom website service with features such as hosting, free SSL, and a all in one theme called Marketers Delight.

I want Sites Delight to be a platform where bloggers and influencers can come to focus on what is important to them while SD takes care of the rest.

To do so requires people like you step up to lead the way. Of course to lead the way in anything you need to have your financial situation in a stable place.

Once you are making $200 per week you will be able to dedicate more time to building your brand, living your life, and hopefully being a part of our team.

I’ve touched on having a service based business in a past article called 4 Ways to Make Money as a Young Hustler.

Depending on how much interest people show in having a service based business, I will write another article that goes into more detail.

There really isn’t much to it. You simply have a skill that other businesses need and then sell that skill to them. In other words you have a solution that they need and that they will pay you for.

You find local businesses in your area that need web-design work or other services related to what Sites Delight offers.

You then contact these businesses and get them on our Business package. That alone will put $200 in your pocket from just one sale. My advice to you though is to be more than just the middle man.

You could start your own social-media consultancy, copywriting service, or any service based business you can think of. While you are building your own service you will have a reputable web-design company to refer people to.

Not only that but if we ever need someone with your skills then we will know where to find you. Sites Delight needs people such as yourself to refer our customers to as well as for our own use.

If you have your own service or are planning on doing so then I recommend this model for you. SD will give top-notch service to your clients and then you get a cut of the money.

Send me an email after you’ve joined the Partner program. Click here to join the Partner program.

Another way to start making $200 per week is through the time-tested way of affiliate marketing. You join our Partner program, you promote our service, and then you get paid when someone buys through your link.

As of now anyone can join the Partner program but if I sense low quality people coming into our program then I will become picky.  I only want people with integrity on our Partner program.

If you do anything that is spammy just to make some money I will find you and sever our relationship permanently.

For the time being there is no application process. You simply signup and are approved. Once our Partner program gets too big which will happen as our commissions are so high, I will close the doors.

If you are a Partner and I close the doors then you are safe. It will only affect people who are late to the game.

To be honest I really prefer to have people who already have some kind of platform to promote Sites Delight. I’m not against you starting a blog or YouTube channel to promote SD but just remember what I said about integrity.

We payout on the first of every month. If you hustle and stack up referrals you can realistically have $800 in your PayPal this coming month. By referring 1 to 2 people every week you will make $200.

This is an opportunity to put some money in your pocket while helping build Sites Delight. From here it is on you to decide whether you can put in the effort to make an extra $200 per week from this or not.

Tune in next time for some more…

REAL DEALIN’ With The Real Dylan

Are You Up For This $200/week Challenge?

If so then join the Sites Delight Partner program here.

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