4 Reasons You Need To Travel – How Travelling Can Change Your Life

Today I am excited to discuss why you absolutely need to travel regardless of your age, gender or current situation.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Alex and I am the founder of Fix My Broken Mind.

My blog revolves around overcoming anxiety and depression without the use of medication.  I aim to help people take back the happy and successful lives we all deserve.

That’s enough about me for now.  More importantly we have to discuss the important topic of…

Why You Need To Travel

Today I am bold enough to write for an audience I am only beginning to get know with the grand promise that travelling can change your life.

My own travels have literally changed my view of the world.  I have seen everything from poverty and scarcity to landscapes so beautiful their existence is hard to believe.

Travelling has provided me with gratitude for the things I have and additionally opened my eyes to the things that only burden me.

Through travelling I have “found myself” and essentially realized what my heart longs for in life.

There truly is no other experience like it and from the bottom of my heart I hope everyone finds their own need to travel.

For those of you who currently do not feel the need to travel, I am going to provide four reasons that may change your mind.

Reason #1 – Travelling Provides New Friendships In Abundance

Perhaps my favorite element of travel and the component that makes it so addicting is the ability to make quality friendships at an astonishing rate.

If you suffer from social anxiety, travelling is very likely the easiest way to improve your social skills.

Every single day you are meeting new people from around the world.  If that isn’t amazing enough, you immediately have common interests…Travel!

Conversations flow more naturally than a river.  Whether you are chatting about hometowns, previous experiences or future plans, it is almost impossible to avoid making friends daily.

Soon enough, you are having awesome adventures with new people.  Through these adventures you create awesome memories and strong bonds are forged almost immediately.

I have friends who I spent only a week with and yet over a year later we still keep in touch.

There were people I was upset to say goodbye to after only knowing them for three or four days!

And of course there are the special people I spent a month or more with.  I simply cannot wait till we can reunite and reminisce.

One day I will give them the tour of my country and they shall do the same.

The possibilities are endless and thinking of them always puts an immediate smile on my face.

On another note, for guys looking to improve their skills with the ladies, travelling is like swimming in the shallow end…with water-wings.

Bring these skills home with you, pair them with some Red Monkey and your social skills will have evolved tremendously.

4 reasons you need to travel

For those of you beginning your journey as an entrepreneur, building networks while abroad is almost as easy as making friends.

Countless people starting their businesses have the same idea of living somewhere cheap where they can relax and focus.

When you are beginning a business you need connections in order to grow which leaves you swimming in a pond of opportunity.

You can likely make as many face to face business connections in one month living in Thailand as you would in 6 months living in your hometown.

Reason #2 – Opening Your Eyes To The Myth Of Materialism

I have always lived with the idea that memories are greater than materials, especially in the realm of well being.

Travelling reinforced this idea dramatically.

It has been roughly one year since I returned home from my most recent vacation in Mexico and I still think about it daily.

A trip to Thailand three years ago still has the ability to make me smile on command.

My brand new television however (equal to one months living expense in Mexico), does absolutely nothing to cheer me up even one month after its purchase.

Additionally, the price of my laptop could pay for a day of diving in Mexico, zip-lining through the jungle, countless authentic dinners and nights out with new friends.

At the end of the day I would still have cash in my pocket.

No need to explain what I could do for the price of a half decent new car. However, I promise it would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than driving me to work everyday.

The memories I have made in the few trips I have taken have been extraordinary.  I am restless to see what else the future holds.

If travelling is something that excites you, consider selling all of the unnecessary junk you have lying around.

The experiences you will receive in exchange will change your life.

You need to travel, yet you do not need to waste your life watching mindless television.

Minimalism In Traveling

While travelling you are forced to learn how to live minimalistic in record time.  After all, every single one of your belongings has to fit into a single backpack.

For me, that meant everything I would need for the next two months had to fit in a space 25%  the size of my dresser.

It does not take long to realize the things in your life that are unnecessary.  Not once did I miss television, my new shoes or my over-priced apartment in the two months I was in Mexico.

One pair of shoes, a small wardrobe, good friends and rewarding experiences were all I needed in life.

Realizing these things dramatically improves your ability to save for the future.

Instead of wasting my money on useless commodities, I eliminated all of my debt and began saving for my next trip.

I find living this way provides me much less stress and constantly has me excited for something new!

4 reasons you need to travel

Reason #3 – Travel Will Teach You Abundance

If you live in a world of scarcity you need to travel.

I haven’t walked a day in your shoes and therefore I am not here to judge the things you let yourself get down on.

Personally, I have a strong background dealing with depression and self pity which left me stuck in a scarcity mindset for years.

I would allow minor setbacks in my life to ruin my mindset and crush my chances at success.

I would look at the people around me and on social media and I would experience envy at what they had and the things I lacked.

While travelling less fortunate countries such as Thailand and Mexico, I quickly realized how abundant my life looked both inside and out.

Admittedly 50% of my friends back home were ahead of me in life, but without lifting a finger, I already have more to my name than many people in Thailand or Mexico will acquire in their lifetime.

As people in first world nations, we have welcoming homes and warm beds, endless food and water, safety, medical care and, arguably most importantly, we have freedom to carve out our chosen life path and dreams.

The support of our families is not on the line everyday, depending on if we come home with enough income to provide.

We are not bound to carry on the family farm in the smoldering heat of Thailand working 14 hours a day for pennies on the dollar.

You and I are blessed with the gift of opportunity.

The days where you and I have to do work that doesn’t make us wake up with enthusiasm don’t exist.

If you don’t believe me, check out Dylan’s article 3 Ways My Life Has Changed Since Charging Into the Unknown.  I have a feeling he may be able to convince you of this little known truth.

In the first world you can forge your path and if you don’t make it rock solid you are wasting the greatest gift of all.  A gift many people literally die for.

That gift my friends is freedom.

Reason #4 – Travelling Manifests Desire For Success

What if I told you that you could live anywhere your heart desires?

Luckily for you, we live in a day and age where that is possible.

Perhaps you want a fresh start or your home town just doesn’t feel like somewhere you want to spend the rest of your life.

If that is the case, you need to travel and realize the endless opportunities the world is offering you!

In 2017 you can live in an apartment on Copacabana Beach, in the countryside of Northern France or in the heart of Asia.

You can experience ethnic cultures and live the experiences of more than 10 average men.

With hard work you can one day be the grandfather everyone wants to listen to, sitting on your rocking chair with no regrets.

Travelling can instill the desire for a better life and open your eyes to the fact that your dreams are at your fingertips.

My first trip to Thailand changed my life.

When I was younger and dealing with depression I didn’t see much reward in the life I was living.

The thought of working hard so I could save for a house years down the road and continue doing the same thing until I retired was mind numbing.

When I finally left my job and began backpacking Thailand in 2014, it felt as though my brain was on drugs for the entire two month trip.

I was dumbfounded at what life could look like and seeing others who were living this life for years at a time struck a fire in my soul.

It was then and there that I promised myself I would be the hardest working individual on the planet until I could make traveling a lifestyle.

Moving forward I had a purpose to work, I had a purpose to get out of bed.  Work was no longer work, everyday I saw my dream getting closer.

It would not be a proper Calm and Collected post if you weren’t motivated to seize life on your terms.

For this reason I tell you one more time… You need to travel!

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  1. Great article man! Definitely inspired me to go travelling and expand my view for myself!

  2. This is a great story and very usefull information! Very inspiring, thank you alex for sharing your story with me. I definitely need to travel now

  3. Wow that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing with us I’m totally inspired about your story. Yes you are damn right we should travel often. By the way thank you very much for your story what you wrote for us. Keep going on man. Hope you gonna write more new things thanks..

  4. Great writing, as a traveller myself you’ve made this really relatable. Coming from a small town in Australia, it really has opened my eyes up to the world. You get to meet some amazing people too.

    • Thanks Jacob! Sounds like you’ve been lucky enough to travel and have some awesome experiences.

      The world’s a big place!

  5. I love this post as it says so much about the importance of broadening your horizons.

    There are lots of articles that cover the importance of changing limiting beliefs, but very little address how one of the most powerful ways of doing this is through traveling.

    Great read and very informative.

    • Hey Ethan thanks for the kind words. I am glad you understand the power of traveling yourself. It truly is eye opening on a level hard to achieve elsewhere.

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