If you’re a coffee lover like I am then you are always looking to find ways to make your coffee taste great. In this article I am going to show you the Presto Percolator. It has been a game changer for me when brewing my coffee.

Back in the day I used your average coffee maker. I would put my coffee grounds in the filter, pour water into the reservoir, and then wait as my coffee brewed.

I stuck with this for years without any issues. Then one day as I was at one of my favorite coffee shops I was introduced to something called the percolator.

At first I was a little turned off as I had never drank coffee from it before. I knew how I liked my coffee and I didn’t want anyone messing with it.

The barista ensured me that I would like it. After 3 minutes she gave me my cup of Arabica coffee.

As I sat down to sip on my coffee while I wrote a article I couldn’t believe the taste. All of these years I thought that a normal coffee maker did the trick.

The taste was much smoother and cleaner. I asked her if she had done anything else to the coffee because it tasted so much better.

To my surprise she told me she had only used the percolator.

Months passed and then as I was visiting a friends house I noticed he had a Presto Percolator on his counter.

I asked him a few questions about it and decided I might as well buy one. The first Presto Percolator I bought was the 6-cup stainless steel percolator.

That cost me $31 and I was happy with it. Then after having some friends over I decided to upgrade to the 12-cup percolator as it’s only around $6 more.

Now it has been 5 months an I’m still using my percolator for my daily cup of coffee. Something that I really like about my Presto Percolator is that it is fast, simple, and easy to clean.


To setup your Presto Percolator you just pour however much water you want into the percolator, put your coffee into the metal filter, and then plug it up.

Shortly after you plug it in you will hear it begin heating up. At first you it will sound like somethings wrong but just go about what you’re doing.

You can tell when your coffee is ready by the white light above the word Presto. When your coffee is ready that light will turn orange.


You simply pour how much water you want into the percolator, put two to four teaspoons of coffee grounds into the metal filter, and then plug it in.

I really like how it isn’t overly complicated with all of the digital options. Instead you pour how much water you want and then plug it up.

To measure the water I usually just use my coffee cup but you can also use the measurements inside of the percolator

Easy to Clean-

For clean up all you have to do is wash the different pieces in hot soapy water. During the week I just run hot water over everything and then I give it a good clean on the weekends.

Don’t worry about buying paper filters as the metal filter that comes with it is all that you need.

You can select your percolator below:

Tune in next time for some more…

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  1. I need to test this out when I leave Colombia. Juan Valdez has me set here, but other countries don’t have as good of coffee. I plan to test out the Presto soon.

  2. I’ve been using a percolator for a few months now and I have to say it is some of the purest brewed coffee I’ve ever had. I still have my slow drip on stand by, but I prefer the percolator 9 times out of 10! Smoothness guaranteed

  3. Interesting I never actually heard of a percolator before. I’ve been using a brewer with a digital display and all that jazz for a while now but it can’t even live up to the smoothness of fast food stuff. Nice find Dylan.

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