My Favorite Coffee And Why You Should Drink Red Coffee

red coffee

Everyday as I get ready for my day of productivity I enjoy sipping on a cup of coffee. Recently I found out that Victor started a supplement company and had a product called Red Coffee. I purchased it immediately so that I could see if it lived up to my expectations of coffee.

The Low On Red Coffee

Chris from GLL recently put out a product called Red Coffee which is packaged by Red Supplements LLC.

Red Coffee is a Peruvian Arabica medium roast. 

Something that you will love about Red Coffee is that it is completely organic which means that you don’t have worry about any pesticides or artificial fertilizers being in your coffee.

Red Coffee is grown 4,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level in Northwestern Peru. If you look at Red Supplements website you can see that it is grown on a family owned farm.

Peruvian Arabica coffee is considered by many to be the best tasting coffee. It is known for its many benefits to not only mental performance but also directly improving your overall health.

Opening My Bag Of Red Coffee

red coffee


Before I removed it from the shipping package I could smell the aroma seeping out. I could hardly wait.

As I took my bag of Red Coffee out I was a little too excited. In my excitement I tore the bag down the middle. 

I peaked into the bag to reveal its contents. The coffee had been grounded and placed into a vacuum sealed bag to assure freshness.

red coffee

To brew it I put the Red Coffee into a K-Cup as I brew my coffee with a Keurig machine (AMZ).

I love to use this machine as I can have a nice cup of coffee within 2 minutes or even less if it was already on. You still get the same quality as you would with a normal coffee maker.

The only let down is it only makes one cup of coffee. 

Taking My first Sip

When my coffee was done pouring I took my cup and at last took my first sip. The smell was strong and as I drank it I could taste the freshness that comes with Peruvian Arabica coffee.

I ended up doing a few chores around the house and then finally went to the Lions Den so that I could sit down and respond to several important emails.

The overall taste is very flavorful and as it’s a medium roast it isn’t too strong. Red Coffee is a perfect blend for anyone who wants to drink coffee without having to add sugar or any dairy products.

(Fun Fact: When trying to shed a few pounds as I am right now, black coffee is a great addition to your daily routine. It is a natural thermogenic and when drank black it doesn’t have any carbs.)

My Opinion On Red Coffee

It tastes great and is sold at a great price. After I paid for shipping and any taxes it only cost $14.94 for an 8 oz. bag of Red Coffee.

Take a look at my receipt: 

red coffee


If you are looking for a coffee that is healthy, tastes amazing, and can be shipped straight to your house then look no further. Red Coffee is my new favorite coffee and I will be placing another order before my bag runs out.

Enjoy this video review as well:


Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I am a Nigerian and an admirer of red coffee. It has helped me in so many ways, few among others, I enjoy the flavour, it helps my mood, it is medicinal. Thanks.

  2. I want red coffee and l don’t know how to get it.l stay in zimbabwe and l don’t know how l can get it. I have the us $. In fact if you have got coffee for body cleansing and improved sexual libido, please give me the details and how l can obtain it

  3. Either you are clueless how to review a food/drink product or this red thing just tastes like Nescafe instant coffee

  4. If someone has a voice they can write. Do you write or do anything worthwhile other than putting your worthless opinion in comment sections?

    In regards to Victor, he seems to be more successful than you so I would assume he is doing something better than yourself.

    Thanks for the comment Ryan you made my day. I will have something to laugh about as I drink some Red Coffee.

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