This article is for the Young Man who aspires to be Great. If you seek to be Average then go somewhere else. But if you are up to the challenge then continue reading.

For anyone who reads this website regularly, you know that I am someone who is addicted to progress. I get bored easily unless I am constantly growing. I am writing this review with more in mind than just selling you on 30 Days of Discipline.

Yes, I will get a commission when you buy 30 Days of Discipline, but I am not doing it for the money. If I want money I have plenty of other ways to make more for myself. I am writing this review to show you one guaranteed way to put yourself on the path of Greatness.

Why Every Young Man Needs 30 Days of Discipline

Let’s be honest as a Young Man you get distracted easily. There are so many things going on in your day to day life that it can overstimulate you. Every Young Man reaches a point in his life where he realizes his future is what he makes of it.

The problem that you will run into is that it isn’t always clear on what path you should take. I’ve been there and believe me I know it sucks. Mainstream sources are a complete waste of time. They give you the generic plan (Average Plan).

Good Education + Good Job With Benefits + 50-60 Years = Retire “Happy”

Of course, you know that isn’t really how the world works anymore. Don’t get me wrong it does work for some people. But for someone like you, you need something more than that.

You want to enjoy Freedom and live a life of choice. To have Women (or a Woman), Money, and Freedom. All of those things are achievable for the Man who believes in himself and Takes Action.

Before we continue with this article let me get you to do something. Imagine yourself living the life that you truly want. Block what society tells you is achievable out of your mind.

It is just you and this article. Society means nothing here. What they say is right and wrong is meaningless.

Imagine yourself with the girls of your choice, plenty of cash in your pocket, and a life that people envy you for. From this point on that is who you are while reading this article.

Now let’s begin…

What 30 Days of Discipline Is Really About

30 Days of Discipline was created by a man named Victor Pride. He runs a website called Bold And Determined. To say the least, he lives a life that most men only dream of.

Victor Pride was able to achieve these results by doing what most wouldn’t. For 5 years it was nothing but him, the gym, and his business. Some could call him crazy, but I call him dedicated.

Now he has enough money to never have to work again. He spends his days doing whatever he wants and enjoying the fruits of his labor. Sadly you will likely not achieve that because of one thing.

You lack Discipline.

Having Discipline can make you or break you. If you have it nothing is impossible for you. If you don’t have it, you will have to settle for the scraps of life. As with everything it is up to you.

What 30 Days of Discipline offers is a way to build Discipline from the ground up. Instead of just making you feel good, 30 Days of Discipline tells you how it is. For 30 days you have to follow each task that Victor Pride gives you.

At the end of that 30 days you can decide 3 things:

  • Continue Following 30 Days of Discipline
  • Tweak 30 Days of Discipline And Continue Crushing It
  • Give Up And Go Back To Your Average Life

You will decide which 3 options best fit you. I can tell you that if you continue following the program that you will see great things happen. 30 Days of Discipline is a powerful tool for a Young Man seeking Greatness.

Why 30 Days of Discipline Works While Other Programs Fail

Without wasting much time I can look you in the eyes and tell you 30 Days of Discipline works because it is based on results. If you want to waste your money then go and buy another program that makes you feel good. But if you are smart you will buy this program and accept that you will have to put in the work.

30 Days of Discipline doesn’t pat you on the head and tell you just try tomorrow. Instead it takes you to your breaking point. Your mind will tell you to stop, but you won’t. You will keep pushing because you know that you will only accept the best.

Every other program fails because they are made by people who just want money. Victor Pride found something that changed his life and helped him become a Man of Greatness.

So instead of keeping it to himself, he made a program that has helped thousands of guys around the world.

30 days of discipline

Guys like me who was over 240 lbs with no purpose.

I’d go from one thing to the next. My will was weak and I could never seem to get things right.

It wasn’t until I started building discipline into my life that things started to change.

If I was able to change my life then I know that you can as well.

Don’t give yourself any more excuses.

How 30 Days of Discipline Will Change Your Life And Make You Great

From day one of 30 Days of Discipline, you will be forced to push through each obstacle. You will push your body and mind past limits that you once thought were impossible. Not only will you improve your mind and body, but you will start seeing success in your life.

You will find that you become a Magnet for success and results. Everything in life will become easier as you know that nothing can stand in your way. You will conquer your mind and body.

Here is what you will experience (I know because I experienced these):

  •  Strength Increase
  • Major Confidence Boost
  • Increased Energy
  • More Money
  • You Will Feel Unstoppable
  • Better In Bed
  • Your Style Will Improve

By week 2 or 3 you will feel like a completely different Man. Not only will you notice a change but the people around you will notice something is different. From getting more looks from the girls to getting more respect from other Men, your life will improve 110%.

Final Thought On 30 Days of Discipline

I am going to be completely honest with you. 30 Days of Discipline isn’t for everyone. While the cost is considerably lower than other programs, it is made for the Man who seeks results.

If you want to change your life and become who you imagined earlier then you will need to Take Action. Only you can put yourself into that position. Use tools such as 30 Days of Discipline to get there.

Invest in yourself and then actually do something. This time I want you to actually go all in. You have spent too much time just half doing things in your life. It is time for you to become who you want to be.

Change Your Life And Follow Through.

Start 30 Days of Discipline Here.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. 30 days of discipline is an absolute classic. Every young hustler should read and apply the advice at least once in his life. Great review, btw. If I didn’t already have a copy, I would now hah

  2. Bought 30 Days of Discipline from your original review. After reading this I want to buy it again!!

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