Is your Dream Life worth giving up some potential gain for what you truly want?

In this world you must give some to get some. That sounds like a harsh reality, but trust me it isn’t. I have given much yet gained much more.

Before I get into the technical stuff let me show you examples from my life. Stay around until the end and you will understand what you want.

I must warn you.

To truly get what you want in life you will have days where you want to give up. You will be haunted by the Demons of Doubt and Anxiety. Only the strong survive in this world.

I’ve Given Up Love, Friendship, Pleasure, and Money…

At this point my life is different than most. While other young guys are going out chasing girls and partying, I’m in my room writing to you.

Does this make me special?

No not really. Just because this is the life that I have chosen doesn’t mean it is right for you. With everything I create I am letting you get some of my experience and see what I’m going through.

Every word you read comes from my Soul. Every video you watch is what is going on in my head at that current time. Everyday I wake up brings something new. Some days my main focus is on making money. Other days I am focused on having a sit down with God so that I can gain wisdom.

My life is far from boring. Every single day is an Adventure. I push myself daily to become the best that I can so that I can help you become your best. To say that I am obsessed with following my own path is an understatement. Without following my Vision I would go crazy. My mind would be consumed with the Demons of this world.

What separates me from most people is I accept no Master. It is God and me. No man can hold himself over me. It has always been God and I.

The only thing that exists is my Vision. The “Right” thing to do is not a possibility. Anyone who cannot accept this about me is eliminated from my presence. In my younger years I had many friends. As I learned myself I felt more and more disconnected with the rest of the kids.

I just didn’t think like they did.

This made me lonely at times. At this current time there are only three guys that I trust with my life. They have proven their loyalty to me time after time. Out of those three guys there is one who I hold above the others.

He has been with me in my darkest days. This guy has also been my biggest supporter when everyone else laughed. This lifestyle can be tough for those who can’t handle it. You must always be focused and working. The second that you slow down is the second that you get brought to Hell.

If you go after your Vision and seek Freedom you will always be running. You will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor once you’ve earned that right. But even then you must still keep the momentum going or else you will have to start over.

Are You Strong Enough To Fight Demons And Their Agents?

As you can see you will have to put up with Heartbreak, Loneliness, and Doubt. If this scares you that is fine. That tells you that you need to go in the direction that gives you the strongest feeling.

It will be hard in the beginning. You will want to give up. But that is where you can grow in every way.

If you continue to fight the Demons and their Agents you will become an who you want to become. You will realize they only ever existed in your own mind. This my friend, is the tool you have full control over.

That is why you must Believe in Yourself and always be Taking Action. These are your two strongest weapons against them. Belief has enormous power. By Taking Action you will not have time to even listen to your self-created problems.

Utilize these two weapons as much as you can. They are powerful and have given many people great things. I’m talking about much more than rings and other material things. I’m talking about a life of their dreams.

How To Deal With The Loneliness of Heartbreak, and Loss

Dealing with the loneliness of heartbreak and loss isn’t pleasant. It can make you Doubt yourself. If you aren’t careful it can cause you to become someone you aren’t.

You would be amazed at what you will do for someone who means a lot to you. Believe I know this very well. In the past I would allow myself to become less so that I could make other people stay in my life.

I’m not telling you that so that you feel sorry for me. I am telling you that so that you can see that I’ve been where you are and have hit new heights. With every low there are many more highs.

While I can’t help you personally get through your heartbreaks, I can show you what has helped me. This is your life and it is for you to make your own decisions. Look at me as your close friend.

The best way to deal with heartbreak that I’ve found is to keep moving. I know you want something more, but that is the only thing that has worked for me. I’ve tried other things.

In the past I would try to smoke Weed to help deal with reality. I would try to watch Porn or get lost in Video Games. All of those did nothing but leave me feeling empty.

You know exactly what I am talking about. It’s okay if you don’t want to admit it to me, but at least admit it to yourself. Let me show you how you can help yourself.

I deal with dark emotions by doing several things:

  1. I accept that I am feeling the emotions
  2. Depending on the situation I try to fix it without compromising on what I believe
  3. I focus these emotions on improving my life

I Accept that I am feeling the emotions-

By accepting that I am feeling a certain way allows me to figure out exactly what is causing those feelings. Is it really because X happened or just because of the ideas you’ve attatched to something?

The next time you have to deal with dark emotions just accept it. Get down to the exact reason you are feeling a certain way. By becoming aware of the reason you will be able to better control your emotions.

I Try To Fix It Without Compromising On What I Believe-

When dealing with loss or dark emotions you will naturally try to fix it. You must be careful with this though. If you aren’t careful you will just put a bandage on the issue. Even worse you may attempt to become someone that you aren’t.

Depending on the situation you should try to fix it. Use your own mind to decide what and who are worth keeping or just throwing into the trash.

I Focus These Emotions On Improving My Life-

When you are dealing with heartbreak or anything significant you will have a lot of chaotic emotions flowing through you. These emotions can either destroy you or you can use them to take yourself to new heights.

When you are in this chaotic state you have access to Raw emotions that usually aren’t there. I have found that when I feel this way I can actually use those emotions for my benefit.

Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself you can use these emotions to get your life together. Use this energy to make money, upgrade your style, or get anything you want.

Is The Opportunity Cost of Your Dream Life Worth It?

It isn’t my place to answer that question for you. The truth is that you already know the answer. You have always known the answer.

This is your life and you only have a short time on Earth. At this current time you are the youngest you will ever be. Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.

You have heard that everyone has the same 24 hours and it is true. The only thing that separates you from your Idol is what they do with their time and what you do. Think about that the next time you consider doing something that isn’t going to get you closer to your Dream Life.

At this current time I have never been happier. Everyday that I wake up brings another day to live the life of my dreams. This isn’t random. I have chosen this life. So can you brother.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I haven’t told many people about starting blogging because they’ll likely ask what the hell I’m doing, or try to talk me out of it. That sense of going it completely alone kind of sucks, and I have a ways to go with content and design, but knowing what’s at stake makes it worthwhile.

    I like what you said about handling loss. In my experience, it’s best to move on to the next plan of attack so you don’t allow yourself to dwell on those bad feelings.

  2. Damn bro that was deep. I’m glad we (Im 17) have ppl like u. Keep it up!

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