Self-Awareness for the Blind

You go through your day half aware. Putting your clothes on for work. Getting in the car and then going through your daily motions. What if I told you there was another way to live? Not just live, but truly manipulate reality.

The way you manipulate reality begins and ends with your self-awareness. While I can’t explain the feeling of self-awareness to you.

I can break it down to you in a way that you can begin understanding it. As you understand it, it will be up to you to take action on it.

Origins of Your Blindness

From the moment you were born until this very moment you’ve been programmed. People outside of you have told you what reality is and what it is not.

What you may not have known is MOST of them are just as blind as you are. This has created a world where the blind lead the blind.

To make matters worse, you and I are brainwashed daily.

From Twitter to the books that you read.

It is all brainwashing you to be, do, and think a certain way.

Now let me be very clear with you….

Brainwashing is neither good nor bad. The point where it becomes bad is when it gets you to act against yourself or common man.

And for most of the population their brainwashing convinces them of things that are detrimental for them.

That’s where you’ve got an advantage over most of the population.

Opening Your Eyes For the First Time

Self-awareness is the key to opening your eyes to reality. You may not be able to handle this awareness at first.

But in time you will reach a point where there is no going back to being blind. As we speak your eyes are already opening and have been for some time.

The reason every time you punch in at your job and feel frustrated. The reason you wake up Saturday morning feeling a deep uneasiness inside of yourself.

It’s because your eyes have began opening and you can tell that something isn’t right about your life.

This is the point that you stop at instead of taking it a step further. You begin thinking something is wrong with you.

When in reality, things have never been better. What you lack is the self-awareness to navigate through this uneasiness.

The Best Way to Gain Self-Awareness Quickly & Efficiently

I could write out a list of 100 things I’ve done to become self-aware. None of what I did would be as effective as what you’re about to learn.

Let me warn you however that it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. The great thing about it is that you can take it as fast or slow as you’d like.

The best way to gain self-awareness quickly & efficiently is exposure.

It isn’t until you start getting exposed to new ideas and realities that you begin forming your own concept of reality.

Expose yourself to people living the life that you want to live.

Expose yourself to books and podcasts.

And for the love of God leave your hometown every once in a while.

As you expose yourself to new things the uneasiness that you feel will disappear. You’ll learn to trust yourself and see the patterns of your reality.

That’s enough learning for now. Take action on what you just learned by doing something out of the ordinary over the next day or so.

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Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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