How to Channel Your Inner Chaos Into Miracles

On the outside you look fine. However, on the inside your mind is full of chaos. Will you escape or forever live in this Hell? Here’s how I found my way out.

My days used to be filled with a mixture of inner turmoil and a longing for some future salvation.

“I’ll be find my peace once I have the girl.”

“I’ll find my peace once I start making money online.”

“I’ll find my peace once I quit my job.”

Well I achieved all of those and more.

Even taking it as far as dating multiple women at the same time. Filling my days with smoking marijuana and making money online.

Heck I even quit my job.

No matter what I did on the outside, I couldn’t find my peace.

The chaos remained and I thought I was going live like this forever.

Then out of either losing my mind or coming out of that energetic cycle I found the answer I was looking for.

It hit me like a ton of bricks because I had known the answer all along.

The external world had no control of me or the chaos I felt. Hence why no matter what I did outwardly nothing changed.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from that time:

Read that quote again.

Until you internalize it, you WILL NOT find the peace you want. More importantly you won’t be able to live your life fully.

Instead you will be no better than a zombie.

Having awareness of what’s possible for you, but impossible to achieve. While not fitting in with the normal people around you.

Understand the quote above and you will find your answer. In the meantime I will list off some things you can do in the meantime.

5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Chaos Into Miracles

Break the Script Society Has Give You-

The people around you follow the script given to them. A few of them like yourself see that there is something more.

Yet most people do things “just cause”.

This is the path of the average man and not for you.

Use this document that I prepared for you.

At the end you’ll have the opportunity to join my exclusive newsletter. If you feel that you’re a good fit, you are welcome.

Regardless you will find out how to break the script given to you. And begin at once building your own path in life.

Break Their Mental Control Now.

Read Good Books From Great People-

Most books in this world are complete garbage.

To save you time I put together 9 to get you started.

If you have read most of them, let me know privately or in the comment section below. I will give you the next list of books to read.

9 Books for Getting Paid, Elevating Your Mind, and Developing Confidence.

Lift Weights Until You Transcend Your Mind-

You’ve worked out many times, but never to the point where you transcend your mind. I first experienced this while using Victor Prides 30 Days of Discipline.

His program is hard, but if you push yourself you will experience it’s magic.

The magic of transcending your mind.

All I will say is that you will find a space beyond your mind. As you learn to access this space, you will learn how to transcend the chaos of your mind.

I’ve said too much so I will leave it at that.

Isolate Yourself From the World-

It is when you are alone with your thoughts that you must face yourself. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or jacking off to porn.

You will face yourself and whatever inner demons that you have.

The only way that I’ve been able to do this is through isolation. Start off for a few hours here and there.

Until you graduate to being able to spend days on end in your thoughts.

This is where you will find the solutions to your problems. Ultimately building a business or elevating your mind.

Travel the World-

Whether it’s taking a road-trip or booking a flight out of the country, travel. By traveling you will break yourself out of the monotony known as “daily life”.

If you’re on a budget, take a road-trip. You can drive an hour away or many hours away. The distance doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you leave town.

When I used to take road-trips, I’d spend $150-$300.

This covered my hotel, gas, and food.

You can easily save up a few hundred dollars by simply not buying stupid stuff. Alternately if you’re a hustler, you can make $1,000 in a month on Craigslist.

Follow the 5 things above and you will begin to harness your inner chaos. Understand the quote and you will find the key to it all.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

PS: I used to be lost and hated my life. No matter what I did I always ended up getting the short end of the stick. Here’s how I turned it all around.

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  1. Dylan this is a great article – your writing is getting better and better. That quote from Miyamoto is truly fantastic and so true. I had been thinking similar thoughts recently but not in words so eloquent as his. I’ve been on the prowl for good blogs aside from B&D and finally I’ve found yours and mountsolaris.com. I’ll keep coming back to see what’s fresh keep up the good work!

    Jason from mybodyandbrain.com

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