Orlando Meetup

Do you enjoy being around like-minded people? You know the kind of people who actually want to progress in life. If so, come and enjoy a cigar.

I will be in Orlando this coming weekend (May 4th-5th). Any new city I visit I like meeting up for a cigar.

This is a no pressure get together.

Bring yourself and enjoy a cigar with us.

There are already a few people who will be there. If you can come DM my brother or email me directly at dylan@calmandcollected.com.


  • Saturday at 7PM.
  • Bring a friend or come alone.
  • No dress code (but first impressions count).
  • Get in contact with us for the address.

See you in Orlando!

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I write articles for the person looking for more out of life. Who knows they can be better, but needs a little guidance and motivation. I work online while traveling the world. And live a life where I can do do whatever I want. If that interests you, welcome to Calm and Collected.

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  1. I had an outstanding time meeting with everybody who attended Dylan’s meetup in Orlando.

    Powerful topics were discussed, great energy flowed (even more powerfully than the chaos of downtown Orlando), and I am still reeling from the experience days later.

    The next time you hear Dylan’s in your town, you will certainly want to take the initiative and follow through.

    • Thank you for coming out brother. You being there added a great dynamic. See you next time.

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