How to Stop Being Broke in Your 20’s

You’ve got big dreams and want to travel the world. The only issue is you’re broke. Here’s how to stop being broke in your 20’s.

It starts with building your foundation.

Your foundation is a springboard which propels you towards freedom. It gives you the keys to whatever you want in this world.

Struggling to pay your bills and save a little here and there…

I’ve been there and done that.

Put simply this way of living DOESN’T WORK. Hence why you’re sitting here right now reading this.

Pay attention as I’m going to show you a way to hack the system.

The way you hack the system is by having multiple sources of income. Now, before you start getting all like, “Oh, I don’t know how to do all that!”, let’s break it down really simply.

If you’ve got a job, there’s one source of income. It’s steady and for the most part is a dependent source of income.

It pays the bills and allows you to survive.

But if you want to thrive you’ve got to have another source of income. An income that makes you guaranteed cash in your free time.

One that even though it’s a side-hustle. Still brings in $200-$800 a week.

The side-hustle I’m talking about is Craigslist flipping.

More specifically finding free items on Craigslist to flip for profit.

Here’s where the fun part begins. The 3 steps to really achieving whatever it is that you want. You’re going to take your Craigslist money and as much as you can from your job. And you’re going to put into a checking account that we’re going to call the War Chest.

3 Bank Accounts….

The first bank account is your spending and bill account. Personally, I’ve got a bank account that all of my bills go through. And in that bank account I’ve got spending money as well.

Let’s say I go on a trip to Jamaica, New York, or wherever. I’ve got my spending money in that account. And I all of my expenses go through that account.

how to stop being broke in your 20s

The second bank account is your War Chest. Your War Chest is for opportunities and all things business.

Trips, buying new inventory for your Craigslist biz or your physical product business. See this as your investment account.

This account forces you to build up your funds. Very quickly you’ll have money to put into more money generating activities.

Which leads to the third bank account.

Aka your savings account. I’m not talking about skipping a $3 coffee or saving for retirement here.

This is where you reach maximum leverage.

You’ve got multiple streams of income.

You’ve built up your War Chest.

Now you’re going to save up 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses.

My recommendation is that you add $300 to whatever your current living expenses are. When I say living expenses I’m talking about food, bills, and how much your current life costs.

Why This is So Crucial

Back when I quit my job I had made $300 to my name. The only hustle I had was driving for UBER.

I had ZERO savings.

This made things harder than they should’ve.

By following this article, you’ll be playing to win.

For a more in depth look, check out the video below.

Until next time.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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