The hustle isn’t as much about the money as it is the rise. Every hustler will go through isolation before making money and finding his crew.

I’ve spent the past year in almost total isolation. No women, minimal social situations, and lots of alone time.

Why you ask?

Because as a Young Hustler you have to find your own light. Once you find your own light, your purpose reveals itself. Nobody can tell you what that purpose is.

Only you can discover it.

That’s how it is with most things in this world.

You make a decision. You take the action. You get the reward.

For me, I had to go into isolation to fully realize my own light. I found it. Now my mind is clear. My actions are intentional.

What lead me to go into isolation was realizing I was a slave to the pussy. Since Freshmen year I had sex a minimum of 4 times a week.

That means I’ve had sex a minimum of 1,344 times up until last year. While that may be high to you or low. That’s not the point.

The point is that my mind was ruled by sex.

Every time I was with a girlfriend I wanted sex. If we had alone time, sex always followed.

Sex is powerful. Sex is great. Sex rules this world. But sex was holding me back.

It was holding me back from my potential. Instead of giving my full focus to building myself, I dimmed it by constantly wanting sex.

I decided that I was going to go without women for a year. I’d be lying to your face if I said it was easy.

I’ve had quite a few girls enter my life. Each time I had to use my willpower to keep them at bay.

Keeping these women at bay made my will stronger than I thought possible.

Going without women and being in isolation has taught me many lessons. From finding my light to changing my life.

Which leads me to this moment with you. I’ve come to the realization that while we are each on our own path, having a crew is crucial.

Being a lone-wolf will only get you so far. There comes a time where you need to join a group of like-minded people.

This group of like-minded people offers support. There’s nothing like having someone in your corner.

You hustle harder knowing you’ve got someone there for you.

The isolation, finding your crew, and everything else is for you. Life is a game and you are the main character.

I wouldn’t be who I am without the pain, the hustle, and finding my own light.

There isn’t anything special about what I do. All of it comes from what I’ve gone through.

So for you, I’m going to leave you with 3 takeaways.


Being alone sounds scary to most people. I’ve talked with a few Young Hustlers that say they get depressed during isolation.

To keep yourself from getting depressed during isolation I’ve got some recommendations.

The most important recommendation is to understand WHY you are doing it. Isolation isn’t about being alone.

Isolation is about finding your own light so that your purpose reveals itself.

Once you understand that you’re doing it to find your own light, isolation becomes easier. Now for what keeps your mind positive.

  1. Listen to upbeat music
  2. Go out once a week
  3. Keep yourself busy

Listen to upbeat music-

For me, I listen to lots of house music, trap, and upbeat rap songs. You can listen to the Young Hustler playlist below.

I’ll be adding new songs over the coming years.


Go out once a week-

Once per week, I go out. Whether that be grabbing a cigar to talk about life or renting an Airbnb. I just get out and absorb the energy around me.

Hustler Rising: Isolation, Making Money, and Finding Your Crew

As I said, isolation isn’t about being alone. It’s about finding your own light.

To do so you will have to go out and observe the world.

By far the best thing I’ve done is renting an Airbnb.

I go with nothing but my phone for emergencies, a notebook, and essentials.

While there I contemplate where I’m at, make sure I’m sticking to my script, and rejuvenate myself. One month it is Savanah and the next it may be right here in Charleston.

In your case pick wherever you want. Being in a new place gets your energy flowing and you come back happy.

Keep yourself busy-

Staying busy is crucial during your isolation period.

Start a side-hustle. Build things. Just do something that keeps your mind active.

What works great for me is structuring my day. I’m very particular about my mornings and nights.

My days are structured but allow for flexibility.

This ensures that I stay busy but most importantly productive. Few understand what productivity is. Most have been lied to.

Making Money:

Every hustler makes money. Whether that be working a job while you build your side-hustle or going to college while hustling on the side.

Money is what lets you enjoy life. There are two catches. One is that you can’t let anything be beneath you ever.

In my early days, I would pick up trash from 3-11am. Come home write a blog post and drive for Uber. Then around 10 PM sleep for 4 hours.

Why? Because nothing is beneath me.

As long as it’s honest and pays, do it. I can guarantee you that if you tough it out, it’ll be worth it.

There will be ups and downs along your rise. It will be these days that put fire in your eyes. The type of fire that knows you can do anything.

If you start a side-hustle and put in the work, you’ll realize a lot about yourself. Lloyd from Business and Bullets laid it out clearly.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, not everyone can do everything.  For some people, hell, most people, it doesn’t matter how much they want it.  They’re just not cut out for it.

That said, you might be one of the few who CAN.

You’ll realize whether you’ve got it or you don’t. Most don’t, but a few do.

It is my job to give you the resources and what works through my trial and error.

It is your job to take action and see for yourself.

Finding Your Crew:

Your crew is a big part of you staying focused and thinking big. Your crew should be small. Loyalty is number one.

Each member should have their own goal to work on.

Keep in mind that your crew isn’t there to make you feel good. This isn’t some Alcoholics Anonymous crew.

Your crew is there to help you stay focused, keep you on track, and level up. If they just talk with no action, stop talking to them.

It’s hard enough to get started.

You don’t need people around you that just want to hang out.

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Happy hustling,

dylan madden

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  1. I remember hustling back in college. Tax returns, car rides, cutting grass, and selling homework.

    Great post Dylan.

    Off to build that crew.

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