My Understanding of You Inc After Living It

Now that I am working for myself I have a better understanding of You Inc. In this article I will go into further detail and add my own spin to You Inc.

Before Becoming My Own You Inc

For any of you who have been with me you know that I worked for a car dealership.

I was building my You Inc years before actually becoming my own boss.

But here is my story for any of you who are new…

I worked at a car dealership in Charleston, SC.

Thanks to certain side-hustles I was able to cut my hours down to 27 a week.

That gave me the freedom to work Thursday-Saturday.

Sunday-Wednesday I was the real Dylan Madden, but the rest of the week I became an employee.

Here is where I spent my days while at work:

you inc

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind the steady paycheck.

The only problem was I went in every day with this gut feeling of not doing what I needed to be doing.

I finally decided to bet on myself and take the plunge.

Taking The Plunge

After getting over the initial doubts and fears, I put my two-week notice in.

I got a great offer that would have given me quite a pay raise.

The only catch was that I would have to give my Soul.

I refused.

Instead of me just quitting I wanted to put a notice in because I actually liked the people I worked with.

It was more of a respect thing for me.

As my last day approached 4/9/2016 I felt this sense of empowerment building up within my Soul.

I was finally going to be in the real world.

It was my responsibility whether I made it or starved.

The Power Was In My Hands Now

The initial time period after I gained my freedom was nice.

I took a trip to Columbus, Georgia to watch a friend graduate from the School of Infantry.

Once I got back I spent my days relaxing and enjoying the beach.

you inc

I then allowed myself to get into a very lazy state of mind.

For a person like me that is a very bad place to be.

I soon found myself only wanting to sleep and began feeling what you would call a mild-depression.

Then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills.

I hustled and was able to get the money I required.

Sales can save your life!

The power was now in my hands.

Going through this slight problem made me realize something.

I Was Now In Business

No longer did I have a boss to give me a paycheck.

No longer did I have anyone around me.

It was now on myself to make sure I got a check.

I was now You Inc.

Starting that day I officially started looking at myself as a Corporation 24/7.

Everything in my life became business.

As I was writing an article I came up with how anyone who is a You Inc should run their lives/business.

I will call it the Trinity of Business.

The Trinity of Business

In my Trinity of Business model, there are three roles.

It is almost as if you are three different people.

If you are going to run a successful You Inc, you will have to become more than you are now.

Here is how I run my Corporation You Inc:

  • Manager
  • Worker
  • HR

These are the only 3 roles that I have in my Corporation.

For the time being, I require nobody but myself.

Let me break down what each role includes:

  • Manager: This role is in charge of making sure that the Corporation stays profitable. He must manage the Worker/HR to make sure they are efficient. He is in charge of creating tasks for the Worker.
  • Worker: The Worker is the person who does all of the heavy lifting. He does whatever is required to keep the Corporation in business. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • HR: The HR holds a very important role. HR is in charge of making sure that all of the Taxes of doing business are paid. HR is in charge of making sure the Worker is paid fairly and that everything runs smoothly.

As you can see the Trinity is necessary for the Corporation to stay in business.

If one of the roles fails to do their job the Corporation could go out of business.

To go out of business means that you will have to get a job…

Running You Inc Like A Business

To run You Inc it is obvious that you must treat it like a business.

By following the Trinity of Business, you will be able to run it smoothly.

In this world, you must become more than you are to get more than you’ve gotten.

It may seem strange to be 3 people in 1, but it is required.

By running your own You Inc, you will learn how to really run a big business.

To run a You Inc you must learn how to manage yourself.

By learning how to manage yourself you will be able to manage others.

What Have I Learned?

Before being in business for myself, I was a much more relaxed person.

Well, I am still a relaxed person but I do not allow people to waste my time.

I have learned the power of no.

From running my own You Inc I have become even more aware that the only Salvation you really have is yourself.

Nobody truly cares about you.

Most people are selfish and only care about what you can offer them.

Since becoming a free man I have found it increasingly hard to maintain a relationship with “normal” people.

This can make you feel lonely at times, but as time progresses you will find like-minded people.

I have also learned that running your own You Inc is SO MUCH BETTER than having a normal job.

If I want to do something I simply look in the mirror.

Victor Pride is the person who gave me the blueprint with B&D. From making money to getting what I want.

Do not allow society to tell you what you can and cannot achieve in this world.

Bet on yourself and charge into the Unknown.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

PS: I’ve combined my stories and actionable advice into a book called Think and Go Hustle. It’s my way of giving back to all of the lessons I’ve learned.

To purchase your copy I’ve got two formats available:

**For everyone who leaves a 5-Star review I want to give you a free PDF. To claim your PDF just email me a screenshot of your review/receipt.**

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  1. This is a great follow up to Victor Pride’s You Inc. And I know you intended for it to be that way. It has been very inspiring watching you grow as a writer and a business person. I love your hustle, bro. Keep at it. Keep putting out quality content. Dominate!

  2. Dylan I am really liking your site lately. No offence, but your content keeps getting better each time you put something out. Keep it up buddy..

  3. “If I want to do something I simply look in the mirror.

    Do not allow society to tell you what you can and cannot achieve in this world.

    Bet on yourself and charge into the Unknown.”

    Those words gave me chills. Where does this stuff come from?? I want to be able to write like you.

    • It comes from experience brother. Don’t seek to write like me, find your own voice and style. Start living a real life and then you will find your voice. There are people out there that are waiting on you.

  4. Awesome article bro! I like Victor Pride’s article on You Inc, but I like yours a lot as well. I really like your Trinity of Business model.

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