Since I was young I’ve wanted my own clothing line. I am now bringing that desire to reality. Keep reading and I will show you how to create a clothing line for yourself as well.

Oh and it’s free.

What Attracts Me To This Business?

First off what I love about having a clothing line is that you can take an idea in your head and then see people wearing it.

I love creating Art.





Making deals

All forms of creation are Art to me.

When I create Art I feel on top of the world.

If I do not create something daily I start to become mortal.

It is my opinion that Creativity is what God gave us when he created us in his Image.

So to create is to become like God.

The second reason I am attracted to having a clothing line is because it is a simple business.

All you need is the right equipment, material, and ideas.

Keep it in that order.

Once you have the right equipment then you need materials.

Ideas are easy to create.

Starting Your Clothing Line

The thing that keeps most people from starting their clothing line is money.

Of course you know that that is just an excuse.

Instead of telling you what equipment to buy and blah blah blah let me show you how to start a clothing line for FREE.

You don’t need equipment or materials.

All you need is a computer, Internet, and Ideas.

Do You Remember…

If you can remember I did a shirt giveaway several months ago.

I sent out 5 shirts and paid for the shipping.

You may have thought I was just trying to get rid of some shirts that I had, but I had a secret motive.

What I was really doing was testing the Market.

I wanted to see how many of you were really interested in T-Shirts.

So I gave away free shirts because let’s be honest, you love free stuff.

Everybody does.

The response I received was better than I thought it would be.

I sent out the 5 shirts and had to turn away the remaining people.

That was Phase One of my clothing line.

Now we are in Phase Two.

Phase Two

Phase Two is now in affect.

Over the past few days I have been building a web-store.

I now have 10 different designs that I created on it.

I hired a designer off of Fiverr to create more complex graphics.

Guess how much all of this has cost me so far…..


That $20 was spent on hiring a Freelancer.

The rest of the web-store and designs only cost me time.

Here are one of my designs:


I will now further test the Market.

Using this Free platform I will see which shirts sell the best.

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on products that won’t move, I can now see which will be Profitable.

How Can You Do This?

Okay I have talked about myself enough.

Let’s talk about you.

How can you start your own clothing line for FREE?!?!

It is so simple you’ve probably overlooked it.

The platform I am using is called Teespring.

Teespring is a platform that allows people to launch clothing line campaigns without ever having to spend money on creating the product.

You can even create your own Store-Front to showcase your clothes.

The thing that I like about Teespring is that once your campaign turns Profitable you get to keep the money.

After they get their cut and the shirts are paid for, you get to make cold hard cash.

I love the idea of Teespring.

It now takes the barrier of entry away from Creators.

But like with everything else in life there are some cons.

Cons of Teespring

The two problems I can foresee with Teespring are:

  • How Many People Actually Buy Clothes Off Of Teespring?
  • How Hard Is It To Get Noticed?

Since it is so easy to upload your Art to their site that means that there could be 20 shirts in front of yours.

I don’t yet know how they rank each shirt.

But if people have to go through 6 pages just to see your shirt, your chances of making money are slim to none.

From what I’ve gathered most people rely on Facebook Ads.

In my opinion Facebook Ads are a waste of time.

Of course I also don’t spend thousands of dollars on them so I could be wrong.

I ran a cheap Ad to show you my results.

I didn’t spend much, but here it is:

how to create a clothing line

Maybe if I spent two thousands dollars I might have seen a decent ROI.

But for the time being I do not have the resources to spend on something like that.

How Will I Overcome The Cons

Luckily for me I have an established website already so I will not rely on Facebook Ads.

I will do most of my advertising here on Way of The Olympian.

Don’t worry I won’t invade on your experience here.

No pop-ups etc.

Instead, I will create a page on the Menu for you and then promote it in my articles.

If you haven’t joined the Olympian Newsletter do so.

Not only will you get any promotions I’m doing, but you will also get Updates before other people.

I may even offer some Free books or reports at some point.

I feel that 99% of my sales will come from you.

Instead of relying on faceless Ads I am putting my money on you.

If I create good shirts, I will know because of the conversions.

If I create bad shirts, I will also know because of conversions.


Final Thoughts

If you have a Creative urge to start a clothing line just like I have, here is your chance.

Start putting your Art out there.

All you need to do is give your Time.

You don’t have to invest any money into equipment and materials.

I look forward to people using this article as a way to launch their business.

I haven’t seen anyone else on this side of the Internet talk about this subject how I have.

But then again I don’t read many other people’s content.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Hey, Is this still worth it in 2022? It’s a dream for me to have my own clothing line. Thanks

  2. This is an excellent resource for people who want to market test an entire portfolio of designs without going broke.

    You’re doing an excellent job here and giving us a lot of value, Dylan. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing an Olympian in Asia!

  3. The more I look at TeeSpring… the less I seem to know. You’d think they would have more of a how-this-works available, since it’s clearly not in the same mold as most similar things I’ve looked into. After making a design (or more) you make something called a “campaign” which they absolutely tell you nothing about before you’re in the process. Hard to plan, that way. Still, it’s very promising, and might well be the initial solution I need.

    Maybe I should ask someone who knows? An Olympian or something, perhaps.

    So, what’s this campaign thing, and what is its “daily budget” that appears on screen shots?
    Relatedly: Do they set pricing, or do you, once the cost of making a given item is determined?
    And while I’m on the subject: Does that storefront need to be on their site, or can you run it elsewhere as part of your own site, linking to them?

    • Yes TeeSpring does seem promising.

      Hopefully this will answer all of your questions and then some:

      When you have created a shirt you can alter the amount you want to sell which will change how much profit you will see. To keep prices low try to keep the shirts as basic but eye catching as possible. You can create discount codes which can take money off of your designs. For example if you use OLYMPIAN you can save $5 on anything I sell there.

      You have access to stats such as how many have sold etc. Most people either use FB ads or advertise it on their website.

      Realistically you could sell the shirts straight from your site, but they will be redirected back to TeeSprings website. In my opinion you should create Storefront on TeeSpring and then link to that store from your site. By doing that people are able to see everything you have which should increase their chances of buying.

      • Excellent, thank you!

        Oh, yeah: In the mean time, I’ve looked around at printed T’s, and $23 isn’t at all out of line at this point. I just haven’t bought any in forever (those I have were gifts, for the most part) and hadn’t realized. So I’m definitely going to get going on this.

  4. I’ve been looking into this sort of thing, too, and quickly noticed a con #3 with most of them (including TeeSpring) (which I guess means it was con #1 for me, but whatever): $23 for a T-shirt? I don’t foresee a lot of sales at that price point.

    In fact, I ran into that sort of thing so often I’ve been at a bit of a loss, thinking about how I can do it more directly without having the trouble of running a warehouse.

    • Yeah I am going to offer Discounts to help with making sales. I don’t foresee too many problems with selling them as long as the shirts are catchy.

      Look into Drop-Shipping your clothes. Victor mentioned something about Drop-Shipping his clothes a while back. Go here and find it. Might be what you are looking for.

      • Not a bad idea, if not the usual idea of a drop ship arrangement. A printer who will make to order, and send diectly – and that’s pretty much what it’d be for something like this – would be perfect.

  5. Awesome article. I might have to try this.

    BTW my fav shirt of yours is the one with the Cup idk why LOL. Creative!

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