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If today is your best day, full of the best daily wins that you can create, then it has been successful. By making the work towards what you want a daily success habit, then you will get there step-by-step. To earn daily success is to work for it consistently and with conviction each day. Make small wins turn big.

All we ever have to live in is the present moment. This is hard to teach and learn.

By all means, keep your goals in your forefront, but what the only thing we ever actually experience is the present moment. This means that what we’re working towards will only be realized one day at a time. Daily wins cannot be realized in any other time-frame.

Since an endeavor that is truly successful takes months and years of consistent action, you can rely on the fact that you’ll need to plan each day to make maximum impact.

Each Day Compounds – Progress Little By Little

What the ultimate goal will bring you is less relevant than who you’re actually becoming in the process. The goals are insignificant if you don’t change and become a greater version of yourself along the way.

The way you can do this is by beating on your craft each day.

If you spend your time doing things that do not lead you to your goal, for instance, hanging with friends and relaxing, just recognize that each moment is prolonging your destination. Everything has a consequence, and you choose whether it’s positive or negative.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relax with friends, but it does help to be aware of what you’re investing in, so you at least recognize why you’re not inching closer to what you want. The means always must match your end game.

Win Each Day & Your Endeavors Succeed

If you can make every day productive and successful, then over time you will bring your goals to your reality.

Most of the time, the things that you want are not realized in the grandiose sort of way they’re normally portrayed in your head. They are realized step-by-step, in a slow but constant progression.

You won’t normally smash goals in a grand, celebratory sort of fashion, but instead you will realize that you’re all of a sudden beyond the goal one day. Then it’s time for new ones!

The Building Process Is More Fulfilling Than Achieving The Goal

It’s an anti-climactic feeling when you reach some of these milestones, which is why you are more excited and fulfilled with the building process.

By pounding away at the activities that you need to do, and learning all you need for that goal, you’re fulfilled because you have a purpose and a reason to get out of bed excited.

Sometimes getting to the goal can actually be a letdown because you know you can do far more.

You reach something, and it doesn’t fulfill you the way that you thought it would, so you’re disappointed. On to the next milestone! Another reason is that you got there way sooner than expected and you should’ve actually set your target far higher.

Set your sights higher, with shorter deadlines, and you’ll get there faster.


This is because you match the lofty goal with dedicated action that is focused on the 20% that gets you the 80% results.

When you’ve got a shorter deadline, all you can afford is the most efficient work and the highest level of hustle. Without a set deadline, things can slide off into oblivion without needing to get done or be worked on right now.

In the same way that you imply scarcity, or set a call to action in sales, it’s imperative to give your mind a reason to act right now.

It’s been proven that people are moved quicker and bend more to your requests if you simply give them a reason.

By demanding of yourself a specific work output rather than a specific goal, you measure yourself by a tangible metric. We cannot control every stimulus outside of ourselves, or every result, but we can control the work we put out. We can decide how much we will do in what time period, and hold ourselves to it.

Earn Daily Wins & When Work Is Over, Put It Down: The Personal Evolution Takes Time

So, as you can see, you earn what you want each day, rather than in a grand and extravagant manner. Coupled with this are the shorter deadlines and measurable output.

There’s a big pitfall that is wise to avoid, and that is the lack of self-control to take breaks and do something else.

I can’t tell you how many times my insights have come to me while I’m just reading, taking a walk, or by a beach or mountain. Yes, daily success actually includes resting too.

The best execution ideas for my existing plans almost always came when I was not working.

In a way, I’m always working because my mind is always focused on business, brand building, and value.

This helps my subconscious mind build exactly what I’m planning, even when I’m not physically working.

However, it’s been increasingly important that I get some time to myself where I just have my thoughts, and perhaps some music. I purposely put the computer down at a certain time each day now to gain the best results I can. I will then read some new material, or just sit and have a business/life meditation.

This has helped enormously, and I invite you to try the same.

It’s ironic, but sometimes working more will actually lead you the other way, away from productivity…

Be all about the hustle, when it’s actually time to hustle.

When it’s time to relax and plot on your future, do exactly that and don’t feel guilty for not always being busy, because being busy and productive are not always synonymous.

You don’t have to think about work-life balance when everything you do is integrated. When you’re working for yourself, you can invest in yourself by:

– reading
– resting, and
– recuperating

Always be planning for the future, while earning daily success, and living in the present moment.

If you don’t enjoy the now, it’ll pass you by and then be too late.

How to Hustle While On the Move

Something that’s very hard is traveling and working at the same time.

When you’re constantly trying to see a new city and destination, you’re going to want to experience all it has to offer without having to teeter-totter your energy.

This can prove exhausting and difficult because you deeply want to further your business and you also want to explore a new location.


On the Move.

The solution is simple.

While you’re on the move, you can plant in a city, like I like to do, for about 2-3 months. You set up shop, find the good coffee shops or co-working spots, and where to get food. You organize your new room and living space, and catch up on some rest.

Then you hit the town. Explore. Learn. Immerse yourself in it all!

You check out the restaurants you want, the parks, the meet-ups, who else you can network with while you’re there, you drive, ride, or taxi around, and give yourself time to see what you want to. Get really accustomed to the city in this stage, and get lost a few times too.

Then you allot certain time for work. This should be after you’re familiar with the city a bit and after you know where to go to relax, go on a walk, or enjoy some coffee.

I find it’s extremely difficult to get anything done by bouncing around every week or two, and when I plant in a city for an extended stay, I am much more productive. 2x that if I’m in the middle of a big city’s walls.

With all the hustle and bustle of the cities, you are instilled with a sense of urgency to get more and more done, and it’s contagious.

This plan allows you to enjoy where you’re staying, but also get what you want to do done each day, and has the added benefit of really chunking your life into time periods.

What I mean is that you will be listening to certain songs, hanging with certain people, working on certain projects, or stages of development. As soon as you move on, that chapter is closed and it’s time for a new one.

Later on, as soon as you take a listen to some of those songs, or peek at the old pictures from the time, you’re instantly taken back and oftentimes you see the value in that time period by how it shaped who you are today.

It allows you to look back in 20/20 hindsight at what you were dealing with and how you needed that to move onwards.


CEO Life – Thai Style

Remember to be thankful and accepting of each moment, even if it’s a tough time, because as entrepreneurs, we will have to face them no matter what. We will learn a huge amount from them and grow stronger, and they’ll help shape us into our future selves.

If you don’t enjoy the now, it’ll pass you by and then be too late.

Don’t make this mistake; instead put in the necessary work each day so it compounds into the incredible lifestyle you wanted all along.

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  1. Evan if you don’t mind me asking, how are you able to fund your travels? I am looking to save up $$$ and then do some travelling.

    • Hey Erik,

      I’ve been building E-com sites relentlessly since I moved out here, including drop-shipping from big suppliers, importing, and other retail.

      Got an article on my site about 2 drop-shipping sites I had to scrap, after I built and sold sold my first successful store

      When times got tough, it was copywriting, freelancing, and teaching some english!

      – Evan

  2. Interesting idea the building process is more fulfilling than actually achieving. I agree. Great article Evan!

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