There is a Great Power in the Universe. People have touched on it in various books and other forms of media. From time to time you experience this Power, but most do not. By using this Power you can speak and almost through magic your reality changes.

Creation And The Beginning of Time

However many millions of years ago when Earth was first created their was this Great Power.

This Power was so vast and great that it was as if it had no beginning and would have no end.

There came a time when this Power sought expression.

Without hesitation this Power began at once creating everything that it desired.

Out of the vast Ocean land came up.

Upon the land Trees, Rocks, and Soil of many kinds appeared.

But something was missing.

Empty And Lifeless

While all of these things were beautiful, they did not express the life that this Great Power wanted.

It decided to create something in its Image.

This Power spoke life into this vessel we call human.

It imprinted its Image upon this vessel.

The Image was Thought.

The Great Power now had something that could create and evolve just as it could.

As time passed this vessel sought more to express itself.

The Created Became The Creator

The Great Power decided to create another vessel that could aid in expressing life.

This is when Man and Woman were brought together.

From there the Great Power created other living things that lacked the Creative Thought that Man did.

These animals were there to serve in Man expressing himself more.

Man was given dominion over Earth and all that lay within it.

The Great Power granted his Image the ability to Create and have Authority over all.

At this time Man became a Creator.

The Created became the Creator.

What Does This Mean?

Since Man is the Image of the Great Power and has been granted the ability to Create, he has great power.

Man can create vast structures to express his genius.

Man can create life by planting his seed within a Woman.

Man can express himself in any way that he desires.

You could argue that Man is God himself.

God and Man are one and the same.

By the power of his mind he can create his own world.

If Man is ignorant to this fact, he can also destroy his world.

You Have Great Power

You are the Image of the Great Power.

You can express yourself through your ability of Thought and Creativity.

You can change your circumstances.

The power to do anything is already within you.

Instead of seeking the Truth all you need to do is look within.

Stop seeking permission to express yourself.

No Man has anymore power than you do.

You are Divine and have been given a order.

Your order is to Express yourself.

By expressing yourself you are allowing the Great Power to express itself.

That is all that it wants.

Speak And It Is Done

A great lesson you can get from the Power is that it speaks and then moves on.

When it speaks the Great Power doesn’t hesitate or wonder if it will happen.

The Great Power knows that what it speaks will come into reality.

The same is for you.

Remember God and Man are one and the same.

When you set out to do something do not hesitate.

Once you have spoke what you want move on.

If you seek money, offer value and keep working.

Those of you who chase money will never get it.

Those of you who offer value and keep yourself busy working will enjoy money.

The same applies to everything else in life.

  • Girls
  • Power
  • Skill

Keep working and the results will come.

Express Yourself

Now you understand that all that matters is Expressing Life.

Everything is about Expression.

You have no excuse to not Express yourself.

Our current time offers everyone a Platform.

You can start your own TV Show.

You can start your own Radio Show.

You can Write Books.

You can run a Media Empire.

Now there is great opportunity.

You have a voice.

The Higher Power within seeks Expression.

Why do you hesitate?

Hesitation Is Death

For anyone who has served in combat they know that if you hesitate you die.

It is the same in day to day life only it is usually your Soul that dies.

How long have you wanted to quit your job and live on your terms?

How long have you wanted to travel to South America?

By you hesitating you are allowing your Soul to die.

Day by day your Soul dies.

You are committing the worst possible Sin.

Not against the world, but against God.

You are not expressing life.

Let Your Soul Live

It is time for you to let your Soul live.

Do not worry about yesterday.

Do not worry about what tomorrow brings.

All that matters is now.

At this time you are in control.

You hold all of the cards and can make anything happen.

Become present.

It is so simple and you know that.

Yet for some reason you enjoy living the day to day drama you call life.

Make It Happen

It is on you to make it happen.

You know what it takes to make your wildest dreams a reality.

Step out of the shadows and come into the light.

Start that business that you’ve been wanting to.

Talk to that girl.

Express yourself everyday in every way.

It is your Divine Order.

Until Next Time Go and Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Dylan great article. Where did this article come from? It was powerful.

  2. Very insightful post my man. I literally got chills while reading it. It was like you were God speaking to me through your words LOL. I’m being honest..

    • I got chills reading it as well while I was editing what I wrote. Tbh it was as if I was simply a channel for the words to come through. Maybe you were talking to God :).

  3. I see that you see that it is safe to let out some serious truths. Next step: to fully convince myself of the same. Example: On the one hand, I – with complete honesty – put myself forward as a Proper Villain. On the other hand, I’ve observed things of the exact variety that you describe, and am drawn to putting them to words.

    They are, of course, the same point of view. My only trepidation is in being sure that I’m coming across consistently.

    Your observation about being in the Image is something I realized years ago to have a lot more depth to it than most believe. It even explains the creative urge:

    What is an image, after all? At its most basic, its most purely mathematical, a shadow is the shape of an object when you remove a dimension. It works with any set of dimensions, too: a cube is the shadow of a hypercube. An image is the same, though with more detail (because there are more dimensions than physical). But a photograph is a 2-dimensional image of a 3-dimensional thing or place. A statue has physical dimensions but lacks others.

    We are images because we are made in a likeness, but lack some of His dimensions. One we keep is the creative urge.

    • Yeah let the truth out brother. If you feel the urge to put things into words start writing. I hesitated in publishing this, but felt a strong sense to just do it.

      I 100% believe that that is why we have the creative urge.

      Very interesting point about the photo. I didn’t think about that.

  4. I’m not one for spiritual type content but this is good. Which god do you believe in? BTW I like how you taught me something while reading this.

    • I do not believe in one specific god such as Allah or any such label. For me there is a Creative Energy which we have labeled as God. It is up to your perception. I’m not here to sway you towards any religion. Find your path.

  5. “The Great Power knows that what it speaks will come into reality.”

    Damn Dylan that is powerful…
    I wasn’t sure what kind of post this would be but I am impressed. I haven’t seen something like this before. At least in this area. Good job bruh.

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