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Read This Before You Give Up and End It All: How I Escaped Hell and Found What Works

For years a shadow followed me around. I literally thought that everything that I touched would fall apart.

This belief affected my relationships.

It affected my bank account.

Believing that what I touched would fall apart created a living Hell. I lived this way up until a year and a half ago.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of people ignoring me. I was tired of wanting to just blow my brains out.

I knew there WAS a better way.

What I lacked was the know how.

See, while I grew up with a father. We never did much together. He was always working or out of town on a business trip.

This forced me to turn to myself for answers. I studied self-help books, religious books, and philosophy.

I always walked away with more questions than answers….

  • Why couldn’t I think positive thoughts and attract good things?
  • Why weren’t affirmations making me confident?
  • Why couldn’t I figure out what my purpose was?

Maybe I’m just a broken person. Maybe there is something I’m missing.

I kept searching for that one thing that would make everything change for me. It never came.

Well not in the way that self-help books have taught us. It’s good to be positive. It’s GREAT to believe in yourself.

You just have to follow it up with action. Belief and action are what got me from my Hell to my own Heaven.

From making more in a week than I did in 2-weeks at my job to achieving what people call freedom.

I’m telling you all of this because there isn’t any magic to this. You figure out what you want and then you take action.

I spent years trying one thing after another. It wasn’t until the middle of last year that I found what works.

It isn’t some secret that changes everything.

What I’m talking about is all mental.

You see the “shadow” and “Hell” that I experienced. It was all in my head. As soon as I changed my thinking, everything else changed.

Once I changed my mind I went from being broke to having plenty.

Once I changed my mind opportunities such as working with Victor Pride opened up.

Better yet once I changed my mind I took control of my life.

No longer was I ignored. No longer did I feel empty and aimless.

If you have ever felt like things aren’t working out. Like you have no control and that you’ll never be free. It’s all in your mind.

I’m no smarter than you. I’m just a gentleman that got tired of being ignored and living life on repeat.

Here is what worked for me:

It was in that order.

Don’t complicate things for yourself anymore.

Tune in next time for some more…

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