How to Escape the Purgatory of Your Life

Subject: How to Escape the Purgatory of Your Life

You wake up every day to the same ole’ life you lived yesterday.

Each day feels basically the same. It isn’t Hell and it isn’t Heaven.

But you sure don’t feel alive. For years this is how I felt friend.

I’d wake up at 5:45 am to have some quiet time before getting in my car and heading to work.

From there I’d go through the day like I did every day.

New faces, but everything else was just like it had been for months.

I’d make some progress however it never really changed much of my life.

I lived like this for what felt like an eternity. Until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was tired of going through each day half-awake.

Trying to speed up the clock so I could get home long enough to have some time for myself before doing it over again.

Now while this change didn’t happen overnight, it happened much quicker than I thought it would.

Consider this article your wake up call. Consider this your wake up call to come to life. Because friend, I can tell you with complete certainty.

Betting my entire life and family on my words. Life is meant to be lived and experienced.

And with a few changes, you will finally step out of Purgatory into your own Heaven.

How to Escape the Purgatory of Your Life

The reason you exist in Purgatory is that somewhere down the line you lost your fire towards life.

Whether from your parents, job, or everything in your life.

And when you lost your fire, you lost your ability to control your own life.

Instead, you gave the reigns to your environment, your mood, and anyone else who you came into contact with.

So in this article, you will be taking your power back.

Once you take your power back, your fire will return in time. Don’t worry about feeling so empty inside right now.

The key to getting out of purgatory is taking small steps in a big way. Meaning no more just going with the flow.

1) You Will Control What You Consume

There will be no more mindlessly scrolling on Twitter or Instagram. Also, no more watching video after video whenever you get bored on YouTube.

Understand everything you watch and hear brainwashes you. That’s why when you watch goofy videos or the news you walk away feeling empty.

Yet when you read Calm and Collected you’re left feeling energized and ready to get to work. I am brainwashing you for success and fulfillment.

My rule of thumb is to only consume things which empower me with energy or knowledge.

As everything else is simply stealing your energy from you.

Here’s an example of something which empowers you with knowledge while also inspiring you.

2) You Will Create Your Own Script

Another thing which causes you to exist in purgatory is your lack of purpose.

More specifically you just go with the Script society gives you.

You will create your own script. Knowing what to do each day and where you are going with your life.

Waking up each day with a list of what to accomplish will be part of what reignites your fire.

There will be days when you don’t feel like getting to it.

But wouldn’t you agree accomplishing things feels better than just existing?

3) You Will Focus On Yourself First

The other day I spoke to a friend of mine back in the States. He and I haven’t talked in over 4 months.

I shit you not, within the first few minutes the biggest thing he wanted to tell me about his life was the upcoming album release of an artist.

An artist who doesn’t know who he is, will never pay his bills, and sure as heck won’t help him build a family.

So you will focus on yourself first.

Because a huge energy stealer is caring about anything which isn’t in your immediate reality.

This friend of mine while a nice guy is in debt. Doesn’t like his job and is going down the stereotypical path to an eventual Hell on earth.

You, however, will wake up now. Give your energy to things that benefit you.

Here’s a quick list for you:

Remember to focus on yourself by only giving your energy to things that directly help you. Ignoring most other things.

4) You Will Force Yourself Into the World

When I spent my years in Purgatory I’d stay home instead of going out.

Saying stupid things such as “I’m saving my money” or “I’m working on myself and don’t have time to go out”.

Both of which are complete BS and you know it. Am I saying you’ve gotta go out every night or every weekend?

No. However, the whole point of you wanting to be alive and escape purgatory is to be able to live life.

So every weekend you will force yourself into the world.

Whether that’s going to a new restaurant, taking a road trip, or simply going out for a walk I don’t care.

You decide friend. No more just existing though. That is over now and forever.

You are here to create a fantastic life while the blood still pumps through your body.

And you will only do that when you force yourself into the world and live.

Don’t allow your mood to dictate how your life goes anymore.

“Ugg I don’t feel like going out. I’ll just watch a movie at home.”

Fine if you want to stay dead inside for the rest of your human life, enjoy yourself. Otherwise, it’s time for you to get outside into the real world.

As you’re reading this, you are beginning to wake up.

Realizing all of the ways you’ve been going through life half-awake.

But don’t worry, with each of the points above you will wake up more and more day by day. It worked for me and so it will work for you.

Thank you for spending this time with me. I will be speaking with you again very soon. If you enjoyed this post, share it with your best friend.

Many more are coming to Calm and Collected.

Until Next Time.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. I have a friend who recently told me they feel like they’re in a constant purgatory. In fact they ended our relationship because they said their mental health was so bad & they needed to focus on finding who they are again. I want to help, but I don’t know how.

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