How to Start a Profitable Freelancing Business

Subject: How to Start a Profitable Freelancing Business

Freelancing is the single best business to start when you’re first getting started. As no other model allows for such low start-up while also being able to become successful within a relatively short amount of time.

Which is why in today’s article, I will be showing you how to start a profitable freelancing business.

How I stumbled upon freelancing was by accident. You see for several years I’d been building up various things.

From dropshipping to affiliate marketing, I’d tried it all. My entire goal was to find a way to make money online so that I could quit my job.

To able to be my own boss and travel the world.

For a while I wrote articles for other people. This made me around $100 per article, but as you can imagine isn’t very scalable.

However, around that time I began building up a nice affiliate income which is how I made my first $1,000 payday.

But as it happens with most affiliate programs, they switched it up. Within a matter of days, I went from making solid sales to 0.

To make it even better, I was about to be moving to Romania. So I had to think up something quickly.

Which is what lead me down the freelancing path. Freelancing is where you offer certain skills to people in exchange for money.

Some are hourly, some are by the job, and others are monthly.

Most newbies approach it from a by the job way. Meaning you’re constantly having to search for new clients.

However, that’s not the approach we’re taking in today’s article. I’ve done it that way in the past and you’re better off keeping a day job.

As you will end up working tons of hours for half the pay.

Today’s article will instead show you how to get 1-3 clients on a monthly retainer. Allowing you to leverage your time for more opportunities.

How to Start a Profitable Freelancing Business

When it comes to starting your own profitable freelancing business, it’s quite simple. You pick a skill and a niche.

From there you offer your skill to the niche of your choice via cold approach or leveraging social media.

However, I will go deeper into this for you. You will be walking away from this article with a clear picture of what to do.

How to Decide What to Offer Clients?

Like most things, this first step is what makes a wide majority of people overthink and never start a freelancing business.

They think they need something fancy and cutting edge. Which is false. As with every business, you’re solving problems.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So when I’m working with students of mine I always have them start out with what they’re naturally good at.


The reason I write emails for clients is because I naturally am a good writer. There wasn’t much else to learn.

Meaning for you, you’ll have to decide what you’re naturally good at or drawn to. For you it may be web design or graphic design.

Here are 33 ways to make money remotely which will help you pin point what you want to offer.

What Niche Should You Pick?

Your niche comes down to a similar theme. It should be something you’re either naturally drawn to or already knowledgable.

If you’re into fitness and healthy? Then find a related brand you can work with and offer a solution to.

By being drawn to it or knowledgeable about your niche already. You will be able to understand two key things…

1) What problems people have

2) How to solve those problems for them

How to Find Your First Client

Next comes finding your first client. With the right niche picked, finding a client comes down to building rapport.

There are many ways to do this. All of which comes down to offering value in some kind of way. Most people mess up by going straight for the sale.

Putting no thought into the best way to help them and building no kind of relationship beforehand.

I can’t tell you the amount of DM’s I’ve gotten from people asking to help me with things which don’t apply to me at all.

So do some research into your niche and prospects before taking the time to reach out to them.

Turning 1-3 Clients into Freedom

You only need 1-3 clients to quit your job and be able to work remotely. From there, you can scale up as needed.

As you can get $500-$3,500 per client depending on what you’re offering. However, don’t think about that for a second.

Instead imagine what your life will be like when you can open up your laptop and work for a few hours.

Making a full-time income from wherever in the world you’re at. From the beach in Asia, mountains of Europe, or in your backyard.

No boss to answer to. Making your own hours. With the ability to earn more money in less time.

Your next step is choosing what you want to offer people. Next read, 33 Ways to Make Money Remotely.

Your friend,

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