What’s Your Perfect Day Look Like?

Subject: What’s Your Perfect Day Look Like?

Everyone lives, but not everyone lives their perfect day. Instead, it’s a mixture of half-conscious living and a whole lot of aimlessness.

Meaning a large chunk of your life will be spent going through the motions instead of creating the motions.

Now I’m not going to turn this post into some hyper motivational post for you. My intention is to get you thinking.

It was Mike Cernovich who first made me aware of this concept. At the time I was working a job 6am to sometimes 8pm.

Still somehow living paycheck to paycheck and not progressing.

But after really thinking about my perfect day. I realized my life was nothing close to what I wanted.

In reality, it was quite the opposite…

Waking up at 5am, drinking instant coffee, and making a protein shake.

Then sneaking around the house to keep from waking up anyone. If I still had time, I’d read a book or think about how “someday I’m going to be able to quit my job and work online”.

Then I’d come back to reality, leap in my car, and survive traffic as I anxiously made it to work on time.

I’d spend the rest of the day looking to some future timeline when I would feel at peace with myself and do work which excited me.

Reading blogs, books, and listening to podcasts throughout the day hoping they’d save me from my current life.

I knew there was some piece of information I needed. That once I found it, everything would click for me.

Now there’s much more to this story, but I will speed it up. I want you to really think about what you and I are about to talk about.

Because once you do? Your life will start almost magically changing over the coming weeks and months.

And the more you pay attention, the faster it will happen.


What’s Your Perfect Day Look Like?

To design your perfect day, you don’t need to overthink it. Just remember the more specific you are, the better.

The more vague you are, the longer and harder you will make it for yourself. Just think about it like this:

If I told you to go into the store and find a can for me, you’d find hundreds of different cans within a few minutes.

You of course would come back to me confused. Then I’d get pissed off and tell you, “Go in there and find me a red can!”.

Okay great, now you’ve cut it down to about 8 options. But you still don’t know which one I want.

So you come back out still confused. I tell you, “Go in there and get me a can of tomato sauce.” and you’d come out within minutes with exactly what I wanted.

It’s the same way with your own life. You’re sitting here feeling frustrated and stuck. Yet you don’t want anything specific.

Instead you have vague desires such as…

I could list out a hundred more examples, but I know Calm and Collected readers are smarter than most. You get the point.

When I realized what you just did, it was like my world shifted instantly. I actually remember laughing out loud…

“How did you expect to live the life you wanted when you didn’t even know exactly what you wanted Dylan lol?”

I sat there and pulled out my notebook. Without hesitating or thinking about the long-term picture, I just started writing.

Here’s a summed up version of what I wrote out:

“I Dylan Madden wake up every day excited for the day ahead. I make $10,000 per month doing work which excites me and my words make myself and clients richer and richer.

I’ve got an Asian girlfriend who enjoys cooking for me and being feminine because she knows I am THE man. I only work with people I respect and never out of desperation.

Thousands of people tune into my Twitter, blog, YouTube, and emails every single day. Where I inspire them and give them real-world solutions through my video courses and books.

My Mom is retired and is happy. And I spend my day working 2-4 hours per day then enjoy the rest of the day however I want as my income increases.

I live in Romania during the Summertime, Winter in Asia, and a month in the States each year.”

Now as of writing this article to you, most of the above is my reality. As time has passed over the last few years I’ve gotten even more specific.

The 3 main things I’m working on now are…

1) Retiring my Mom

This will only take around $3,000 per month. I’m currently at $1,000 a month

2) Increasing site traffic to Calm and Collected

I’ve spent the last 7 months growing my Twitter into millions of monthly impressions (3rd account this year).

Now I’m directing that traffic combined with more articles to grow C&C. I want this site to do a regular 30,000 pages views each month.

3) Growing my income to $25,000 per month

As of writing this, I fund my lifestyle from client work. However to grow my income to 25k I am going to take on 1 other client and ramp up my promotions on social media.

See how specific I am? Not only do I know exactly what I want, but I also have a general plan of how to make it happen.

I’m not saying I want to make $25k a month and be happy. Instead, I’m telling you how I will hit $25k per month and live the life I want.

This is the subtle difference between the old me sitting there at 5 am not wanting to work and the current me who’s traveling the world, doing work that excites me.

Your challenge now is to design your perfect day. No more vague desires. Be specific or be gone.

Share this post with your best friend and work on this together. It’ll give you more excitement and power by doing it together.

I also created a free guide to get you started here.

Until Next Time.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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