I haven’t done a Young Man article in some time. This article is more of an announcement, but you will learn something from it as well.

There comes a time when you must bet on yourself and get real.

You have to straight up quit.

If you keep clocking in everyday knowing that you should be doing something else, you will be 40 and miserable.

This applies to more than just a job.

It applies to everything from a terrible relationship to sticking with loser friends.

You have to separate yourself from anything and everything that is limiting you from living how you want.

Charge Into The Unknown

When you bet on yourself you will need to charge into the Unknown.

You will have nights where you are not sure what tomorrow will bring.

But guess what?

Everything will be okay.

Because you are taking full responsibility for your life.

By owning your life 100%, you have the power to change your circumstances.

The Unknown is where everything that you want is waiting for you to take it.

There are great rewards floating around in the world of the Unknown.

You must believe in yourself and have the courage to fight for what you want.

Waiting On The Universe

The world has lied to you.

You have been told that you are entitled to a great life.

If you are a good person and send good intentions out into the Universe, great things will come to you.

I am here to tell you that that is complete garbage.

If you go through life waiting for the Universe or anyone else to give you what you want, you will be left with nothing.

You might get some things, but none of it will be anything close to what you want.

You Must Take It

I talk about this all of the time.

Anything in life that you want you must take it.

That is simply the only way you will get what you want.

You must follow these two things:

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Take Action

Outside of that everything else is secondary.

The Law of Attraction isn’t anything unless you have those two things.

I Am Putting Myself Upon The Cross

Just as Jesus did thousands of years ago, I am putting myself up on the cross.

Jesus died for your Sins so that you could have everlasting life in Heaven.

I am going on the cross so that you can live life on your terms and dominate in this world.

Right now I am making a transition.

As of 3/31/2016 I will be putting in my notice at work.

Effective 4/9/2016 I will be working for myself.

No longer will I be going into a job to clock in.

It is easy to live Calm and Collected part of the week and then go into my job for another part of the week.

If I want to really show you that this stuff works, I have to throw myself into it 150%.

I can’t keep talking about it while still having a safety net.

I need to be living what I talk about 24/7.

Being Honest

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am scared.

Never before have I had to rely on Dylan Madden 100% for money.

I’ve always had a job that I could go to.

A guaranteed paycheck every two weeks.

Now I have to go out and truly earn my money.

If I am not producing then I don’t make money.

If I don’t make money well, I go hungry and lose everything.

But you know what I don’t care.

I would rather take the risk and gain the world than let another man feed me for the rest of my life.

There Is No Plan B

how to succeed at life

I am committed to this 150%.

There is no Plan B.

Obviously I can get another job, but I would rather die than accept defeat.

There is no time to whine.

For me this is my time to shine.

Everything I talk about on Calm and Collected works.

I’ve seen it and experienced it.

Now you are going to get to watch it as everything happens.

I Will Release Updates And Reports

As I continue to work for myself and move forward I will be releasing updates on what is going on.

You will get videos and articles on what is going on and get to see first hand the results.

Will Dylan Madden rise or will he fall?

Well that is up to me and I will always bet on myself.

A great adventure lays ahead of me.

Not only me, but you as well.

This journey will be both fun and rewarding.

When you come to Calm and Collected or think of me I want you to see a young guy who took a chance at greatness.

Not just a chance, but he reached out and grabbed it.

You Can Too

If I can do it, you can do it as well.

You don’t have to keep accepting what life gives you.

You can Believe In Yourself and Take Action.

You can live life on your terms.

It only takes an instant to change your life forever.

You can keep hoping things were better or you can make them better.

As always life is waiting on you.

Final Thoughts

You can expect the same kind of content to keep coming out on Calm and Collected.

The only difference is that you will see more first hand content.

You will see my ups and my downs.

We will talk again soon.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

PS: (Update- Still Going Strong) Here Are 4 Ways to Make Money as a Young Hustler

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. As Captain Ramius explained in The Hunt for Red October, “When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result his men were well motivated.”

    You are wise to do this before the “overhead” costs of life get out of hand – usually marked by others depending on you as well. That’s happened to a great many who discovered how to be free too late, after building a wall that looked like protection but became a prison. Risking those in our protection is simply against our nature, so it takes longer. Here’s to many young men following your example, and others who simply want to break free as well!

    As Cici says, your way of going about it is definitely the right way: try it out, then leap when you’re as sure as it’s possible to be. Scary, yeah. But if anyone can do it, I think you will.

    I’ll follow when I can. Need to cut a doorway in this stupid wall, first.

    Nicholas (previously Peregrine)

    • Great quote Nicholas.

      I agree with you. This is the best time for me to make the transition while I am young and haven’t fully built up a wall.

      Unlike most people I am taking a calculated risk and am putting my reputation out there. If I were to meet defeat I would not only be letting myself down, but I would let the readers/viewers down. Of course I will win.

      You will get there brother!

      Dylan Madden

  2. Great going Dylan. There’s no better way to light a fire under your ass than to literally have nothing else. Respect to you for taking the plunge. I’ll be putting my own notice in(also out of respect for a job that’s been good to me) in a little over a months time to take a leap at my goals.

    Anyways I’m excited to see what experiences you gain from going full out. I think you did the right thing devising a strategy and giving it time to see how feasible it is first. Now there’s nothing left to hold you back. I think you’ll do fine. Congrats.

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