You’ve heard of people gaining the world while losing their Souls. By losing their souls, they lose something valuable. The Devil gives them the world but for the cost of what makes them special. You have two options in life. The Devil holds them out.

Which will you take?

A Date With The Devil

The Devil is someone who I know personally.

He is open for business 24/7.

He is in the business of taking Souls.

The Devil has high profit margins.

You see he has a unique service.

In return for your Soul he will give you whatever you want.

You can get Money.

You can get Women.

You can even get Status.

Whatever you seek, he can give you.

All for the cheap price of your Soul.

Sounds good right?

Well you can book a date with the Devil easily.

I actually just had a date with him not long ago.

It wasn’t the usual date.

You know the one where you have candle lights and wine.

No instead it took the form of sitting across from a man of power.

You see this man is someone who is in charge of and part owner of a company.

He is in charge of the company I just quit.

This man has the power to promote and demote.

In his world he can give you Status and Money.

The Offer…

As I sat in front of him, we discussed my two-week notice.

He told me how I was a smart and passionate young man.

He gave me compliment after compliment.

From there he told me that there was a job opening.

Not for some small BS job.

Instead it was for a position that paid well.

If I proved myself, I could easily become a Supervisor.

Supervisors can bring in 60K a year.

Sounds amazing right?


I would have to be putting in 50-60 hours a week.

Think About It

Putting in 50-60 hours a week would be 10+ hour days.

By the time I got home I would want to just relax and prepare for the next day.

My life would consist of mostly work and then escaping to my couch.

Of course I would be making more money, but I would have NO FREEDOM!

That is no way for a human being to live.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing wrong with working.

I can easily put in 16 hour days into this or anything else.

I have the kind of drive that allows me to shut out everything but what I am doing.

So working long hours is not my problem.

 What I Seek Is Freedom

The main reason I am making the lifestyle that I currently am is for one big reason.

That big reason is that I want Freedom.

I want the Freedom to live my life on my terms.

Not taking orders from someone.

I want to work when I want to on what I want too.

Don’t get me wrong I want more money as well.

But by working for myself I can now earn as much money I as I want.

My income is now predictable.

Even though I am pushed up against the wall, I feel safer than when I had my job.

Now I know that I am in complete control.

Nobody can just come in and fire me.

This date with the Devil I experienced isn’t just unique to me.

That Moment Your Freedom Dies

Everyone at some point or the other gets to a point where they have two options.

One leads to Safety and Misery.

The other leads to Survival and Empowerment.

In this world the Devil gives each and everyone those two options.

In other words lose your soul while gaining the world.


Keep your soul but have to take what you want.

Most people choose option one because it is easier.

Instead of having to survive and earn what you want, you get to sip on poison.

This poison takes decades to kill you.

The way this poison kills you is very nasty.

It causes you to be miserable and lose your freedom.

Instead of being Empowered you are instead full of Doubt.

You seek Status over real Achievements.

This Is When You Lose Your Soul

Instead of having to go out and earn the world you offer your freedom for it.

You put up with the long hours at your job so that you can one day live your life.

But guess what that time never comes.

By the time that you have done your time, you are old and lack the same energy.

You have finally “Made It” but your Soul departed decades ago.

You are no longer the person you once were.

I Told Him No And Charged Forward

Instead of taking the Devils offer I decided to bet on myself.

I charged into the Unknown.

It wouldn’t make any sense for me to take his offer.

While I would gain the world, I would also lose my Soul (Freedom/Fulfillment).

That would completely defeat the purpose of what I am doing.

Not only would I have been letting myself down but you as well.

I am doing this to show you that you can have whatever you want.

All that it takes is two simple things:

  1. Belief In Yourself
  2. Taking Action

With those two things you can have whatever you want.

Be Bold And Fight

You must be bold.

You must fight for what you want.

I am fighting for Freedom and Domination.

I want to show you that anything is possible.

When you look at me you will see someone who created a great life.

He was a young kid in a big ruthless world.

Instead of accepting what the world gave him, he decided to step up.

He decided to charge into the Unknown.

While everyone around him doubted him, he kept working.

When you see me I want you to see what you can achieve as well.


How to keep your soul while gaining the world?

It is easy.

All you have to do is bet on yourself and survive.

You need to get Uncomfortable.

Yes, you will bleed and have tough experiences.

But you can look at yourself in the mirror and say:

I did it. I believed in myself, kept my Soul, and gained the world

It isn’t even surviving.

I would actually say that it is truly living.

When you decide to keep your Soul you get to experience what so few do.

What Do You Choose?

Your time has come.

What will you choose?

You can choose option one or option two.

It is completely up to you.

One offers you Safety while the other offers you Freedom.

As always it comes down to what you want.

You can charge into the Unknown and bet on yourself, or sell your Soul.

Look forward to more updates on this major transition.

(Update: It’s 2020 and I’ve paid off all of my debt, went onto making money on my own, and have traveled to 8 countries)

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Wow, powerfully written piece here. I can say I’ve encountered an experience like this myself The short term is great, to experience your bank account increase by 5 figures in a day, but once the dust settled, you realize you sold a part of your soul in the process.

    As a side note, the beginning of this post made me think of some DMX tracks and I can say I felt some of the same things reading this as I do listening to them. So well done, it’s been great to watch your writing evolve here.

    • Yeah the “Devil” comes to everyone in life. The upfront money would have been great, but I value my freedom over that. I’m glad that you stuck with yourself and kept pushing.

      Thank you I appreciate that. I wanted to make it impact whoever read it.

  2. Awesome. This is badassery at it’s finest. I love that you didn’t succumb to the bait that was dangled in front of you. Starting this journey myself this month and look forward to the day I can turn down the “devil”. Thanks for being inspirational.

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