I’ve been running my website for over a year and have learned a lot. In this article I will show you what I’ve learned as well as tell you why you shouldn’t be a Blogger.

98% Of Bloggers Are Broke

Most of the sites that you see pop up are written by losers.

I can bet money that most of the “Bloggers” out there don’t make anything.

Blogging in itself doesn’t make much money.

You are probably confused since you think that I’m a Blogger right?

Well I don’t blame you.

I’ve been a Blogger for most of the time that Calm and Collected has been alive.

But here is the funny thing I don’t look at myself as a Blogger.

I would never just pump out articles not expecting anything in return.

Creating Content Takes Time

If I were just a Blogger, I wouldn’t put half of the effort that I do into Calm and Collected.

Just simply creating content would be a complete waste of my time.

It takes me 2-5 hours when writing a single article.

When it comes to making a video for you, I put around an hour + into it.

Yeah I know it is only a 5 maybe 12 minute video but great care is taken with my videos.

And now that I am getting into Podcasts, those take a little over an hour.

So from a business standpoint being a Blogger is a waste of time.

The amount of money that you make Blogging is nothing compared to what you could make doing other things with far less effort.

As an example the Drop Ship store that I am helping a friend build can generate $50/day easily.

On the second day of going live it made $47.

That is with no Articles, Videos, or Podcasts.

Do you really want to put hundreds of hours into something for peanuts?

People Will Vanish Like A Ghost

I’ve seen great sites disappear in a matter of months.

One guy I built a relationship with had great potential.

He was a rising star.

His site looked great and he had a good style.

But after 6 months in the game he vanished like a Ghost.

He was about to release his first book.

Right before launch he sent me an email telling me how stressed his book release was making him.

I simply replied, “Just release it and hustle.”

I never heard from him again.

That was around May of last year.

His site went offline soon after.

People vanish.

Most Can’t Play The Game

A lot of people aren’t meant for this game.

It is a tough one that requires complete dedication.

Those who aren’t committed are sucked up and spit out.

You need to have balls of steel and be able to hustle.

Of course you need that “magic” essence as well.

Creativity is the secret ingredient that makes content come to life.

Most people don’t have this ingredient.

What The Game Has Taught Me

In the year and six months of running my website I’ve seen and learned a lot.

If you have balls and creativity you can make it.

This game is a daily hustle.

Everything you do revolves around content.

Everything Is Content (Remember This)

A simple Snap or Tweet is content.

Don’t think that just a Video, Article, or Podcast is content.

There is no excuse to not always be releasing content.

Most people fail because they don’t produce enough.

But the catch is that it needs to be content that people enjoy.

You need to be Entertaining or Informing them.

If you don’t offer something to people then they will not come back.

Common sense.

But as I said just pumping out content is a waste of time.

If you are wanting to make money and bring lasting change to people, you have to do things differently.

You Need To Be Different

I know you think what I’m about to tell you is Cliche, but you need to be different.

But what I mean might not be exactly what you think.

You need to be different by doing things differently

The reason most Bloggers are broke is because they are doing everything wrong.

Instead of building a Brand they are just building a big website full of free content.

Not only a big website of free content, but a website that will give them NOTHING in return.

They are wasting their time.

Are you wanting to change lives and make a living while doing so?


You can try if you want, but you will be let down.

I’m doing you a big favor.

I’m also saving you hundreds of dollars and hours.

But let me go into more detail.

The Don’ts Of The Game

Okay so let’s say you have your own website.

You think that blogging is what you need to do.

You spend hours creating content that you think people will love. (NOPE)

Now you have some traffic coming to your website so you feel accomplished.

People must really love your website and content.

Now you learn about something called Affiliate Marketing.

You decide to promote products through an article or two.

After doing some minor promo you get your first $10 online.

At this point you are super excited right?

So you decide to create your next article.

Six articles later you start making a little more money.

By the time you have 30 articles you are making around $70/month.

While that is a decent amount of money, you need to look at the amount of time you had to put into making that small $70/month commission.

Yeah you are “making money online”, but what are you building?

The Do’s Of The Game

So I showed you a little example of the Don’ts of the game.

You saw that while you were able to make a little money, you weren’t building anything.

You were probably working for less than $1 per hour.

If you would’ve taken the time you put into those 30 articles you would’ve made way more from a normal day job.

To be different you need to be building something.

Just pumping out content will not add much value to the world.

But your content is special right?

You think mindlessly creating Articles, Podcasts, and Videos is how you add value.

If you would like you can follow that, but you will be broke and not get anywhere.

When creating anything you need to have a reason for it.

Don’t just put out another piece of content so that you can look “busy”.

Looking busy will not get you anywhere.

You must actually be busy accomplishing things.

Do more than you talk about.

Boy do I sound like an expert…

What Makes Me Know This Stuff

What makes me know this is because I did all of it.

This article is to show you from experience what you should and shouldn’t do.

I want you to finish this article and have true expectations.

I don’t want you to waste hours upon hours of your time.

If you really want to change lives.

If you are really wanting to add some kind of value to the world.

Keep reading this article.

But if you just want to keep mindlessly putting out content so that one day you will finally “make it” then be my guest.

Close this article and end up like all of the other losers on the Internet.

But knowing you, you want to change lives and live a great life…

How To Change The World

Now that you understand that being a Blogger is a complete waste of time, let’s move on to the next order of business.

How can you change the world?

It is a combination of 3 different ingredients:

  1. Living A Real Life
  2. Content
  3. Products

By using the above 3 different ingredients you can change the world.

You will be able to change more lives doing those than by just creating 400 articles.

If you follow the 3 ingredients you could create 10 articles that offer more value than 80 normal articles.

The 3 Ingredients are simple.

Here you go:

Living A Real Life-

When it comes to changing the world and building something great, living a real life is the most important.

It easy to promote whatever is trending at that time.

You don’t even have to show your results.

But if you are a genuine person you will need to get real results.

In the beginning while I wanted to help people my writing primarily focused on what was trending.


Because in my mind if I talked about what everyone else was then I would become “successful”.


That is the number one worst way to build anything!

It wasn’t until I started living a real life that my writing started improving.

Instead of talking about what was popular, I started talking about what was important to me.

Guess what?

People liked it and started consuming my content.

I quit my job to work for myself 100% and live Calm and Collected 24/7.

By doing that I was able to build a better relationship with you.

Also, you got to see a guy charge into the Unknown.

My story resonates with you because you are sharing in my life.

That is what you must do when building your website.

You need to be living a real life and accomplishing goals.

Your focus should be on:

  1. Accomplishing Things
  2. Then Talking About It

By following that you will waste less time on useless content and more on meaningful content that changes lives.

So get away from the camera or keyboard and go live!

When you have begun living a real life, you may go to the next part.


Okay so now you are living a real life.

You have more sources to draw from.

Now you should create content.

Create an article about how you lost weight.

Create a video about living life as a young guy.

Make a Podcast talking about what interests you.

You are accomplishing real things so you have plenty to talk about.

You are progressing in life.

Now you have a lot of content out there.

People are really rocking with your story and wanting more.

You now build a product that offers a solution.


Now for the third ingredient.

You have real accomplishments under your belt.

You have created great content.

Now it is time to release a product.

Instead of it being a half-assed product with the main desire of fast money, you will be able to create an amazing product.

Actually it doesn’t even have to be amazing.

All your product has to do is provide a solution!

You have an audience of people who have seen that you know what you’re talking about.

You yourself are an accomplished person.

So they will not think twice about buying your product.

By buying your product they are going to be able to have a piece of you.

They will be able to solve something in their life with your product.

Maybe they seek to make money from Drop Shipping.

Maybe they want to get in shape.

Whatever it is that you offer, they will want it.

That is how you make a living from your website while changing the world.

But Other People…

Who cares what other people are doing.

You need to worry about you and what you are wanting to accomplish.

Yea you could be friends with another guy who is getting a decent amount of comments, but that doesn’t mean he is doing it “right”.

Your main focus should be on building something that offers real life content.

Make a website that has great content not just content.

If you focus on creating great content you will be able to make a living.

But if you focus on just creating content then you will be broke.

Nobody will care about your website or you.


This article has been a little dark compared to my other articles.

You may like it or you may not.

But I just wanted to be real with you.

I made the mistake of focusing too much on just putting out content.

It wasn’t until I started focusing on outside real life accomplishments that I started really getting what I wanted.

Focus on less content and more on great content.

Go out and accomplish things.

Even if you make an article every other week that is fine as long as it changes the world.

(PRO TIP: When you first start out, you should put out 1-2 articles per week, until you get your style down)

Stop being selfish and just giving your audience regular content in the hopes of making a dollar off of them or getting a comment.

You are wasting your time and not helping them.

If you are just after the money then please go do something else.

You will be broke if you play this game like that.

Get into E-Commerce or some other form of business.

Blogging is not where the money is.

But if you are wanting to change the world and use “blogging” as means of content creation then you will do just fine.

Build a website that offers the content people want/need based off of your life.

This article may come as a surprise to you, but I really just want to tell you the truth.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden


About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Dude – cool article. I’ve just started my own blog and hundreds of hours have been spent on mostly research and just getting started. Vic’s idea of blogging is genius. He writes awesome stuff and gets us excited and when we make a blog – who do we talk about? Of course – Victor. Now, that’s a money making strategy.

    • Yeah Victor is a very smart businessman. I have a lot of respect for him.

      To make it in this game though you will need to be your own person. Don’t try to be like other people.

  2. I’m really digging this article Dylan. It goes way beyond blogging.

    A few years ago I was desperate and needed a way to make money to get out of a tough situation. That, ironically, is when I first found out about all this internet stuff. I followed this plan and that, like”just TELL me what to do to make money and I’ll do it 5x before sunrise.”

    Surprise surprise I failed miserably and paid a nasty price for it. This “make money online” stuff is 10% scam artists, 40% scam artists victims(who usually perpetuate the same scams), and 48% who either don’t want to or don’t have/do what it takes to make real money from this. Yes that leaves 2%, and even that might be generous. This is what I can tell from a couple years of doing this and that and making plenty of mistakes.

    A funny point of psychology I’ve read about. The more familiar people are with you, the more they are willing to trust you and build a relationship. A lot of this is just about lasting(but also staying relevant). You won’t last if you just do article after article and video after video- by the year mark you’d rather just go back to your job lol. You last by building a dream and creating something people truly love and appreciate.

    Keep evolving, learning and growing Dylan. This is great stuff.

  3. This is sincerely off-topic, but: Nice adjustments to the blog! I’ve been arguing with the settings on my own as well, and hope to have something as clean and clear as you’ve got going.

  4. So much truth to this. People don’t realize some of the struggle nor the time it takes to build a presence. Keep on keeping on, my man.

  5. Great article Dylan!

    I can see why you have got to the point you have.When you coming out with something else?!

  6. Dylan,

    Cool article here brotherman..

    It’s true that we can’t get very far without becoming a producer. However, even stronger than content production, is content marketing.

    When you’re a content marketer, you build tons of relationships with people that can help you and you can be of value to them as well. Have you read “Content Machine” by Dan Norris?

    Fantastic and actionable book, to improve on this line of thinking that you’re already after!

    Keep up the hustle

    – Evan

  7. This article needed to be put out there. Way 2 many guys are trying to make $$$$$ off of just writing articles. Just like you said there is more to it than just doing that.

    Great article!

  8. This is good advice. Really good advice – or so I hope! It is, after all, the same conclusion I’ve come to. Yeah, I put out vlogs more frequently at the start than later, and partly (and admittedly) because I needed the practice and wanted to show my improvement. In fact, the whole concept behind my writing and video channel is this: I want people to have the best life they can, and I have the approach to do it – so now I’m demonstrating how it works, what interesting things are out there to do, and having a fantastic time building a life of power and freedom.

    Will it ever make any money, of itself? Maybe. Not likely, though if it funded itself it’d be real handy. But so long as someone is helped with it, I don’t care. The process itself, the results I’m showing, those are the benefit to me.

    In other words: Yeah, what you said.

    • Sounds like you are doing the right things.

      Way of The Olympian will help people live better which will in turn reward me with financial benefits. With more Freedom and money to spend I can in turn help more people via experiencing more.

      An example of this is that since I now don’t have a 9-5, I will be able to help other people gain freedom as well.

      Good to see your comment Nicholas.

  9. It all depends on the end goal.

    For some, it’s to make a living, but for others it’s a hobby.

    Mine is definitely a hobby blog that happened to make $250 in 9 months.

    If I were doing this to run a business, I would have my own product already and spend every waking moment creating content to sell that product.

    Social media followings wouldn’t matter. Blog follower count wouldn’t matter. Comments wouldn’t matter.

    Only sales actually matter and providing excellent customer service to those people who trusted in you enough to spend their hard earned money on whatever it is that you’re selling. It’s easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.

    You’re right, most people shouldn’t be bloggers. UNLESS they are doing it for fun. At least it would be a creative hobby and not a destructive one.

    Great article, Dylan!

  10. “Right before launch he sent me an email telling me how stressed his book release was making him.

    I simply replied, “Just release it and hustle.”

    Best thing you could’ve said to him. I was also very stressed because of my book launch, and I fucked up a few things (maybe a lot) because of that but the thing is I pulled through and published it, and so far the feedback was great.

    Anyway just do it man it’s as simple as that and you laid everything out in this post, put your heart and soul into it and eventually you’ll be able to quit your 9-5 hell hole shit job for good.

    Don’t become a blogger, become a content producer!

    Really liked this article Dylan keep it up!


    • Yeah brother it really is simple. It took me 8 months to finally just go all in. Now I live with the Freedom to do as I please.

      Being a content producer is the name of the game. Too many people have gotten wrapped up into being a blogger or a YouTuber. Forget about the labels and just produce.

      Glad you liked the article. I will be reading your book soon. Already on my Kindle.

  11. I love it when you do articles like this. If you keep building you will be one of the big guys. I’m not in to having my own site but for anyone who is, you sure told them the right way.

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