Everyone knows that in today’s world that you can’t depend on an employer for your future. You now have to bet on yourself and build a business that will pay your bills or at least give you more income. This article will show you how to test a business idea before you waste your time.

Money = Freedom

I have been interested in starting a certain business for some time now.

My only hangup was that it would require me to take what resources I have and direct them towards it.

At this current time I am working for myself and my number 1 goal is Freedom.

I am able to continue this Freedom with one thing.

That thing is money.

So I am very careful about what I spend my money on right now.

Until I get myself into a better position I will continue this.

I didn’t want to create a website for $170. (You Need A Website, More On That Later)

I Found A Solution

I have let lack of money keep me from pursuing this idea for a while now.

Nobody is perfect.

We all hesitate sometimes.

But I decided that I was tired of letting my idea sit in my head.

It is a business that could generate good money for me.

There is no need to allow that idea to collect anymore dust.

After searching around I found the solution by accident.

While on Facebook I realized that I could create a Company Page.

This is something that I had never thought of before.

Here is what the screen looks like:

How To Test A Business Idea

As you can see, there are other options.

For what I was wanting to do, I decided to choose the Company, Organization, or Institution page.

From there I selected Consulting/Business Services.

Getting Started


After I typed in the basic information, now it was time to build the page.

I added all of the stuff such as our Mission and other things.

From there I clicked the Services tab and added the services that I offer.

How To Test A Business Idea

It was really easy.

I then promoted it and got my first few likes.

But then I started getting private messages from people who were interested in my services.

That is when I got a good feeling that this idea would get traction.

Within 4 hours of creating the page I got my first client.

He is someone who is in the Financial Industry.

This guy already has a website, but he wanted to speak to me about ways he could improve his site.

But now let’s cover if you need a website or not…

Why Not Just Start A Website?

Unless you have money to pour into a venture that may not succeed, I recommend you start with a Facebook Page.

But it also comes down to the kind of business you are wanting to start.

If you are starting a Drop Ship business, I recommend you stay away from a Facebook Store.

Instead start the right way, by creating your store with Shopify.

I’ve already talked about it before but you need to go Pro from the start.

On the other hand if you are starting a Service based business you can get away with starting a Facebook page before your website.

The point I am making here is stop giving excuses for why you haven’t started your business.

You can literally start your business for FREE with Facebook.

So no you don’t need to start a website to get your business started, but you will have to at some point.

(Want An Online Store? Start A Free Trial With Shopify)

Are Websites Crucial?

Yes and No.

As you can see you do not have to start a website, but I highly recommend it if you plan to scale out your business.

To make it in business you need to be online.

Not only will it give you more “Authority”, but you will also gain access to many more customers.

In our world today you are no longer limited to Billy down the street.

How To Test A Business Idea

You can now have customers in your city and around the world.

So start a website, but don’t let the money hold you back.

If you want to test the idea then start a Facebook page to test it out.

Then after you have made a few sales or got a few clients you can start your website.

Expand On If I Need A Website

Let me go into more detail about businesses who can get by without starting a website.

If you are creating any type of service based business, you can get by without a website.

Of course if you ever want to grow your brand you will need to invest into a website.

By having your own website you stand out from the crowd and are able to own your own property.

I haven’t experimented with selling my own product, but I am sure that you could use Facebook as a starting point as well.

If I were testing a product idea I would start a Facebook page and become an affiliate for a similar product.

From there I would promote the page and see what kind of response I received.

But there is another side of the coin.

Your businesses reputation needs to be protected.

Learn From Jeb Bush

Take Jeb Bush as an example.

He didn’t own his own name and Trump bought it.

Before Jeb Bush failed, Trump used the domain to forward people to his own site.

Protect yourself from that happening to your business.

Business can be cut throat depending on what industry you get started in.

By having your own website you will be able to guard your businesses reputation.

Not only that but it shows that you are a pro.

Final Thoughts

Instead of using lack of money as an excuse, you can start a Facebook page for your business.

From there you can test the market and see if investing into a domain would be worth your time and money.

There really is no excuse for why you haven’t started your own business.

I’ve shown you time and again that there are many different ways.

You can even start a side-gig.

Now is your time to build a business and gain Freedom.

Start a Facebook page today and see if you have what it takes.

You can test multiple ideas.

After you have seen what the response is you can then execute your idea.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Great advice Dylan. Facebook pages are so simple to set up. Well done for getting your first client too. I’m really enjoying your blog lately. It’s really come into its own. Keep it up!

  2. Really cool idea. I didn’t Facebook makes it so easy for you to test a business idea, that’s definitely something that I need to try out soon. I made a couple Facebook pages in the past but they didn’t get anywhere because I gave up on them after awhile, decided to change directions. But this article made me want to make a new one, offering consulting is a really cool way to make some quick cash. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL that pic of Billy down the street was hilarious. Dope article!

  4. Dylan how can I be free? I want to own my own business and not have to answer to anyone. It seems complicated and like you have to sacrifice a lot.

    • It is easy. Start building a business now until it supplements your income. Also, you can start doing Uber which will allow you to make your own schedule. Check out my Uber article.

      You don’t have to sacrifice much. All your business requires is time and dedication. You must go all in. Bet on yourself.

  5. Are you going to offer this stuff on ur site?

    good artticle btw.

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