There comes a point in everyone’s life where they get into a Mental Rut. Life just doesn’t seem to be as exciting and their mind isn’t clear. In this article I will show you how to get out of your own Mental Rut and take your life to the next level.

I will keep this article simple and effective. Both of our time is important to me. Take what I say in this article and then implement it into your life NOW.

Without even knowing you I can almost guarantee that a large reason you don’t get what you want in life is because you wait. You know exactly what you need/want to do, but for some reason you put it off for another day.

The last time a I checked you are going to die one day. Who knows you might not wake up tomorrow morning. Nothing in life in guaranteed.

Your girl who you love might leave you. The job that gives you security may be taken from you. There are many things in life that can disappear within a short amount of time.

I’m not trying to scare you or make you feel bad. All I am doing is telling you that if you REALLY want results, then you better get up and moving. Nobody is going to save you or give it to you because you are a nice guy.

It isn’t bad to be a nice guy that has manners, but being that way doesn’t entitle you to anything. In this world you must be Ruthless and Focused. You are either paying for someone else’s lifestyle or your creating own.

Okay so let’s begin this article and then make sure to stick around until the end. By reading this whole article and then applying it to your life, you will finally get out of your Mental Rut.

What Is A Mental Rut And What It Isn’t?

When it comes down to it a Mental Rut is just a phase that you are in. It doesn’t mean that you are becoming ineffective or that you are a loser. Like with most things in life your Mental Rut can be fixed within a matter of days to weeks.

Usually when you find yourself in a Mental Rut you begin getting down on yourself. From there you start seeking other things to distract yourself. By doing that you are doing nothing but making your Mental Rut worse.

Here are some common distractions while in a Mental Rut:

  • Busy Work
  • Masturbation
  • Entertainment
  • Snacking
  • Unhealthy Relationships

All five of those distractions while providing empty relief actually make your Mental Rut worse. Why you ask? Well because instead of giving you a Solution, they just prolong your lack of activity.

I’m not going to break down the details of each distraction due to common sense. You already know those things don’t serve you. If they don’t serve you then that means they don’t help you.

Why You’re In A Mental Rut…

You are in a Mental Rut because you want to be in one. Everything in your life up to this point has come to you by either you Consciously or Unconsciously accepting them. Small decisions make big changes!

Mental Ruts are brought about by daily decisions that you make. I know in my personal life that I would fall into Mental Ruts quickly if I didn’t keep myself busy pursuing something bigger than myself. I’m sure it is the same with you.

You are in a Mental Rut because you don’t have a true Mission in life that makes you get moving. Your lack of action over time starts making you feel off and will affect your thinking.

Mental Ruts aren’t some kind of curse. Instead as you now understand, they are just brought on your from lack of action. Simple right?

How To Get Out Of Your Mental Rut?

To get out of your Mental Rut you need to get moving. I am not talking about just keeping yourself occupied with Busy Work. Instead find something that moves you and then commit yourself to that.

That is the biggest way to get yourself out of your Mental Rut. But even then you can start to fall back into your Mental Rut so let me give you some things that you can do.

Instead of putting bullet points I will just number them as we go…

1. Build Something

Every Man needs to build something. Whether that be building a business or painting, you just need to start doing it! By building something you are able to get out of your head and see that you affect your outer reality.

I recommend joining my Newsletter so you can get a copy of my free eBook. In that eBook I will show you the basics that you need to do so that you can start your own Drop-Shop business. From there create your store using the Shopify Link. Even if your first store isn’t a success you can take what you learned and then try again.

Creating my online business was something that not only helped me get out of my Mental Rut, it also made me a better person. You learn a lot about yourself when you build things. Do not wait any longer!

You can learn more about Drop-Shipping here.

2. Start A Journal

I’m not saying to be a little girl and keep a diary. I mean you can if you want, but what I am saying is that to get out of your Mental Rut you will start keeping a journal.

I have two main journals. Each journal has everything from realizations to tons of money making ideas. I do have a journal that I began writing in about each day, but I just don’t enjoy that.

Go to Grocery store or Amazon and buy yourself a journal! In this journal you can write down your goals, ideas, and anything else that you want. Keep this journal to yourself and never let anyone write in it.

I recommend customizing it the way you want. Make it into almost a religious type of book to you. You will be amazed how quickly your Mental Rut will disappear when you start keeping your own journal.

3. Become One With Nature

Something I enjoy doing from time to time is going for a walk in the Forest or walking along the beach. By going out into Nature you are able to get away from the distractions this world offers and really think about life.

Don’t take anything but your thoughts and your journal (DON’T FORGET YOUR PEN). Leave your cellphone in the car your girlfriend can wait…

While you are walking through Nature take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells. If you see a spot to sit down then do so and meditate.

4. Get Healthy

It goes without saying that being healthy is great. By being healthy you can give more of yourself to the world. Not only that, but you will feel amazing.

When you are in a Mental Rut eat healthy and stay hydrated. Most people will start snacking and consuming sugary things, but not you. Let other people ruin their bodies while you enjoy being healthy.

5. Eliminate Negative People

When you are down one of the worst things that you can allow into your life is negative people. When you are in a lower mental state you are more susceptible to being negatively swayed.

So when in a Mental Rut start eliminating negative people from your life at once. Who needs druggy, soul consuming, and deadbeat people in their life?

If you are going to become an Olympian you have to get used to eliminating people from your life that hold you back. It isn’t personal,  it is just the cost of becoming your best.

6. Travel

Book a ticket to a city you’ve been dreaming of going to or just go somewhere close by. By removing yourself from your current circumstances you will be able to experience new things.

Meeting new people and seeing new sights can really change your life and get you out of your head. Book a ticket!

7. Recommended Supplements

This one is something that can really help if combined with a few of the others above. Supplements can enhance your Mind and Body.

Here are my recommended Supplements:

By using the above Supplements you will notice things such as clearer thinking and zero to no anxiety. You will be amazed at what happens when you combine action with Supplements.

What Are You Waiting For?

What this entire article comes down to is one thing and one thing only. You don’t have to buy Supplements or even follow what I said. All you need to do is GET MOVING!

The reason you are in a Mental Rut is because you aren’t doing what you know needs to be done. Instead you are allowing yourself to do Busy Work and not accomplish anything.

You know what I did today?

I woke up at 2:30AM. Then I went out and made me some money. Once I got home I got to work and made this article for you. As soon as I’m finished I’m going to Skype a client and then keep working until around 9:30PM.

That doesn’t make me special, but it gets me results.

Until Next Time Go And Dominate.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

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  1. Enjoyed reading this Dylan. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. I like what you wrote about building something. I can identify strongly with that from my own experience. Keep up the good work.

  2. Funny you should mention. I have an article brewing in my brain about part of what you mention. Specifically, the lack of mental energy. Before the 7 Deadly Sins there were the 8 Evil Thoughts (some pope combined them), and one of the items that didn’t make the shift exactly is something called “acedia.” There’s not a real direct translation, but you described it pretty well at the top, there. As you said, that whole mentality of “meh” can kill all your good plans by nothing more than putting them off and wasting good time.

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