I Found God in The Bathroom Staring at Me

You hear of people finding God in the mountains of the East. Little did I know he’d stare right at me in the bathroom as I washed my hands.

For a while I’ve been a spiritual person. I don’t adhere to any religion and don’t care about your moral code.

What I do care about is finding what makes me happy and more successful. Outside of that everything else is a waste of time to me.

You can argue which religion is best or what the REAL purpose of life is all day long. What I have found though is that those things are pointless.

They are all just your opinion and opinions don’t mean anything. It comes down to what works and what doesn’t work.

At the same time I’ve also realized that everything works. It just comes down to the effort you put in and the type of person you are.

Something may work great for me and not work for you. It all comes down to learning the basics of life and then going from there.

So what about me finding God in the bathroom?

It was about a week ago. My day had gone as usual except for this nagging feeling inside of me telling me there was something I needed to do.

I worked out, ate breakfast, and got to work. Around 6pm I had wrote the article How Drake Became a Rap Legend.

After the editing was done I turned off my computer and headed for the kitchen. I got my protein shake and went back to my room to study.

As I was reading I got this weird feeling. Slight euphoria mixed with excitement. I found it odd but continued reading.

Sometime later I used the bathroom. As I flushed the toilet the power went off. Without hesitation I found my lighter and candle in the darkness.

I lite the candle and the darkness went away. From there I placed the candle down and began washing my hands.

While washing my hands I looked deep into my eyes. My eyes were glistening in the darkness and I could see the flame from the candle flickering in my eyes.

My thoughts started going out of control and I began having epiphanies.

I began making connections in my head. Events that had happened in my life and decisions that I had made were all making sense.

I saw how everything had fit together up to this point. Everything from my upbringing to interning in California.

Minutes later I felt like God or some higher power had opened my mind. I logically understood the power of MBS and how to use it in my life.

MBS = Mind/Body/Spirit

I became aware of why my life has been so great over the past two months. My mind at this point was moving miles per second and I had to calm myself down.

Breathe and focus I told myself.

Within seconds I became calm and collected. I went into my room and started writing on my white board while holding the candle.

As I finished writing down the script for my life for this year and beyond, the power came back on.

I will be writing more about the MBS and why it’s important to money and life.

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. What you experienced is something many of the wisest have not and yet still seek to do, and yet I believe that every dedicated worker or monk has through their beliefs, willpower, and dedication. To control onself is meaningless yet something all should be thankful for, but to understand ones self is the greatest wisdom there is.

    • In addition whatever you believe perhaps your God or gods or goddess or goddesses or higher power opened your mind or perhaps you found a deep inner peace at that moment or an understanding all subconsciously seek and desire, but regardless you should be very greatful and continue upon the path of your life. Wander, wander to no end. Then you must learn to see what you are looking at and continue to see more and understand more to no end, and never forget to hear and smell and even taste for you will learn far more that way than to listen to another’s dull account that lack or could miss many of the details you may need or find interesting that you could only find through your own personal experience.

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