As I write this I am getting my oil changed. It is weird to be sitting here as a customer. The old me used to spend 8-10 hour days here. Never again will I put myself through that.

The old me was too scared to go after what he wanted in life. He knew exactly what he wanted, but would allow the world to push him around. I had one of those Aha moments and realized it was my time.

It was my time to Charge into the Unknown. No longer would I sit by as a passenger in my life. My happiness, money, and everything else was up to me. Nobody was going to save me.

I decided that if I was really going to build my brand then I had to go all in.

As I’ve said other times 4/9/2016 was my last day working for another man. Since then my life has been changing constantly. Everyday really is an adventure.

The greatest change that has happened is that I am becoming more and more who I really am. No longer can I worry about what other people think or say. I’m on my own time.

I am my own boss and answer to myself only. If you haven’t experienced this kind of Freedom then you are really missing out on life. Don’t quit your job just so you can feel the way I do every second.

Instead create your Game-Plan and then take a calculated risk. By having a Game-Plan you are able to focus on what you want. Magical things happen when you set your sights on a desired goal.

In the game of life you get what you focus on. So using some good old common sense your chances of achieving your goals are increased by 500%.

You’ve seen my red notebook before. That notebook has ideas in it that could make me a very rich Man if I acted on them.

But as I said it is all about focus. I know what I want and so I focus on that. Everything else is just a distraction for the time being.

Car is finished so now it is time for me to leave…

The Beauty and Price of Freedom

So now I am at one of my favorite cafes in Charleston. I find that I get some of my best work done while at a cafe. My home office is great, but I don’t like feeling like I’m in an office cubicle.

As I was saying towards the top of the article a lot has changed. I went from a young guy with Shackles on his Ambition to now being a free Man with the world as my playground.

What does Freedom really truly feel like?

Freedom is great. It isn’t always like you are on some paradise island in the Caribbean. There are ups and downs. Some days you make great money while others you hardly make any.

When you think of Freedom you probably imagine this:

“Now that I’m free from being a Wage-Slave I can do whatever I want. I get to make as much money as I want. If I don’t want to work on this day I don’t have to. Oh and yeah I get to wake up whenever I want. I get to play Fable or whatever game I want for 8 hours. No more stressing out or having to do this or that. I own myself now!!!”

I hate to tell you this, but Freedom isn’t like that at all. Yes you can do all of that, but you will end up having to get a job within a month. I’m not going to sell you on some false dream.

Freedom doesn’t work like the scenario above.

This is how Freedom actually is:

  • You Can Do Whatever You Want (You Choose If You Win or Lose)
  • Today’s Work Is Tomorrows Salvation (You Bust Your Butt Everyday For Freedom)
  • You Get To Wake Up When You Want (I Actually Wake Up WAY Earlier Than When I Had A Job So That I Can Maximize My Day)
  • You Will Feel Lonely At Times (Your Friends Are Still Working So You Will Spend A Lot Of Time With Just Yourself)
  • You Can Play Video Games To Your Hearts Content (As I Said Today’s Work Is Tomorrows Salvation… Understand?)
  • Your Life Is In Your Hands (You Will Have Days Where You Will Not Know If You Will Be Able To Pay Your Bills. Turn That Into Making Things Happen)

Freedom is beautiful and I will never return it. If you put yourself into the position to achieve Freedom, you will never want to give it up either. To keep it and not answer to anyone you have to pay the Price.

Not just today or when you feel like it. You have to pay the Price of Freedom every single damn day. No exceptions and no excuses.

There is no I don’t feel like it. There is no I’m not inspired today. Instead it is GO GO GO! Your actions create inspiration. If you need any motivation look in the mirror or go visit your old job.

Why Most People Aren’t Cut Out To Be A Boss

Being your own Boss takes discipline and guts. You have to learn how to attack on multiple fronts. Nobody is going to give you any food.

You now have to go out and kill your own food. It is your responsibility to run the show. That applies to EVERYTHING.

  • Money
  • Women
  • Obligations
  • Business Success
  • Errands

Most people simply can’t handle that kind of responsibility. Even I almost lost it. Not once but twice.

The first time I allowed myself to fall into a mild depression and stop working. Instead of making things happen I allowed money issues to develop. Instead of crying I had to go out and get my own money.

Sales literally saved my life. Nobody was there to help Dylan Madden out. You know what I prefer it that way. I trust myself more than anyone else. I know that I can always count on myself.

The second time I almost allowed heart-break to throw me off course. Having to give up someone you love in order to be able to pursue you Mission can be hard. If I was like most guys my age, I would have just settled. But instead I allowed all of the Chaotic Emotions within me to push me towards my Greatness.

The reason you can’t handle being your own Boss is because you must become more. Who you are currently is not cut out to run is own life. If he was then you’d already be doing it right?


So if you truly truly truly want to be your own Boss then you need to start making moves. Not just normal moves. Instead you need to be making moves everyday that push you towards your goals. Start by Upgrading Your Life.

Do You Have What It Takes?

You already know all of the highs and lows. You know what it takes to be your own Boss. Now it is time to decide if that is what you really want.

Don’t get me wrong having a boss doesn’t make you a terrible person. Some people are perfectly happy with that kind of life. That is completely fine. Not everyone can live like this. We need employees that can make society function.

It is all about being happy and fulfilled in life. I really do believe that. The reason I create content for you is because it is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. It pushes me to do more and be more.

If you don’t have what it takes to be your own Boss that is fine. I do not and will not ever judge you.

I am convinced that if you get involved and apply what I talk about your life will improve. You will start getting the results that you want instead of just having TONS of useless opinions.

How do I know?

Well because everything that I speak about is what has helped me. Calm and Collected shows my evolution. I don’t just put out pointless content. Everything I put out has a purpose.

Whether that be to give you a Solution or to Inform you, everything on here means something. Believe me on that.

Let me leave you with some final thoughts.

Your life is yours to create.  You can either build your life around someone else or you can build it around yourself.

Life is meant to be fun and exciting not boring. Start living your life to the fullest that you possibly can every single day.

We will talk again soon.

Your Friend,

Dylan Madden

About Dylan Madden

My name is Dylan Madden. I've written over 300+ articles for those who want more out of life and are interested in traveling the world. I am from US city where most people work the same old job for their entire life. Now after traveling to 18 countries. I've set up a home in Dubai where I spend my days helping freelancers build successful businesses within The Real World and on the blog Calm and Collected. Within this website you will find the motivation and action steps to make your life better.

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  1. Great advice brother! I love Fable, but I love success a whole lot more. I’m super excited of what is here and what is to come!

  2. This is great stuff, and inspiring! You have in very practical terms what I wrote about recently in an admittedly more… well, not exactly poetic, but philosophical way. The practical is the really useful. Looking forward to that plan you’re making.

  3. “Your life is yours to create. You can either build your life around someone else or you can build it around yourself.”

    So true Dylan! Enjoy your freedom. I’ll be there one day.

  4. Fantastic article Dylan! I would like to wish you lots of success and hope that you are enjoying your freedom! You deserve brother! By the way let me know when you get done with your ebook. I would like to check it out!

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