7 Steps to Building a Twitter Side Hustle in 30 Days

In today’s world of social media most are consumers. Those who decide to create can turn this into serious money. Even better you can make money from a Twitter side hustle in as little as 30 days.

You can build a Twitter side hustle while going to school or working a job. Literally takes 30 minutes of work a day when done correctly.

I personally have amassed a following of 109k followers on Twitter, now called X. Most people think it’s simply a place to post your thoughts or share funny memes. The reality is you can be pulling in a high 5 to 6 figures a year if you simply follow the steps below on building a Twitter side hustle.

7 Steps to Building a Twitter Side Hustle in 30 Days

For starters your main issue will be identifying what kind of account to create. This is the first roadblock to making money most stop at. So I am going to break it down step by step for you.

1) A social media account

Obviously without a Twitter aka X account you won’t be able to create content. Step 1 is to go and sign up for a free account. If you’ve got budget, I’d pay for premium which runs you $8 per month. However, the reality is you can make money without premium.

2) Follow 5 accounts for inspiration

From there, follow 5 accounts you like. If you’re not big into Twitter, I’d just look at authors, bloggers, and YouTubers you already consume. This will give you an idea of the types of content doing well while giving you content ideas.

You can follow me on X.

4) See what content works

Once you have the 5 accounts you’ll use for inspiration, you will quickly see what content is performing best. In plain speak this means look for patterns in the content they’re posting which gets the most likes and Reposts.

This gives you a good idea of what people are looking for. I’d make a Google Doc with links to 20 tweets per account as this will come in handy later.

5) Post 3-5 times a day

Now take a look at the list of accounts you’ve made. Every day you are going to wake up and pick 3-5 tweets.

From there, you will use the idea of the tweet to create your own. More than likely you will make this harder than it really is in the beginning. Just post the content as everyones content sucks when just getting started.

You will get better in time if you don’t quit.

6) Leave 10 replies a day.

Since you’re a new account you will have 0 followers aka nobody will be engaging with your tweets. To fix this, you need to begin establishing yourself with other people’s followings.

To do this, start leaving replies under people’s tweets. My recommendation is to add something to the conversation. Don’t just reply with, “good one bro!”. Either add your take on what they said or find a way to expand on what they said.

Once again, this will be difficult if you overthink it. Just leave a reply and move on. Aim for 10 replies every single day. In time, more people will begin following you. The reason why is because they will see your reply and if you added something of value, they will check out your account.

On top of this, the person you replied to will possibly repost you to their entire audience. Meaning, their followers will see you.

7) Link to an offer

From there, you need to link to an offer. This can be your own product or an affiliate offer. I’d encourage you to pick an affiliate offer to get started quickly. Every time someone buys, you get paid and even better you don’t need to spend time creating the product yourself.

That’s literally all you need to do. You will make your first sale in the first 30 days if you follow these steps every day.

My friend LMM has put together a good course on exactly how to get your account making $100 a day if you take action. He also goes into how to grow your account and what types of content to create.

Read the reviews first, then make your decision.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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