I Would’ve Quit My Job Sooner If I Understood This

You’re in a point where you want to be able to quit your job. It seems like a mystical thing you can’t quite figure out. I’ve been there before. Let me share with you why I would’ve quit my job sooner if I understood this one thing.

I used to be lost and hate my life. No matter what I did I always ended up getting the short end of the stick. I’d test out different business ideas, make a little money then quit. Most of my time was spent mindlessly watching people live their life. Whether it was on social media or YouTube.

In my mind I thought if I can just “figure out” what they know maybe I’d be free. Boy was I wrong. People just show you the highlight reels of their life.

Very few creators give you actionable content as it doesn’t get the same amount of views as silly articles such as:

  • This Morning Routine Made Me a Millionaire
  • 5 Ways to Make $100,000 in 30 Day
  • Why I Wake Up at 5am

I could go on and on about those cringe worthy types of blog articles and YouTube video titles. You know exactly what I’m talking about. If you consume enough of that content you’ll end up feeling hopeless as your life doesn’t change much.

Sure, you may start waking up earlier and feel a little more motivated. But this type of content doesn’t pay your bills let alone buy your freedom. What you really need are real skills with a game plan.

I Would’ve Quit My Job Sooner If I Understood This

To be 100% real with you, living a life of freedom seemed almost mystical to me back when I first got started. In today’s world with everyone seemingly making 6 figures a month and driving supercars in their early 20’s you’re under even more pressure. Which is why you’ve got to focus and take action. Even setting up a side hustle is better than sitting around overthinking a dozen different trendy business ideas.

When I got started I was only making a little over $300 every two weeks. In hindsight I have zero idea how I survived on that. I regularly spend this on a dinner now – just as your life will change as well if you take what you’re reading seriously.

My days were spent working at a car dealership. It was on my lunch break that I’d listen to podcasts and fantasize about something more.

But I didn’t know what to do or where to start. Back then there were only obscure blogs you had to piece together to semi figure out what to do. You’re lucky for places such as The Real World where you can just login and get access to people doing what they teach in real time.

In time, I figured it out and pulled myself out of the hole. Not only that, I quit my job and became my own boss. Where I’d wake up each day excited for the day instead of dreading it. My life was now filled with purpose.

To help fellow people around the world I created a manual called Think and Go Hustle.

Where I laid out everything you need to learn:

> how to find your purpose

> how to write the script of your life, instead of being a slave

> how to manage your money

> the basics of money

> how to create a life you love waking up too

Inside of this book you’ll learn everything you need to know to make yourself capable and competent enough to stop worrying so much about peasant level things in life.

You’ll quickly find yourself able to think clearly, you’ll wake up to a life you enjoy, and more.

>> You can get it here

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

PS: Readers of Think and Go Hustle will be getting access to my upcoming book before everyone else does.

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