How to Stop Living Life on Repeat

If you’re in a situation where for months on end you are not making progress, you’re either drinking the kool aid aka an idiot or you are ignoring the literal massive opportunities in front of your 2 eyes.

Your life shouldn’t be a repeat of the same problems for more than 3 weeks.

How to Stop Living Life on Repeat

And no I’m not talking about the motivational garbage the gurus preach.

Think about it logically:

  • You keep facing a problem
  • You clearly see what you’re doing isn’t working
  • Yet you keep repeating the same solutions

This makes no sense. And if you keep digging the holes only going to get deeper. Hard work alone won’t fix your situation every time.

What you need is to sit back and think…

“What is the problem?”

“What have I done to attempt to solve it?”

Now the next step is to ask yourself…

“What can I do that I haven’t tried yet?”

A lot of the time it will be something you already thought about but said no too. Other times it will be something you’ve never once considered.

How most people react is they just keep trying the exact same thing that clearly isn’t working.

For weeks, months, and years.

I’m speaking from experience in my own life when I first got started reaching out to clients. And now after working with thousands of people around the world I’ve noticed the same thing.

The solution is to refuse to stagnate for more than 3 weeks. That is plenty of time to see if what you’re doing is working or not.

If it isn’t, SWITCH it up and test another angle.

This applies to:

  • DMs you’re sending to clients
  • Social media posts
  • How you’re marketing yourself
  • What you’re doing to grow your clients social media
  • And how you’re running your life

Wake up now.

​Don’t live life on repeat.​ You’ve got to go take action, but make sure it’s the right action.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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