Why You Should Guard Your Time

Time is all you have in this world. The average person doesn’t even worry much about it. They just go through the motions day by day.

Living on a hope of “one day” until they wake up in their 30’s and just settle with what life has given them.

Why You Should Guard Your Time

This terrified me in my 20’s.

I knew there had to be a better way to operate. Just as you have done the same with your approach in life – you know there’s more out there than average.

You’ve gotta accept you can’t change yesterday – guilting yourself achieves nothing.

You can’t directly control the future – although you can take the right actions today to help your future self. But you can totally direct your time today in the right direction.

Be that, sending out more DMs to clients. Hitting the gym and eating right. Giving your family a call to tell em you love them.

Taking the first step towards building the biz idea you’ve been thinking about. And it all starts with guarding your time.

Not everything in your life needs to be instantly fixed. Don’t be a hamster on a wheel as the gurus have attempted to make you. You can tell people and opportunities no.

What matters most is you create your own Script for life and live it day by day. Moment to moment using your time to the most positive action of your abilities.

Don’t wait too long:

  • Time waits for no person
  • Trials and tribulations come
  • The idea you have fades with every passing day you don’t act
  • Life “happens” and your energy will stagnate

All you have is today.

It’s time for you to think and then go hustle aka take action. You’ve held yourself back enough to this point.

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Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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