How to Stop Losing at Life

When it comes to how you approach life, the best way to fail is simple. I could tell you to just follow what everyone else does. That’s too surface level. Let’s break down how to fail and then more importantly how to stop Losing at Life.

Let me break it down for you.

> The best way to fail is to fill your day with copious distractions.

> Have 8 different things going on at the same time, so you feel like you’re being productive but in reality you’re just being busy

> Don’t commit to 1 path, have a plan A B and C

> Mindlessly consume content until you finally find “the secret”

I could list off about 100 more ways to fail, but that’s enough for the time being. Now because I know you so well, I’m gonna list off some ways to raise your success rate massively if you apply them today.

How to Stop Losing at Life

> Be all in or all out.

Don’t stack a massive task list to feel busy. Nothing more demotivating than seeing 100 things to do and so you attempt to do them all at the same time.


You need to pick 3-6 things to knock out in a single day. Then focus 100% of your mind on the task at hand until it’s complete.

Don’t just try to be busy so you “feel” like you’re progressing. Feelings don’t make money or give you the life you want.

In my own life, when I am working, nothing else matters except for the task at hand. WW3 could be going on, but you can bet your last dollar I’m gonna finish my work.

Or if I’m with my team, I don’t care about anything else except the conversation at hand or training or what we’re working on.

If I’m on a date, all I care about is the moment and my girl.


Because in life there’s always something happening. I will handle it when I’m there. For now, I’m gonna focus totally on whatever I’ve chosen to give my focus too.

You need to stop allowing yourself to be in 2 (if not more) different states of mind 24/7. You’ll get away with it for some time, but eventually it will break you unless life breaks you first.

If you find yourself struggling to stick to the task at hand. If you feel you can’t seem to find the motivation or discipline to force life to be what you want it to be.

I wrote Think and Go Hustle for you. I’ve been following it for years ever since I wrote it way back in the day.

It’s helped me massively and I know it’ll do the same for you.

Start reading it here.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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