Are You Stuck in Purgatory?

Some of you get so used to living in purgatory you forget what life was like before. You have long forgotten the excitement you felt each day towards life.

If you’re not self-aware enough, you allow this to continue for weeks. Weeks turn into months. In some cases mofos let this turn into years.

And this isn’t what life is supposed to be.

Are You Stuck in Purgatory?

If you don’t feel like your life is changing much?

Whether this is you’re not closing any clients. Your social media isn’t going up. Or you’ve been living the same reality on repeat.

Chances are you are in purgatory.

Now most people just let this time pass, and in most cases it will eventually. But there’s no telling how long this season will stick around unless you decide to change it right now.

And don’t think I’m going all guru on you either as if I’m Mr.Perfect aka this never happens to me. It literally happens to every single person.

It’s just I’ve learned my lesson over and over again.

So when I sense myself entering a purgatory period I start making changes asap.

As purgatory periods make your entire life stagnate and plummet if you’re not careful.

For the past 4 months I could sense this season happening to myself. Due to demands I decided to fight through it by changing up little things.

Such as totally redoing my day to day routine.

Taking on more clients.

Working out in the morning instead of the night.

And once my responsibilities were completed I booked a flight out to totally change up the environment. Now while you don’t need to fly to some far off island if you can’t afford it.

You need to get good at recognizing when things are stagnating. Be it you’ve gotten to comfortable or maybe you’ve gotten stuck in a defeatist mindset (I wrote about this before).

Then start switching up your day to day reality which speeds up you escaping purgatory.

Here are some simple steps to implement either all of them or just a couple…

> take new actions (post more content, send more DMs to clients, workout earlier)

> travel to new environments (work from a cafe instead of home, go to a nearby city, tune into more AMA’s of mine inside of T R W)

> generate new self talk (talk more assertively instead of just streaming whatever you see as you go through your day – lmk if you wanna know more about this by replying to this email)

> New convos with the bros (instead of sitting around talking about nonsense, start talking about lifting or building something together)

Anyways, right now I’m sitting on a rooftop overlooking the ocean. I’ll show some pictures after I’ve left the area – don’t wanna dox myself. Time to go on a date with my girl.

Remember what we spoke about and make it happen immediately.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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