5 Steps to Make Money in 2024 (Full Guide)

Inside of the 5 Steps to Make Money in 2024 (Full Guide) we will be going in depth step by step and on what to do. Make sure to take notes and feel free to watch this video again while using the steps below as a summary.

5 Steps to Make Money in 2024 (Full Guide)

Step 1) Start an online business.

  • copywriting service
  • video editing service
  • social media management

I’ve written extensively on creating an online business by this point. As well has spoken in 100’s of hours worth of videos on how to make money. It is built upon having something to sell and finding people to buy it.

This is what I call level 1 of making money.

From this, you create cashflow which allows you to hire a team, travel the world, and live. Which is what you will be doing over the next 2 years. Every single day I broadcast to 10,000’s of thousands of students. Stage 1 of entering is to join my founders level telegram group which is free.

Step 2) Charge clients in USD/Euro.

The goal is to either cut your costs lower in your home country or enjoy a higher quality life abroad in a place where your money goes further.

Here’s a payment processor you can use to accept money in most currencies.

Continue to step 3 to know more.

Step 3) Move to South America, South East Asia, or Eastern Europe.

With you earning in a stronger currency this gives you a massive advantage. You can live a high quality lifestyle for much cheaper.

Meaning, save more & invest more.

Step 4) Reinvest your money into your biz and stack the rest.

Keep your costs low without taking a lifestyle quality hit. Meaning the money you’re saving by living in another economy. Instead of blowing it on sinful things such as clubbing every week or spending all of your money each month instead of saving.

Take the extra money you have from living in a cheaper country aka easier to spend less and get more bang for your buck. Put it into building business infrastructures around services, savings accounts, investments, or buying other businesses.

It requires discipline, but it’s the best path to creating a life you enjoy and have security for your future family. For too long, people have either went too deep into the work motivation phase or they go minimalistic and end up becoming too timid for the great life.

Step 5) Within 2 years you’ll be able to live wherever you want without worrying about money.

Everything in life worth doing starts as a goal broken into steps. You can tell yourself you want to become a success, lose weight, or change something about yourself. This means nothing.

What are the steps from your goal to the first action? Nobody thinks anymore. Their brains have melted to moment by moment instead of having foresight. The fact you’re taking time to read long form content proves you’ve at least got the ability to control your mind.

Instead of wandering to the next 5 tabs open on your computer. Or as most do, go from app to app mindlessly doing nothing.

Follow this plan and break it into clear steps to take. You’re invited to be a founding member of my telegram.

Inside you and I will talk daily.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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  1. This is quite possibly the exact plan I needed to reach the financial goals I’ve set for myself.
    MONEYBAG DYLAN delivers once again. Thank you.

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