What to say to someone who says you work too much

Along this journey people around you will see you tirelessly working. Are they doing this to slow you down and steal your dreams? Or are they just trying to help. Let’s discuss what to say to someone who says you work too much.

What Does it Mean When Someone Says You Work Too Much?

As a beginner you immediately think this person is trying to slow you down. You may view them as an enemy to your success. But in 99% of cases this is not true. In reality, your family loves you at the end of the day. They genuinely want what they think is best for you.

This doesn’t always mean what they want is the best.

As people only see possibilities based on their own belief and belief is primarily built on experience. If they’ve always worked a regular job, taken the college route, never once had a business? You can’t expect them to understand the vastness of effort required to get a business off the ground.

How Do You Deal With People Wanting Your Life to Be a Certain Way?

You remove the emotion out of it for starters. Too many of you take everything way too seriously. Things which in the grand scheme of things matter zero.

As an example it could be your dad doesn’t support what you’re working on. You take this as if it’s a world ending event. Or if you start posting blog articles or social media content and 2 days later you haven’t hit 100k followers. All of a sudden you think maybe this isn’t the right move.

Like bro, you literally just got started.

I was in the game for 6 years before I truly felt like I’d made it. In 2023, my socials massively grew in the 10’s of thousands across all platforms. Not because I learned some secret to social media growth. Instead, I posted daily more of the content people wanted to see.

How to Make Your Family Proud

At the end of the day you want to make your family proud. My advice is to respect your family understanding they want you to be happy. Just be very clear in your mind on what you want.

You must make the choices in your life as you’re the one who must deal with the consequences. If you allow others to do the thinking for you, you’ll lose confidence in yourself and your life will be garbage.

Ultimately to make them proud you must show them. Every day there’s a person who claims they’re gonna get rich, become YouTube famous, or dozens of other goals. Your family just doesn’t want to see you become another forgotten star.

So your best move is to go out there and make it happen. Show them you hitting the gym and getting stronger. Show them how you’re working hard on a business. Results speak volumes, while big words your cowardice.

Demand More Energy, To Get More Energy

What runs this world is energy. The more energy you have, the more deals you’ll close and the more progress you will make in your life. Every area of your life builds up on the energy you have.

Work is what feeds this energy.

Every positive action you take, builds positive realities. Meaning, if you want more energy you simply demand more from yourself. Be that from training regularly or getting into the habit of posting.

I’m working all of the time and as a result I get immense energy from this. Every email I write, every lesson I release to my students, and very phone call I make. All of it gives me more energy.

Now the best way to do this is to create a 2 year plan. Next, let’s go over the 5 steps to make money in 2024.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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