4 Principles on Profit and Success

In this world, there are principles which guide your entire life. When you live a life based on principles you replace emotion with making a simple decision. Now the point isn’t to become some vanilla copy paste person. The point is to increase the odds of success based on certainty instead of hope.

4 Principles on Profit and Success

1) Desires are the root cause of your misery.

Your mind is plagued not by lack, but by you sitting around contemplating what you want. You can sit there happy until you get a thought about something you want. From there, your mind goes through never ending loops. When you don’t take action so your mind see’s you making your way towards it, you feel depressed and miserable.

Your mind craves certainty.

Your spirit craves progression.

So instead of allowing yourself to get stuck in an endless desire loop or becoming a slave to getting the thing. The best option is to either delete it from your mind or make a plan for attainment.

2) Single minded focus from moment to moment brings peace and power.

How many times have you gotten started taking action, but your mind became clouded with a million other things. Similar to how dokkodo teaches. Maybe you opened up 10 different browser tabs or thought about how you need to workout later or go run that errand.

This is instantly solved when you adopt single minded focus.

Write down everything you need to accomplish. Errands, people you need to meet, projects you want to accomplish. Now pick the highest priority action and complete it. You must understand thinking a lot solves nothing, single minded focus on specific actions brings fortune.

3- Delegation is a skill you must learn if you want to become rich.

Without delegation you will never build an empire or become rich. No one man ever built an empire alone. Think about all the big companies of today. None of them are ran by a single person. Every company has an entire organization of software, AI, and humans working towards an end goal.

You will undoubtably be solo in the beginning. You’ll have to do the work of 10 people until you can afford to build a team. From there your business will enter a new phase where instead of using your entire business to fund your life, now you bring in money to pay your team and yourself.


Let’s say your business brings in $50,000 a month. This doesn’t mean you make $50k a month. That is your revenue.

Now you need to take into account the other categories:

  • Staff payout
  • Software
  • AI cost
  • Your pay

You remove this from your total revenue and are left with how much your business has left over.

The goal of a business is to increase profits and limit expenses. Don’t fall into the trap most do where you use your business as a slush fund for yourself or you hire people just to hire them. Everyone needs a clear role and reason to be there. Otherwise, cut costs and fire them.

Business is war, and you are in charge of your army. It is your job to design a system which operates 24/7 and to establish clear objectives for the team. The better you get at delegation or as I call it, human management the more successful the business will become.

4) Remove any excuse to NOT be active. Take regular walks. Setup a gym at every house you have. Movement is key.

In today’s business landscape and how our daily lives are geared towards, activity has dropped. Everyone’s busy and going places. They don’t make time for movement or excercise.

This is something I like about visiting Europe is most cities are designed around walking and hanging out in cafes.

In America, most places are designed to drive.

This is only part of the problem. The rest of the problem is built on the fact because we live in such great times, we all live in comfort. You can easily have everything you need delivered to your doorstep. You can drive to a job where you sit down for most of the day for a paycheck. Then you come home to watch TV or play a video game.

Applying what you read on this blog, you will find yourself in a new situation. All of the above except you can work from anywhere in the world from a laptop. Meaning, you can stay inside for months on end if you really want. This will destroy your health on a hormonal and physical level.

As they say, “health is wealth” and believe me you will enjoy the success much more when you’re in shape and good health.

So you need to ensure you remove any excuse to not move.

To get more activity in, I personally:

  • Move my team to Dubai and they’re close enough for me to walk to them in 20 minutes.
  • I purchase weights for upstairs and downstairs in my villa.
  • I placed a dip machine in my backyard.

This ensures I have zero excuse to not walk or strengthen my body. It’s helped me a ton mentally, energetically, and I will report back on how it transforms my body. My logic is, you will always get stronger if you take the action vs if you don’t.

Anyways, implement these 4 principles on profit and success. Your life will get much better and you’ll be closer to living your dream life.

In the meantime let’s discuss 3 life lessons I wished I knew sooner. Your time is valuable so don’t waste it sitting around making the same mistakes.

Always the best,

Dylan Madden

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