The Eye Opening Truth About Saving Your Money

You’re told to save your $5 instead of buying a cup of coffee. Well let’s do some math. The results are going open your eyes.

The math is even better than in my video above! $5 coffee * 365 days = $1825 In 10 years you’ve got $18,250!

Then in 20 years $36,500. When you could’ve spent that same time earning extra money.

Not including your job, let’s say you make an extra $150 a week. That’s $600 a month extra.

Compared to only saving $150/month with no daily coffees.

Run the numbers. And you’ll see how stupid it is to not focus on earning more. I can’t teach you how to get rich.

But I can teach you how to make an extra $150-$800 a week.


By following something simple which you can run from your phone.

As you can see, you won’t get very far if you’re always saving money. Especially when you’re not even earning that much.

Instead you should be earning more.

If you’re looking to earn more, I have put something together for you. It’s how you will make your first $3,000.

And then you can duplicate it. Doing it over and over again.

Read more about it here.

Until next time.

Your friend,

Dylan Madden

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